Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Games and Activities for Families and Friends

If your New Year's Eve consists of a casual, fun night at home laughing, playing games and waking the kids up just before midnight so they can see the ball drop in Times Square then this blog is for you.

While I have enjoyed many a New Year at some large events packed elbow to elbow with strangers, some of my best memories come from being with friends and family at home.

Some of my favorite memories are playing board games like Life, Cranium and Boulderdash. Upbeat and fun and if kids are there they can play too. So go ahead and raid your closet and get some games ready just in case.

I think the best games keep you active and one interesting activity that could be very entertaining tonight would be a Comedy - Improv activity, where guests have to think fast to make you laugh or they just might make you laugh. Silly be fun and you can order it online.

As the hours get later the kids always starting asking more frequently, how much longer? In addition, they grow more and more impatient. you may want to time a movie's end to occur 15 minutes before midnight. This way the kids will only have to wait 15 minutes before jumping up and down and then going to bed.

Another idea is to schedule short or fun party games and activities during the last hour. Consider printable New Year's Games that include Bingo, trivia, word scrambles and more. Plan to do a game every 15 minutes or play Bingo several times right up until the countdown.

Need some other cretive games for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day then check out our site, Party Game Ideas. We have over 350 party games for kids and adults and most are simple do it yourself games.

So have fun tonight and Happy New Year!
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Classroom Activities, Holiday Brain Teaser and more to Keep Kids Busy

It's that time off year again, when school activities and events create a extra minutes here and there.

So how do you fill the 15 minutes before the assembly or challenge them while you set up a holiday snack or keep them busy while you grade the last 10 papers or give the kids that finished their test already something fun and QUIET to do.

Well get these Printable Christmas Games, Trivia Games, Word Finds and activities.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day Fun - Games and Activities To The Rescue

Kids love snow days, but if they are not playing in the snow then what are they going to do?

Well party game activities are not always for parties, you can play them any day so if you are at home with the kids today check out our Holiday party games that can be turning into simple challenges or fun activities.

And if you need more challenges to the printable Christmas games and activities and let them do word finds, scrambles and even holiday bingo.

And if you want to make salt dough ornament or do Christmas crafts, here are some easy ones for kids.

And while they are play games, you can finish buying your Christmas gifts online!

Stay warm and Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Holiday Trivia Game Perfect for Office Parties, Christmas Parties and Classrooms

Searching the internet for Christmas trivia for your Holiday party that is less than hours away?

Well, stop!

You can get find the right Holiday trivia games, word scrambles or an activity that everyone will enjoy in about 10 minutes and print it out in less time and you will be done.

Easy and fun games including Holiday Riddles, Christmas Carol trivia, Picture Puzzles, Reindeer Questions, Toy Trivia, Night Before Christmas Challenges, Bible Trivia and more.

The best part is that you'll be the party hero because these games look great, are entertaining and give you variety for all ages including kids, teens, adults and seniors.

So stop reading and go check out the games and have a great party, luncheon or event with these Christmas trivia games.

Happy Holidays.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Help, I Need Party Games Using Christmas Carols!

That was the email I received last night. Help, I need party games involving Christmas carols!

Sounds easy at first but then I realized it might be harder than I thought, so I started thinking what games I know and how could they be turned into Christmas party games. Here are my ideas for Christmas Carol Games for your Christmas Party!

Christmas Carol Relay - Team member game titles to Christmas songs, then must draw the idea on paper and hope their team members know the song and start singing it.

Christmas Songs Lyrics - A trivia game to see who remembers the lyrics to Christmas carols, printable game.

Christmas Songs Name That Tune - Get Holiday song trivia and history and then have players or teams challenge each other to Name That Tune. Basic Name That Tune instructions.

Christmas Song Scramble - Scramble Holiday Song titles and have guests work to unscramble the list a fun way to determine who goes first or last in a gift exchange. Printable version.

Christmas Carol Party Trivia Challenge - This game could work with tables of guests. Come up with Christmas carol trivia questions and have all tables compete against each other to answer the questions. You can do several rounds - First all tables 8 - 10 questions, then narrow down to tables with points then 6 more questions, then after round to have top 2 or 3 tables compete for Christmas Carol Champion and small prizes.

Christmas Carol Brainteaser - Guests race to match Carol clues with the Christmas carol. A fun ice breaker and you could use these challenging clues for a party event if the paper and pen version does not work.

Christmas Carol Lyric Challenge - Does your group of friends pride themselves to knowing lyrics. Well put them to the test by place Christmas carol songs from White Christmas to Frosty the Snowman to Little Drummer Boy in a hat. Take turns and challenge guests to sing a correct verse from the song. Want a challenge - Do this game in tournament fashion, so you can end up with a winner.

Silly Christmas Carol Songs - This is for the improv crowd and involves changing the song name and making up a unique holiday song based on the new title. A silly game for kids and adults. So you might sing about Rudolph the Green Nosed Reindeer or Chilly the Snowman, 12 Nights of Christmas.

Hopefully, this is giving you creative Christmas carol game ideas for your event. If you need more check out our site Party Game Ideas maybe another game will allow you to have a great Christmas party.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Easy and Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 3 - 8

Need Christmas Games for kids ages 3 - 8 and don't have any ideas.

Before you get all stressed out, I have some great ideas for you. These holiday games are easy fun and cost basically nothing. I have included a small description and a link to the game details.

Unwrap the Gift Game - This is easy, wrap a gift over and over again and then play a game where the kids unwrap a layer of the present and each layer provides a surprise to do something silly or maybe a prize. The child to unwrap the last layer receives the gift.

Gift Stacking Relay - When I was a kid, I watched a tv show where kids stacked teacups and tried to walk around obstacles and if they succeeded they won prizes. Well they stack of gifts get higher and the kids need to make sure they don't fall. Great for classrooms and groups of kids.

Holiday Picture Bingo - Young and old love Bingo, now they can picture Bingo. This is great for young kids who are used to sitting a few minutes. For kids under 5 play with parents. What is great you can play this many times and the kids have fun each time.

Holiday Present Walk - This is a random style musical chairs game with no pushing and shoving. Use construction paper and draw a crossing pattern so it looks like a present and for fun place a bow on it. Note: If you have 5 pieces of red paper, use a unique colored bow on each one. Place on floor in a circle or around a table. Place one present down per child, then each child selects a present to stand next to. Now play music and kids walk by presents. Once music stops, each child stands by the present and you randomly pull a piece of paper that states which present gets removed, example Red present with white bow. The child by the red present and white bow is out of the game and the present is removed until you play again. This continues until you have a winner.

Easy and Quick Holiday Word Finds, Scrambles and Trivia Challenges here you will find a variety of printable Christmas and Holiday games that will be fun and challenging for 6 -10 years olds.

Holiday Corners - Select 4 images to represent the holidays, Present, Tree, Snowflake, Sleigh. Place one image in each corner. Play music and kids move again, pause music and kids select a corner. Then randomly select one of the four image from a hat. Players in that corner are out of the game. Start music and continue until you have a winner.

For more Kids Christmas Holiday Games including Find Santa's Reindeer visit Party Game Ideas for do it yourself Kids Christmas Party Games and Ideas.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Friday, December 12, 2008

Top 5 Printable Holiday Games for Office, Groups and Classrooms

Little or no time to come up with Christmas trivia games or party games for your event? Do you have at least 15 minutes and use of a printer before the big event?

If yes, then these printable Holiday games will be perfect for you.
If no, then these printable Holiday games will work as well, because you can do it in less than 15 minutes.

And to save you time I have list the most popular Printable Chirstmas Games of the season.

Here is the Top 5 Quick List.
1. Holiday Bingo - Fast easy, game cards for up to 200 people
2. Left / Right Gift Passing Game - Works if doing a gift exchange
3. Christmas Charades & Pictionary - Perfect for small / medium sized groups
4. Christmas Jeopardy - Great if your group is into competitive and outgoing
5. Christmas Song Lyrics - Trivia, Fun for all and can be used for determining Gift Exchange picking order.

Looking for additional printable Christmas games well you are in luck you'll find over 60 Holiday games here that you can print off your computer. Choose from Holiday trivia, Bible themes, brain teasers like anagrams and picture puzzles, and word finds and scrambles.

So, you are sure to find a game to suit your guests or at least keep them quiet for a few minutes, well unless they are playing Christmas Charades!

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Top 10 Christmas Party Games

Top 10 Christmas Party Games
We often think certain games are going to be very popular with own visitors, but then certain party games turn out to be much more popular than expected.

Here is a list of Party Game Ideas Top Holiday Party Games for 2008

1. Find Santa's Reindeer - This scavenger hunt game put guests to the test to help find Santa's Reindeer.

2. Christmas Bingo or Holiday Bingo - This classic game is perfect for young and old and comes in as our number two party game of the season.

3. Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay - Team members draw out the carol and then get their team to sing that Christmas carol.

4. Unwrap the Gift Game - No skills needed to play this game, but variations of this game can make each layer naughty or nice.

5. Holiday Trivia Games - This includes various Holiday Trivia games that can stump kids aged 5 to 95!

6. Find Out Who - This office game is a simple ice breaker game where guests can find out facts about each other. Modify as needed for your own Holiday Party.

7. Stocking Guess Game - Place holiday realted items in a stocking and have guests guess what in the stocking. Tip: Items don't always have to be hoilday related, use toys, office supplies, etc... and then raffle off the stocking or give as prizes.

8. Gift Exchange Games - I was surprised to see that the Gift Exchange games were so low, however many people already know how to play them and I am hearing that people are passing on Gift Exchanges for other holiday fun this year.

9. Twas the Night Before Christmas Memory Game - This challenging game can often inspire unique and hilarious answers that are sure to entertain your guests.

10. Gift Stacking Relay - An old fashion game of racing around with a stack of presents wraps up this years top ten party games. This game can be very entertaining as guests most control gifts stacked 4, 5, 6, 7 gifts and more without dropping any.

This list comes from the over 40 Christmas Party Games we feature on Party Game Ideas. The do it yourself Party Game site.

If your favorite Holiday Party Game was not on our list and you think it should be then. Submit your Holiday game to us and it might make our Christmas Top 10 Party Games for next year!

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Monday, December 8, 2008

Make a Great Holiday Office Party for Less

Just become times are tough should not limit your holiday fun.

Many companies feel it might be easier to not hold a Company Christmas Party that to do something different.

This is a time to challenge how you look at your people and value the money you spend. As long as your company doesn't waste money on lavish expenditures then reducing your Holiday party costs should go unnoticed.

Here are my tips for giving more while spending less.

1. Personalization - Owners, bosses, team leaders need to hand write personal cards stating what that person has meant to the company this year and going forward. Specifically state reasons why you are proud them being there, not just "Thanks for your hard work."
Cost: Cards & time
Value: Huge

2. At the Party Mix in fun activities and games so that few people have to think about what might be missing. If they are busy laughing, smiling and relaxing then who has time to be grumpy. Games: Here are a variety of Holiday printable games including Trivia, Word Finds, Bingo, Charades. And here are Christmas Gift Exchange Games, plus Holiday Scavenger Hunts for families and more.

3. Food - Don't go cheap on the food, bring in something you know will be good and safe. So pass on the $4 gourmet chocolate covered preztels, $3 cookies or $2 chocolate squares. A good meal is always enjoyed.

4. Decorations and Music
Balloons, lights, tree - keep it simple borrow from someone rather than buy.
Borrow music, holiday cd or ask someone to mix a Holiday cd for the event.
A nice addition (if within a budget) is a holiday scene setter. This is a photo opportunity for guests and can also be a place for happy memories to be made. These can run $60 to $100+.

5. Last the owner or bosses need to tell everyone at the party that it has been a tough year and together we have succeed by...
"and when I reflect on this year I realize it's the people here, in this room, who make this business special..."
(Let the team know their value - among friends and family)

Let's face it everyone knows times are tough but it doesn't mean you have to give less effort to a successful Holiday Party, it means you need to give more. Be creative, take risks and be yourself.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Gift Exchanges Getting Dull? Well add Trivia, Cards or Pool to Change Things Up

It your Holiday Gift Exchange lacking some excitement this year.

Have you already done
White Elephant, Silly Sweater, Re-Gifter, Worst or Strangest Gifts Gift Exchanges already.

Well maybe you just need to change the delivery of your gift exchange.

How about a Playing Cards Giving Exchange
This gift grab involves handing out cards (from a deck of cards) and using them to randomly decide who and when gifts can be stolen.

Or Billiards Gift Grab
For smaller groups this is a great way to make your gift exchange fun and unique. Rack up the balls based on what you shoot in the pocket determines whether you can grab a gift or not!

Perhaps Dirty Dice Gift Exchange
This gift game involves rolling doubles, selecting gifts and using a timer. This is great for kids and makes the game fun and high action as you try to roll doubles. Might need to make some adjustment for adults.

Holiday Trivia Gift Exchange
This takes your ordinary gift exchange and mixes in fun Holiday trivia so it is a little more entertaining than people just stealing gifts. Fun for offices and all types of Christmas gift exchange parties.

If none of these work for you then check out other Christmas Party Games at party Game Ideas.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Party Putting Giving First

A trend that I have noticed over the past few years is the idea of giving to others during our group Christmas party.

Last year my friends Terry & Eileen had a Holiday party where we did a re-gifting exchange and everyone was encouraged to put money into a basket and submit a charity name.

At the end of the night, they pulled out a charity and the money was given to it. I thought this was a great idea.

I am lucky enough to be able to give, rather than having to ask to receive and for that I am fortunate. So this year consider adding charity to your holiday.

Know you don't have to donate money. Maybe clothes that no longer fit or canned food for a food bank choose something that does not place stress on your guests.

Tough times call for changes in all of us and hopefully in this season a change for the better.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Party Favors – This Year Keep It Simple

Every year someone in the office has to come up with party favors or small gifts for the Christmas or Holiday party, sometimes these gifts are over the top but in many cases they a company pens, silly toys and company shirts.

I can be honest, I never got a shirt that fit or looked good, so I never wore it. This year consider giving a smaller gift that is easy and it sure to be used.

One thing everyone understands is that times are tough, so most employees understand smaller gifts. Honestly, I always preferred a little more cash over a gift I would never use.

Here are my favorite Christmas Party Favors
Add a company logo or personal thank you where the photo goes and then the receiver can just switch out the photo later.
Starts at about $2.15 each, comes in sets of 4. The more you order the less they cost.

This is great! Give personalized holiday greetings and fresh breathe at the same time, easy and fun.

Runs $2.50 each with minimum order of 30 tins.

A great way to send a Holiday message full of smiles and good taste.
These run $2.75 with a 24 order minimum.

Some other favorites include Personalized Hot Cocoa Packets, Cookies Recipe Gifts, Holiday Cookies and Snowflake Bottle Stoppers.
Still not sure then check out some additional Holiday Party Favors: Snowflake Favors here and additional Christmas Favors here.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday sales and Promotions from the Party Lady

I know I often blog about Party Games, but you can't pass up savings these days.

Well I want to share some with you:
Out Entire Party Store is 20% for the weekend! Prices reflect the Saving - That means you can save on Christmas and New Year's Eve party supplies.

The Letter from Santa we feature is now running 10% off coupon!
NOW SAVE 10% Off Letters from SANTA - Use Code: SNOW10

And my friend at the Gift Idea Center, has put together a list of Coupons and Holiday promotions so you can save on your Christmas gifts.

This is a great way to save extra cash, save gas and not deal with the mall crowds tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Classroom Games and Activities

One of the toughest parts of teaching is keeping the kids attention and keeping them out of trouble. What is even tougher is doing so right before a holiday weekend.

While most kids will be attentive on Monday and part of the day on Tuesday, some will not even be in on Wednesday as families head off for family gathering near and far.

So as they say in the Boy Scouts – “Be Prepared,” with a variety of Printable Thanksgiving games and activities to keep them entertained and you covered.

These activities range from word finds and scrambles to trivia games and brain teasers to Thanksgiving bingo. Basically these games are simple, fun and easy to print right from your computer.

Plus you can get a Thanksgiving value pack of 30 games and activities for under $20 or get a full year of 175 printable holiday games including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and more for under $40.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Make it a Memorable Holiday Party with Photo Stand-ins

Holiday photo stand-ins turn your ordinary Holiday party into a unique event.

Living in Orlando I have learned one thing, photos build memories. I walk in Downtown Disney and there are Princesses, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Lego sharks and so much more and everyday thousands of people take pictures by these unique items.

So why have an ordinary Holiday party when you can create a special photo opportunity for friends, families and guests?

And the best part is that it is easy to do. Unlike Disney you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a statue or display, you can pick up a great holiday photo stand-in for under $100 and make a ton of great memories yourself.

We got such a response from blogging about this the other day; I decided to review it again. Santa's Sleigh Photo Stand-in Christmas Party - Santa Photo OpHoliday Party Santa Scene for PhotosHere are three we found.

What is best is these are great at all types of holiday parties including office, friends, country club, YMCA, classroom, youth group or any holiday activity in a fun event. This is great for kids and it makes great memories too.

So be creative and enjoy.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Monday, November 17, 2008

Successful Office Holiday Party with these 10 Tips

Congrats, you’re in charge of the office Christmas party this year. Maybe you have done it many times or it could be your first time, in either case how do you plan for a successful Holiday party? Simple use Party Game Ideas to find activities and follow my Christmas Party Tips.

Here are my tips for a Successful Holiday Party.

1. Clarify the budget
In tough times everyone is looking to reduce costs but have a great time. So, check with your boss and determine what this year’s budget is. Be prepared to call in favors and ask for help to make your party a success.

2. Location
Will your Holiday party be out of the office or in? To save money, see if you can hold it at the office, if it is not possible then work to negotiate a better deal this year. Holiday parties allow you to maintain the level of gift giving yet it can save hundreds or thousands on your holiday party costs.

For events outside the office, this years theme is negotiate or have several places bidding for your business. If you book with a hotel or convention weekend, see if you can have them donate prizes to your event. Remember, it never hurts to ask.

3. Who will attend?
Determine whether it will be employees, employees and dates or employees and their families. One key factor is whether or not children will be there as kids get a little restless so you will need activities or events for them.

4. Holiday Party Theme
Is there a holiday party theme or is it a social holiday gathering? Themes could be Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Winter Wonderland, Happy Holidays, etc… this could help you define prizes, party favors and decorations.

5. Party Activities
I have found it easiest to think of your holiday party in sections; beginning, middle and end. For most Christmas and Holiday parties, you have a social time, the meal, after meal activities like holiday gift exchanges or games, Santa and presents or party favors.

If it is adults only, you may want some Christmas trivia games and a gift exchange before any prize or Santa event. However, if you have lots of kids try to have a table for kids to do coloring and various pen and paper games. Here are printable Christmas games and activities that should work. After dinner try to have an interactive family game like Find Santa’s Reindeer (you could use elves to) to get the kids up and moving before they have to sit again.

6. Holiday Party Invitations
Once you have the basics decided, sent out your invitation. You can do an online invitation, general email or send out your own. Note with the busy holiday season, the sooner you send the invitation the better. Make sure to include all the basic information including Where, when, who is invited, theme and any other pertinent details.

7. Christmas Party Decorations
You can choose to go simple and elegant or over the top with decorations, I find simple works best. Wrap a variety of boxes in colorful paper and stack, add a Christmas tree and a few other items like hanging snowflakes or reindeer and you are set.

Christmas Party Photo Stand InMake the event more memorable with a simple photo stand-in. A holiday photo stand-in is basically a great photo opportunity for all attending and is great for parents and co-workers. I have found these really become a focal point and help build fond memories of the event.

So if it is in the budget try and creates a photo opportunity that is sure to spread good cheer!

8. Plan Holiday Party Menu
This is one event where I recommend you have it all catered, the less work for employees the better. Remember they are here to work and run the business, not prepare food for a company event. (Just my 2 cents) If they volunteer to bring in cookies, cakes or side dishes great!

9. Party Favors, Prep Work, RSVP's, Gifts
Christmas Bottle Stopper FavorFinal steps based on budget. Determine if there will be Holiday Party Favors – Holiday theme or corporate logo gifts. Keep it simple and go with one type of favor or gift for all. This can range from Bottle Stoppers, Ornaments, frames, etc…

Next have an area designated for placing all the Holiday Party items, this way when the big day arrives you are all set.

RSVP's - Make sure you have these 2 weeks in advance, but plan save a few places for late attendees.

Check with the boss or president of the company are you in charge of getting gifts or are they handling that too? It is best to be aware of what is expected of you, that way you are sure to succeed.

10. Have a Great Party and Happy Holidays
2 days before the party make sure you have everything and make any last minute changes as needed. Then you will be ready for the big day!

Final Note of Advice - Keep some items a secret.
And here is why, often if you share everything and something falls through people get disappointed. However, if you share only a little and then surprise them and over deliver; then they tend to enjoy the event more.

Have fun and Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Activity Perfect for Groups, Office or Storytime

Are little ghouls, goblins and witches coming to your office to go trick or treating or do you need a simple but fun activity that is fun but not to crazy? Well, thanks to Beverly L., I have a great Halloween activity for you. Click here for additional Halloween games.

The Halloween Spooky Sounds Story
With just a little bit of work you will be ready

This is a campfire type story adapted for Halloween. Everyone gets a different sound effect and when they hear their sound mentioned each time in the story, they make their noise. It is recommended that you have someone who can shut the lights off just before the "scream" at the end of the story! It makes it more dramatic.

Some of the noises are verbal that you make with your voice and some are mechanical that you make with a gadget/toy. So start first with naming a verbal sound and asking for volunteers who are not shy about making verbal sounds. Then go to the mechanical sounds. If you have a lot of people just form groups of people making the same sound.

Divide people into groups for the following sounds:
OWLS (“who’s”)
GHOSTS (“boo’s; and chains to rattle)
EVIL SCIENTISTS (“bwa-ha-ha-ha”) (….this is such a fun sound to do!)
HAUNTED HOUSE (6 creaky sounds made with those crank noise makers that you use for New Year’s. If you turn them slowly, they sound like creaking drs) (Will also need one or two of those toy thunder/lightning gadgets. You could also use a sheet of metal hung from a string for thunder noise instead.)
KILLER CLOWNS (beep horns w/the squeeze bulbs on the ends)
RATTLESNAKES (bags of cheap maracas are available at party supply stores)
Librarian (narrator: says “Shhh!”; and everyone clap for “loud crash”)

Participants may also find it fun to do more than one sound. Do a practice for each sound. Practice everyone loud crash (everyone clap).

Halloween Story It was a dark and foggy evening in ________________(fill in town). In the cool night air, the aroma of fermaldahyde being made in nearby _______________(fill in town) was very prominent. The only sounds to be heard were the OWLS in the distance, the HAUNTED HOUSE on the corner with its creaking doors and thunder and lightning which always seem to surround the house.

Occasionally the KILLER CLOWN car would pass down the street, often being chased by the GHOSTS’ truck making a racket with all of their boo-ing and rattling of their chains. Within the town library, someone turned a page too loudly and the LIBRARIAN said, “SSSh!”. Meanwhile down on the street corner could be seen the notorious gang of EVIL SCIENTISTS. You never quite know what they’re gonna be up to next.

Suddenly, from every sewer drain in the town could be heard the sea of resident RATTLESNAKES! They all slithered into the street and up the steps of the library. Each RATTLESNAKE took a book and slithered over to one of the tables. One of the RATTLESNAKES remarked, “If you asp me, that boa the LIBRARIAN is wearing looks really constricting!” Guess what the LIBRARIAN said? That’s right — “SSSh!”.

Outside, the OWLS could be heard more strongly. The KILLER CLOWN car approached the intersection, followed by the GHOSTS. As they approached the intersection, the KILLER CLOWN driving the car signaled a right turn. Oddly enough, his car made a left turn. The truck behind them slammed on its brakes and there was a LOUD CRASH! Down went the tail gate of the truck and out tumbled the GHOSTS. The EVIL SCIENTISTS came running over from the corner to see what had happened.

Just then, the storm from the HAUNTED HOUSE expanded over the whole town. The RATTLESNAKES convinced the librarian that the best place for everyone to gather was in the library. So, all of the OWLS flew into the library. The didn’t know what to read, so they just winged it.

The EVIL SCIENTISTS headed for the physics section and began arguing over where they were going to get the 3.14 pumpkins needed to make their specialty pumpkin pi. The librarian then ushered to…….. “Send in the CLOWNS”. The GHOSTS followed shortly thereafter being absolutely thrilled with any book in the library because all books include the word "Books".

The LIBRARIAN was hopelessly saying over and over again “SSSh, SSSh!”. And for a while at least ALL OF THE SOUNDS WERE GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME!.......But an hour later, everything was peaceful again in ____________(fill in town). The OWLS went back to the trees, the HAUNTED HOUSE brought its storm back home again, the EVIL SCIENTISTS went back to their corner, the GHOSTS got back in their truck, the KILLER CLOWNS eventually all made it back into their little clown car, and the RATTLESNAKES went back to their sewer drains.

And the LIBRARIAN? Well, she looked around the library at the floating feathers, the slime on the books, the overturned tables, the broken chairs…...And then, all of the sudden, she SCREAMED! (scream!) The End.

Pair this with a printable Halloween trivia or word games and you should have a nice Halloween activity perfect for 20 - 40 minutes.

And for more Halloween games and scary stories visit our Halloween games at Party Game Ideas.

The Party Game Ideas Lady

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rainy Halloween – Now What Do You Do?

Well it looks like it will be raining on Halloween in some parts of the country, so Trick or Treating might be limited. Well don’t let your Halloween be a wash out.

If you are having a party and were planning outdoor activities, try adding some Halloween word finds or printable Halloween games to the mix. There are a lot of games and activities and you can print and play in just a few minutes. Play some indoor games and have a Halloween costume walk where everyone can show off their costumes.

Be sure to get pictures of everyone during the costume walk and during the party and if possible place in a digital frame.

Remember all is not lost if it is raining out, just be creative and have fun.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Classroom and Group Activities

Want to keep a classroom or group busy and maybe even quite to? Well use these printable Halloween games to keep them entertained while you get supplies, correct papers or prepare to hand out assignments.

I found a site that offers Halloween and Thanksgiving games and activities including Word Finds, Halloween Trivia, Hidden Messages, Unscramble the Words and over 40 other games and activities that you can print from your computer.

What is great is that you get Halloween activities for October but you also get Fall and Thanksgiving activities to so your group or students won’t see the same activity twice!

Learn more about these printable Halloween games and activities.

Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Top 10 Bridal Shower Games

This week I am following up most post on Baby Shower games with the Top 10 Bridal Showers games from Party Game Ideas. This list helps you find the best games fast.

Top 10 Bridal Shower Games
1. Bride Leaves the Room
2. Newlywed Game
3. Honeymoon Story Game
4. Centerpiece Game
5. Bridal Shower Bingo
6. Bridal Advice Game
7. Bridal Shower Hot Potato
8. Bake a Cake Game
9. Couples Cotton Ball Game
10. Recipe for a Successful Marriage

Need more? View all Bridal Shower Games

Enjoy your shower
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top Halloween Costumes 2008

Wow Halloween 2008 is turning into a “Summer Blockbuster” for the men and traditional classics for the women. This pattern is being repeated for boys and girls costumes too.

For Men's Costumes
The Dark Knight is King as Batman and The Joker costumes dominate sales. Some extremely detail Dark Knight costumes are going for $300, $400 and more. Next on the list for the men’s costumes are Indiana Jones and Iron Man are huge sellers.Then it drops off to your more traditional Halloween costumes including Star Wars characters, Spiderman, The Hulk, Vampires, Monsters and Firefighters.

While Election and Olympic themes are out there, you might end up seeing more Bush R.I.P. costumes than Obama or McCain. As for the Olympics, other then Michael Phelps there were not to many costume friendly icons to come out of them and few people can pull off Michael Phelps.

For Women's Costumes
One of this years most popular costumes will most likely be Sarah Palin!

I expect to see this costume at least twice, women with a Hockey shirt on, hair up, glasses on, a pit bull under one arm and red lipstick on. Traditional women’s costumes such as witches, Princess Leia, Angelina Jolie, cheerleader, Angels remain popular. As for top costumes, our research showed no clear cut costume this year.

For Boys Costumes

Most popular costumes for boys are Batman, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, The Hulk, Star Wars characters and Spiderman. Again summer movies have influenced the popularity of Halloween costumes.

For Girls Costumes
Popular trends for girls this year Hanna Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock and Disney Princesses – Disney costumes are in.

Classical such as witches, ballerinas, Hello Kitty, ladybugs and butterflies also remain popular.

Baby and Toddlers
Cute still rules for babies and toddlers!Monkeys, bubble bees, flowers, cats and dogs are extremely popular with parents and really how can you go wrong with any of them!

Happy Halloween Costume Hunting
Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Most Popular Baby Shower Games

Today I was reviewing what Baby Shower Games were the most visited on Party Game Ideas. I thought it was interesting and thought I would share the list with you.

Most Popular Baby Shower Games
1. Baby Shower Bingo
2. Baby Animal Game
3. Baby Advice
4. Baby Word Scramble
5. Baby Outburst
6. Baby Bottle Drink Off
7. Baby Name Game
8. Don't Say Baby
9. Who Knows the Mom?
10. Baby Trivia

Next week I will post the most popular Bridal Shower Games

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Party Games - Get Ready for Fun

Halloween is fun for all ages and over the years Halloween has changed from Trick or Treating around town to visiting a few house and having Halloween parties.

Oh the fun of seeing everyone dressed up in costume, sharing haunted stories, getting candy and playing games. If you are hosting a Halloween Party this year, you may be looking for some activities and games for your event.

Here are some of my favorite Halloween party games and activities.

For the young kids:
Witch's Hat Ring Toss
Take 2 or more witches hats and place a challenging distance from the throw line. Kids try to toss the most rings on the hats. Several variations and game options.

Halloween Corners
The music starts and the children walk in a circle, when the music stops the go to one of the themed corner and then the people in one of those corners are tricked out of the game. Play until one winner.

Spooky Walk
A musical chairs type Halloween game but without the running and pushing. A fun game involving music, fun graphics and walking. Young kids will want to play several times.

More Kids Halloween Games at Party Game Ideas including Pumpkin Bowling

Ghost Hunter
This team game involves finding hidden ghosts and then when they have all of the ghosts they must unscramble the letters to reveal a Halloween word or phrase.

Halloween Survivor
Who will survivor these Halloween challenges and activities. Halloween survivor allows you to have a variety of activities but only 1 survivor! Instead of voting off the guests are eliminated after each competition.

Printable Halloween Games
These Halloween games include trivia, word finds and even Halloween Bingo. They will keep guests busy for 5 - 15 minutes and work for all ages. The Value Pack gives you access to over 40 games!

Halloween Body Parts Story where you pass food around and gross guests out
John - My Dear Friend...
The Story of Tragic Sam

For adult Halloween parties, Halloween murder mysteries can be a lot of fun and so can various scavenger hunts. I have several Halloween scavenger hunts listed.

Want more I have almost 50 Halloween game ideas and Halloween costume ideas too.

Happy Halloween
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halloween Party Planning - 10 Step Guide

The first cold front is in the air, we are in a few weeks into football season and yes, if you haven’t started yet, it’s time to start planning your Halloween party.

Here are my 10 steps to a Successful Halloween Party.

1. Set the Date
Halloween falls on a Friday this year, so most parties will be on that day, however you could consider the 25th the Saturday before or the 29th or 30th just before Halloween.

2. Confirm type of Halloween party; costumes and social event for adults, kids party with games, Halloween gathering and scavenger hunt?

3. Determine if there is a theme? Superheroes, Favorite Monster, Animals, Recycle a Costume, Most Creative or just a Classic Halloween Costume Party.

4. Send out the Invitations.
We found some cute Halloween Invitations here.
If mailing we recommend sending them out between late September and by October 8th. This is very important if you are asking for an RSVP.

5. Set a Budget
Determine how much you want to spend on food, decorations and your costume.

6. Start planning Halloween decorations to fit your theme.
Get a general idea of what type of decorations you want and see what you already have and make a list of things you need to buy. Fake tombstone, fogger machine, candle accents, then rank what is most important and purchase must haves first.

7. Get your Halloween Costume
Whether you are planning on making your own or want to purchase something new complete this task by the 10th or at least the 15th of October.

8. Plan Activities or Halloween Games
Office event, kid’s party or adults only, mixing in Halloween games or activities help people mingle and keep them entertained. For offices consider trivia games to challenge them, for kids do fun activity games, read a scary story and for adults challenge with trivia or Halloween scavenger hunts.

9. Plan your Food
Whether you go with simple snacks and dips or food that looks to scary to eat plan an assortment of food and consider asking guests to bring items to share.

10. Decorate, pre-stage and make final checklist of things to do.
The weekend before your Halloween party, start setting up your some of your decorations, group food, favors and last minute displays together so other can assist you with setting up, review guests list and make final checklist of items you still need.

Make it a Great Halloween Party

Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ideas for Bridal Shower without Games? This Recipe Theme is Perfect

While I enjoy Bridal Shower Games and write and blog about them.

I sometimes get emails asking for Gameless Bridal Showers or they note I don't want to play any silly games. Well I think I have the recipe for a gameless wedding shower, well almost.

Instead of Bridal and Wedding Shower Games

Hold a Share Your Recipe Shower.
Ask attendees to complete the following statements "What is Your Recipe for...
a. Your Favorite Dinner
b. Romance
c. Making Up
d. Saving Money
e. etc...

Then have each guest bring the answers to your shower and through out the shower take brakes and share the recipes for a, b, c, etc...

Now you can still play a game, but reverse course and have the Bride to Be take action and have her play, "Bake Me a Cake."

This game is perfect as it has the bride bake a cake without a recipe. Hence it is likely to turn out bad, this helps showcase your theme of Sharing and Following the Recipe for Success.

And after each Recipe you can pick someone to win a small gift, I found some fun recipe shower gifts and favors that would work Gratest Love of All (cheese grater), slice of love (pizza cutter) and more.

After the shower is over, take all the answers and place in a scrapbook. Easy, Fun and No Games.

The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clean Bachelorette Party? Here a Some Ideas

Another email,

Dear Sarah,
I am responsible for hosting the bachelorette party but my friend the bride doesn't want anything dirty, no stripper, etc... what can I do?

Well good news all is not lost and you can still have a great bachelorette party. Remember good friends and fun make for a great time, not strippers.

How about a Spa bachelorette party - whether at home or at a spa do an evening of relaxation.

Or consider a Silly & Fun Night - What things did you enjoy as a kid. Do a Girl's night out and go to an amusement park, bowling, comedy club or do improve games at home, roller skating, etc... Add more fun dress the part, 70's, 80's etc...

Do a clean photo scavenger hunt, they create a list of silly but fun photos for you to take and maybe things to collect. Clean and fun! Here are some bachelorette party games some clean and some not but not to bad.

If they are looking for game ideas - found some that could work here but also look at kids games and adapt for your event. They could be fun.

Good Luck
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Baby Shower Games when You Have a Large Shower

What type of baby shower games can you play when you have over 40 people at a baby shower?
Lisa from Ohio.

With so many people do a game where you group guests together to complete a task or game. As a team, it will take longer but you may need have some organized events. Here is a list of 50 baby shower games.

Another idea is to make some games optional, then if 20 people want to play - ok. So no one is forced to play. Some of the best games for large group are simple trivia and paper and pen baby shower games.

Any don't forget to start with an ice breaker game, so those who come solo can mingle with ease and get to know people.

Thanks for your email.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Indoor Survival Tip - Printable Games To The Rescue

Well if any of you live near Florida and dealt with Fay's rain and wind for day after day, then you understand what happens when kids are trapped inside just ask my neighbor.

While day one was ok, movies, reading a magazine and a few chores; day two, three and four were a struggle. She was more than happy to learn about these printable party and word games.
When I told her about it she said well I am not having a party just need something for the kids to do. That is when I said, these are games, brainteasers, word finds, unscramble the words and lots more. So I suggested Halloween printable games or the kid's birthday party printable games package.

These printable games are great for any kids who is bored and stck inside I said. After she reviewed the list of games she was really surprised, there were more than she could imagine and she bought a package that included over 50 games and activities.

Things finally started to clear up on Sunday and she told me that she was glad she bought the printable games and now has activities for them from Halloween through Christmas. So I guess, you liked it I said and she responsed I loved it!

Always nice to learn about people enjoying Party Game Ideas and the printable games.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Outdoor Family Reunion Games to Keep the Kids Busy

Janet sent in this question:
I need outdoor family reunion games to keep the kids busy any ideas?

Well Janet often kids have away of creating their own games but I did come up with a few ideas for you.

Amazing Family Reunion Race / Scavenger Hunt give the kids a list of questions / tasks and have them talk to relative to find out the answers. Another option would be for them to go from relative to relative and complete certain tasks before receiving the next clue.
Example: In this family there are 5 and they had a very long drive - See the Dad for your challenge.
Now the challenge could be find out something about the family or travel or to run a lap around the park.

Also have outdoor items they can play with water toys, frisbee, football, badmitton, etc... they can entertain themselves. A simple ring toss or target games can be fun. Frisbee freeze tags, set up a hula hoop as a target, etc...

Nature scavenger hunt, have a list of items you can collect or photograph with a digital camera then send teams off to find it. For safety include an adult on each team.

For more ideas vist Family Games and the Kids Games pages.
FYI - You may want to have soem indoor items just in case it rains for consider some Printable Games.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ideas for Wedding Shower Games Guys and Girls can Play?

Carrie wrote,
My sister's having a wedding and were combining the meet the bride and groom with their wedding shower; what are some good wedding shower games both guys and girls can play?

First, consider a Get to Know you Shower Game since it is a meet the bride and groom event. The good news is that there are several varieties of this game so you can focus on the bride and groom as weel as the guests attending the wedding shower.

You also might want to review the complete list of wedding shower games to see which ones are couples friendly, note not every game needs to include the guys but consider 1 or 2.

Also if there are a lot of people and a large age range conside pen and paper wedding shower games that everyone can play. If you have the time create your own trivia questions and if not these printable bridal shower games work well.

Have fun and enjoy.
Sarah - Party Game Ideas Lady

Olympic Party Planning – Let the Games Begin

With the Olympic games right around the corner, the spirit of competition is sure to become a theme for parties in August. So how do you make your party an Olympic sized success, well plan unique activities that involve international themes and competition.

First start with some Olympic Party Decorations.
Second have Chinese food or an International menu of appetizers
Third have fun games to challenge the mind and body.

Take the Who Am I game and turn it into What Country Am I?
Guests could be Japan, Russia, Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Egypt, etc…

Play competitive games
Create your own mini-Decathlon competition.
Maybe 5 events like Frisbee throw, bean bag target toss, shoot free throws, hop on 1 foot, and standing jump.

Develop a scoring system and after each event you can have a break. Depend on your group adjust to be easy or difficult.

Need other event or game ideas just check out our kid’s party game list of almost 70 games and let the games being.

Sarah – Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedding Favors to Fall For

Well as the summer wedding season wraps up, Fall brides are planning for memorable events with slightly cooler weather and autumn themes.

Along with the wedding dress, location, flowers, menu the wedding flavors help add a personal touch to the event. Brides getting married in September, October and November may want to consider wedding favors that match a fall theme and if you have not pruchased favors yet you are ok.

Most favors can be shipped within a week and personalized favors 2 - 4 weeks. Here are some of our favorite favors for fall brides.

These leaf inspired favors are perfect as we head into the fall foliage. Enjoy the Fall in Love Coasters or the elegant Leaf Bottle Stopper Favor and both gifts are very practical.

Some additional wedding favors are the Leaf Shaped Soaps in an atractive case and these wonderful Chair Placecard and Favor Boxes.

These wedding favors are sure to make your wedding a success, view more wedding favors here.
Sarah - Party Game Ideas Lady

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bridal Shower Game - Don't Say Bride

Fun and classic game for Bridal Showers
View more than 40 Bridal Shower Games here

Don't Say Bride or Wedding Game

Each guest receives a clothes pin (bracelet, necklace, maybe add a mini veil for fun) as they arrive and explain to the guests only once: If you catch someone saying the word 'Bride’ or 'Wedding’ you get to take their clothes pin. The first person to say can I have the clothes pin (name of item) receives the clothes pin/item. Often you will have someone say “You said bride or You said wedding give me your clothes pin”, when they just said the words that can not be said right there! The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower is the winner.

Game Decision:
Decide before the wedding shower whether someone can steal all or just one clothes pin if they hear a person say bride or wedding. I like the idea of one at a time because it keeps more people in the game, however when someone has 5 or 10 pins it is pretty impressive to see people work hard to try and trick that person into saying “the words that can not be said.”

Change the word (to suit your event) and play at Baby Showers or any social gathering.

Want a different type of games view more than 40 Bridal Shower Games here.
Sarah - Party Game Ideas Lady

Party Planning Checklist - Plan Ahead for Success

Great parties look easy, however they start with good party planning and fun ideas.

People often ask how do you plan for a great party and I say, I start with my party planning checklist.

1. What is the occassion for the party?
Birthday, baby shower, neighborhood picnic.

2. What is the age range of attendees and who needs to be entertained?
Ages 3 - 6, 8 - 12 or 18 - 85!

3. Develop a theme or party concept
Consider a the person what they like to do, what is fun, is there anything going on in the world that would make this party even more special.
Note the Olympics are coming up so parties with an Olympic theme will be popular in August.

4. Party theme or story
This is not always part of the party but for a Pirate or Princess party it is nice to add a story to the party and makes it easy to weave in a treasure hunt or find the slipper game.
I started a list of Party ideas and theme - use as a guide or for ideas.

5. Decorations, party supplies, favors...
Decide what or if you need decorations, party supplies or favors for your event. Sometimes you can make your own other times it is easier to purchase them. If you do a movie or tv themed party, it is often easy to buy the supplies, because they look like the real deal.

6. Party games and activities
Be open to the idea of all kinds of games and activites and look to modify traditional games for your event or create something unique by combining a few games together.
Visit Party Games Ideas to get started - I find it is help to reveiw a list of games to get started.

7. Take your notes set it aside for a day ot two and then review your Party Plan, if you still like your idea and your notes go for it, otherwise revise and adjust til you are happy with it.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas Lady

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

One of the most popular bachelorette party activities is a Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt where you collect items from guys at the bar or take pictures with specific people or have a Dare List.

These items don't always have to be crazy but come on the more daring the more fun. (as long as it is harmless fun).

Here is an idea how to set up a bachelorette scavenger hunt.

Head out for a wild night with the Bachelorette whether she is a little shy or wild, she must collect or do everything on “This List,”before the night is through. You can make your scavenger hunt crazy, wild or seductive but make she the Bride will have fun!

Items your could collect from Guys:- Boxers or briefs, Belt, T shirt, number, business cards, etc...

You can also have a Dare or To Do list
To Do List- Get a guy to buy a shot, Do a shot off a guys stomach, Use the Men’s room to go to the bathroom, again harmless fun

Just make the scavenger hunt reflect her and have fun. If you want more bachelrette party games and fun accessories.

Check out these
Embarrassing Bachelorette Party Games
Fun with Men Bachelorette Party Games
and Printable Bachelorette Games - just print and go!

Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Shower Games - Getting Stranger to Know Each Other

Baby showers and bridal shower often bring unique groups of people together and in many cases they don't know each other. So how can you soften the mood and break the ice at your event?

Well the good news is that most guests attend the baby and wedding shower because they care about the mom to be and the couple. So everyone is there for them and all they want to do is have a good time.

To make sure that everyone feels at home during your shower, make sure you recruit one or two people to assist you in meeting and greeting people. Basically, have a team making sure that everyone is welcome.

Then do a shower game or an activity early on where people come together as a team to answer trivia questions, create something or do something. Teams help from bonds quickly and provide inclusion into a group. Once the game is over it is easy to start up a conversion with someone from your team then a stranger. This helps broaden the social circle.

Last consider get to know you games that invite the unexpected. People may not naturally bring up that they want to run a marathon, but when they learn that Betty just completed her 5th Boston marathon then they have something real to talk about.

So plan a interactive event early during your bridal shower or baby shower and you may be surprised at how many new friendships you may have created.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Family Reunion Games

The summer is for getting together with family and friends and I have had a lot of questions concerning Family Reunions and activities.

Well if you want to play games that help get people to know the family and interact then consider: Family Reunion Get To Know You Games.

I have placed several on my site and really like the Family Photographer game / challenge as it gets the kids involved and you get lots of photos of the family.

Find details here for these games and others:

If you want games that the whole family could play then I suggest taking a look at the kid's games (yes, kids games) and then adapting them to your event. Kids games are fun and easy. So be creative and have fun. Here is a list of 70 kids games.

Another thing to keep in mind is have things for outdoor activities like a football, frisbee, etc... things the kids can do on their own while the adults are socializing.

Enjoy and have fun
Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Build Your Own Kid's Party Game

Need a unique and great party game for the kid's that will likely surprise and entertain them.

Well build on existing concepts and see if you build your own game.

Take a simple yarn game inspired me to write up Yarning for Treasure :) a game that involves finding items, tying items, coordination, clues and working as a team. I had fun writing it and hope others have fun playing it.

Basically it is like creating a challenge for survivor or the amazing race, plus a few challenges together and then weave them into a master story.

If you need some basics to get starts check out the complete kid's games list and then get creative building your own original game for the kids.
Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Over the Hill Parties - What Age Is This Now?

When I was in my teens, 30, 35, 40, 50 and up were all Over the Hill.

So I always thought the concept of Over Hill Parties were for older people but now I am over 40 but I feel like I am thirty and someone mentioned jokingly maybe an Over the Hill Party would occur this year.

Well, I was given lemons this morning and by this afternoon I turned it into lemonade and created a Over the Hill Printable Games page. There is laughing at growing older.

And while I know that people give these parties to chide and have fun with the person, I still don't want one. However, I do remember disco, Nixon, hurricane Agnes, black and white tvs, corded phones, 13 channels on the tv and gas under .40 cents a gallon.

Wow, I am old.
Well if you have a loved one and they can take a joke and laugh mayb eone of the printable games will be right for them.

Action Packed or Prim and Proper Wedding Shower Games

Some Brides want a wide and crazy wedding shower while others prefer prim and proper. The best thing to do is let your bride be your guide. However, you will also need know if Grandma Mae or the groom's mother will be in attendance?

Here is how I would decide:
One let the bride be your guide and also consider will there be a bachelorette party? If there is a bachelorette party save the real risque games for that night.

The wider the audience in age the more toned down it should be, so age range 20 - 30 get crazy.
Have more action activites and events.

Age range 13 - 70 well a few more pen and paper events and keep things safer.

Couples wedding shower, mix in a newlywed game if possible have fun or else the guys will be a little bored.

Remember everyone should have a good time and as long as everyone has fun they will.
Here for Wedding Shower Game Ideas.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Baby Shower Game is Just Ducky

I just create this on e the other day when I answered a baby shower question about how can I turn rubber duckies into the baby shower game?

Rubber Ducky Race Baby Shower Game

The skinny take baby bath tubs fill with water, place the rubber duckies at one end and have the guests blow them to the other end.

Have guests compete 2 at a time, winner moves on to next round. This continues until a rubber ducky champion is crowned.

Easy fun and the mom-to-be ends up with a baby tub.
Here for more baby shower game ideas.

Help! I Need Kid’s Games and Activities for a Vacation Week

I read this question and said wow that is a lot of work, but how do you keep kids busy with games day after day.

Here is the question:I am going to a 4th of July camping trip next week, and I am in charge of keeping the little kids busy with crafts and games? We have a theme each night but what can games can I play?

Day 1. Mama Mia Night (Italian)- Games?
Mama Mia Night: Ok – Italian, cooking, kitchen prepHow about Egg and Spoon Relay race. Tie in theme of cooking. Maybe fill the pot a game where the kids have to fill a plastic cup of water and then place on a saucer or plate and run to a pot to fill with water. This would be a relay type race and first team to fill the pot to make pasta wins.

Day 2. Fiesta Night (M) (Mexican)- Games?
Fiesta Night:Take the Clean Your Room game and Rename – Mexican Jumping Beans and tell them the goal is to get the jumping beans all on one side. (use brown socks) You could use this on country night and call it the Cow Pies Game too.If you have a sombrero – Maybe sombrero toss (who can toss the farthest, who can toss it on an object)

Day 3. Hawaiian Night (H) (Hawaii)- Games?
Hawaiian Night – Limbo, Rename Grab the Most Balloons Game and rename Grab the Most Coconuts. After the game, be sure to you let the air out of the balloons and throw in the trash, so no animals are harmed.

Day 4. Yee Haw Night (Country)- Games?
Challenge them with the Alphabet List Game but be sure to use animals. Printable game What’s o Old McDonald’s Farm. How about a lasso game, learn how to make a lasso and then see if you can set a target and they can try to lasso something.

Day 5. Carnival Night (fair games)- Games Ideas I have bean toss, face paint, puppet show, basketball shoot. Others?
Carnival Night, you already have some good ideas a few others. Ring toss – Set Up soda’s or water and have them toss rings at them. Score points or put size prizes on each item. Same idea but instead of tossing on a bottle toss coins or ping pong balls in plastic cups.

Looking at your game situation lets look at it night by night and lets see if you have both indoor and outdoor activities. One have indoor and outdoor activities, you never know what the whether would be so maybe consider some printable games and activities. Here you find a variety of challenges you can use on your trip and for birthday parties later in the year.Lets look at this night by night.

You can find more ideas on my web site. Party Game Ideas – Kids Party Games

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Section - Printable Bible Games and Activities

Yes - Printable Bible Games! I was so happy to put this together and the best thing is that a church or youth group has access to these games for 60 days so you can get a lot of use out of these games.

My friend Brian said he could use them for Sunday school, the summer program and when parents bring their kids to church meetings or adult events these would be perfect.

In addition, to adding these pages to the site I am also requesting that if you know or have used any do it yourself bible / church games I would love to know about them so I can add some free ones to the site as well.

I hope to have a section up of at least a few games by July, but only time will tell so many games to work on between now and the end of the month.
Thanks - Sarah, Party Game Ideas

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surprising Bridal Shower Games

In revising the Bridal Shower section of the site, I am always amazed at all the different games and sometimes I run across one that really just surprises me.

Well the game that really caught my attention is a printable one called
How to Be A Good Wife!

Yes, How to Be a Good Wife. Back in the 50's and even into the 60's (maybe the 70's too), school taught women how to be a good wife.

Oh how times have changed and by today's standards these are just plain silly. But they took a section right out of a text book and then created a quiz about Being a Good Wife.

If you are looking for something funy for your bridal shower then check out How to Be a Good Wife game here.

If you are looking for additional ideas check out our list of almost 50 bridal shower games that include get to know you games, activity game, pen and paper and more.

Games the Get Baby Shower Going

SHower you are having a Baby Shower and you have variety of people coming to your who are all friends of the mom to be. Great, right?

Well there are 5 co-workers, 4 college friends, 5 from high school, 4 nieghbors and 7 relatives. How do you get them to mix up and have a good time and become friends them selves.

Well a good ice breaker baby shower game will help get things going, but which one do you choose?

Hmm, well you want a few things in order to getting people to move outside their comfort zone and they include.
Laughter - so make it fun
Interest - So include questions
Stories - Kind want the share factor like, I've always wanted to do that too!

And then follow your ice breaker event or game with a short game that involves teams so new bonds are formed.

As for embarrassing games early, I recommend that the only persons you may embarass early during a shower would be you as the host can say things that embarrass yourself, (silly but true) and the guest of honor the mom to be (but only nice embarassments) use nice comments and about her glowing etc... You will find as the guests get more relaxed and know more people they will be willing to share more and take risks to have fun.

I think some of the best baby shower ice breaker games are:
Discovery Game - Where you get to ask lots of questions to learn about people
Baby Shower Survey - They provide unique information and guests guess who it is
Pass the Box - With this include get to know you questions
And Who Am I? Silly but fun

Remember you can play more than one ice breaker game at a shower to warm up the crowd, plus after you do these games you can then play all sorts of baby shower games as teams. Check out a complete list of Baby Shower games here.

Need a Party Theme - How About Being a Kid Again

I get a lot of email asking what type of theme should I have, I want everyone to have a good time.

Well as I have been reading and re-writing kids party games, I am thinking why not a Be a Kid Again Party theme.

I mean it is summer, it's hot so why not have fun.

You can mix in a lot of games like Musical Chairs, Red Light Green Light, a Water Balloon Battle and throw in some word games, charades or bingo that can be printed right from the computer.
Plus you can pall 4 square, kick ball or tag game just like you did when you were kids.

It is so easy and for party food, go cafeteria style. Hot Dogs, mac & cheese, etc...

Some times the best fun is the easiest so at you next party be silly, have fun and act like a child!
For Kid's Party Games click here.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Some Simple Baby Shower Games to Keep Things Going

So you have a baby shower coming up and you are concerned that you may have gaps of time with nothing going on, no worries I got some short games that can help keep some or all the guests busy and they all involve paper and pen.

Baby Word Scramble
Take common baby items and scramble them up and have guests try to figure out what the word is. A variation is to use the mothers name as the letters that can be used to create words associated with a baby.

Baby Animal Game
This classic is great to fill in gaps between events, keep kids busy and learn something about animals, becuase we all know what a baby whelp is right? We found some versions online too.

Pregnancy Truth or Myth Game
Find pregnancy facts and myths online. Give each person a list with both myths and truths and have them guess which is which. Have them write down their answers. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.

Baby Advice Game
Everyone wants to offer advice to the new parents, swaddle the baby, give the baby lots of belly time, etc... Now you can decide whether you want to offer silly or serious advice to the new mom or both with these advice type games.

And there are more Pen & Paper Baby Shower Games here.
Plus over about 50 other Baby Shower games and activities that you can do yourself or print out on the computer.
Have a good day - Sarah

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Man Wears - Bachelorette Party Game

Need an ice breaker game and want to catch the ladies off guard?

Well play My Man Wears... The game where you learn more than you may want too!
This is a easy game and you can do it for little or no cost. (well maybe some dignity)

My Man Wears... A Party Game Ideas Original
Ask everyone who is married or who has a boyfriend to send a picture of their guy to you before the shower. Now take the pictures, resize and place on a page or pages.

Underneath or beside each pictures place the following:__ Briefs __ Boxers __ Boxer Briefs __ Thong __ Nothing at All

Now when the ladies arrive (hopefully they are all good sports) hand out a sheets of paper with the guys pictures on it (don’t forget the groom needs to be there too) and ask the women to select what they think each guy wears based on the photo.

Once everyone is finished, trade sheets to score and one by one have each person reveal the answer. You can have people guess before just for fun. Hopefully, everyone will have fun with this as it works as a fun ice breaker. Highest number correct wins.

Review this and other Bachelorette Party Games on my site Party Game Ideas

Dinner Party Murder Mystery - Where Do You Start?

I received an email from Dottie in Pennsylvania she was having a dinner party this weekend and wanted to do something different than just a game night and asked if we had any games here.

I scanned the site and could not find anything that lasts an evening, many of the games are 15 - 30 minutes events. However I started doing research a thinking scavenger hunt well that could work but who knows how they are dressed could you come up with it fast enough so I passed on that idea but then the classic dinner party murder mystery. That would be perfect be would her guest by into the event.

You know I lot of people, never try muder mysteries because they think that it will be silly or the guests won't participate. But, after they play it they love it because it was so unique and different.

So I asked Dottie if that might be an idea, she said yes but didn't have time to create one where do I begin she asked and how do I know it is fun.

Well more research and I found a site with great murder mysteries and lots and lots of themes and ideas. She reviewed it and purchased one.

So far so good, she got the ball rolling and everyone coming to dinner is up for the challenge. Dottie has been so impressed she wanted to thank me and after reading her email I thought it would make a good blog.

So if you are hosting a dinner party and want something new try a murder mystery from here.
Murder Mystery Games

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Shower Diaper Games

Well I am not sure want happened over the last few days but my mind was focused on baby shower diaper games.

So I made up some that I have never seen anywhere and created them.

I think the most interesting one as a shower game would be the Diaper Art Show game but the one I think that is most likely to be played is the Diaper Cake Game.

Here is the premise for the Diaper Cake Game. (a Good Ice Breaker Game)
Guests are asked to bring diapers to the baby shower. Once they have arrive the group is broken up into teams and given a brief description of how to build a diaper cake.

Then guests are given their work are and ready, set, go the diaper cake competition is on to see who can complete the cake the fastest or which team can get the most done before time runs out.

I offered several variations to this idea. I think it works as an ice breaker, couples shower game and for any shower with more than 10 quests.

Get game details and instructions for Diaper Cake Babyshower Game.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Friday, May 30, 2008

New Bachelorette Party Games are Live!

New to Party Game Ideas is the Bachelorette Party Game Section.

While I have received many requests to offer Bachelorette party ideas, I had always held off now I have taken the plunge in a big way and started with a variety of games that range from tame to a little naughty, but all good fun.

I apologize for some of the words but I felt I had to be true to name of some things, I am a little embarassed I typed some of the words but I think it is safe.

Bachelorette Games were broken up into the following sections:
General Bachelorette Party Games
Embarassing Games
Bachelorette Bar Games
and Fun with Guys Games - (good fun)

I already got some feedback and plan to offer some additional theme ideas other than the man's private part theme that seems to be the most popular. So hope to get that up in a day or two.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Baby Shower Games Posted

Party Game Ideas has just gotten biger and better as we now have over 50 Baby Shower games online and with variations more.

What is great is that now we have set up user friendly categories so you can find what you want faster based on user feedback I will be creating a master baby shower party list.

The new section has a new look and related links, but the rest of the site will be updated over time. Current Categories are:
Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games
Baby Shower Food Games
Baby Shower Diaper Games
Baby Shower Action Games
TV Themed Baby Shower Games
Couples Shower Games
And Games involving Pen & Paper

And just today I added 3 new games and have ideas for 2 more.

So if you have a baby shower coming up I invite you to check out all the do it your self and printable party games we have on my Party site.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas