Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Minute Birthday Party Games Solution

Do you have a Kid's Birthday Party, Friend's Over the Hill Birthday Party or co-workers office party coming up in a few hours, a day or 2 days away?

Do you have your Birthday Party Games and Activities planned or did you put them off???

Well we have the solution - Printable Birthday Games!
They are easy, fun and you print them from your computer.

These games are perfect as a party starter, as a way to share stories, before serving birthday cake or as a way to gather the kids together before the big movie.

Not quite sure about the games, well here are a few:
It's All About the Birthday Star!
Over the Hill Bingo!
Personalized Image Bingo - Great for Kids
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
You Might Be Older Than Dirt... (Over the Hill Party)
Who Am I?
Finish My Phrase
Please Pass the Candy
Plus Word Scrambles, Trivia Birthday Games, Code Games
and more.

If you have waited to the last minute to plan your Birthday Party Games, there is no need to worry. Purchase the printable Birthday Party Games and then visit my site Party Game Ideas for more games.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

5 Fun - Beach Themed Wedding Favors

Planning a Sunset Wedding on the Beach and need great favors to match your theme? Well here are 5 of our favorite Beach Themed Wedding Favors

1. Flip Flop Photo Frame
Simple, fun and perfect for beach weddings. Use as a place card holder and guests will later use it as a frame
2. Seashells Gel Candle
Perfectly themed to the beach, the Seashells gel candle is a clear candle with tiny shells and starfish.
3. Margarita Mix Wedding Favor
What's a Beach Wedding without a party? Well with this wedding favor you'll make sure that party last beyond the wedding reception. A very creative idea that shows excellent taste.
4. Miles of Memories Suitcase Favor Tins
Perfect for destination weddings, a mini suitcase that says "Thank You." Add your own mints, chocolates or candies to make it special.
5. Beach Memories Guest Photo Album Favor
This is a great wedding favor and you can add your own photo and a message to your guests to get it started. This album holds 40 4x6 photographs

Each of these Beach Wedding Favors will add to your festive occasion. Plus there are 20 more Beach Wedding Favors ranging from Lip Balm to Lighthouse Tea Lights to Wine Stoppers.

Have a Wonderful Wedding

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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Sex in the City Style Murder Mystery Perfect for Ladies Night

Getting ready for Sex in the City 2 Movie opening on May 28th and want to something very Carrie at your next dinner party?

Well try a very stylish Murder Mystery - Death in the City!

Join Carrie Baggs and her friends as they head out in New York the opening of Drew Picture's 'Well Hung Gallery'. The girls will all be wearing their party best and there are rumors of an impromptu performance by top rap artist Essanem. What could possibly go wrong on such a star studded night?

This event is rated Mature and involves 8 - 10 of your favorite female friends.

Death in the City Reviewers said:
"This was a great time for a Women''s Night Out. The ladies really got into their characters and dressed the part to the hilt!!!" - Judy B. of NC

"This was a hysterically fun and funny game. A bit risque, although perfect for our group. We had all 10 characters cast after a bit of last minute rearranging. After several rounds, impromptu comments were popping out from all the cast." Susan W. of AR

"This game was fantastic! We all had so much fun and the characters were hilarious! Everyone stayed in character all night and we had lots of fun with the ''well hung'' gallery theme!" - Alicia P. of England

Learn more about this Fabulous Murder Mystery - Death in the City

And check out Party Game Ideas for lots of great Party Games

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Large Space? Create a Water Balloon Target Game

So you are having a graduation party, birthday party or summer gathering and you want something fun, unique and memorable to do.

If you have a large space or field set up a Water Balloon Shooting Gallery. This takes a simple target game and takes it to the next level. And the great thing about this is that teenagers, adults and even the 10 and up crowd can have a blast.
Best of all you only need a few things to make an activity that teens will enjoy.
What you'll need:
Water Balloons - make before the event and store in a cooler
Water Balloon Slingshot or Launcher
Launch Area - (line that they launch behind)
Targets - This could be signs, garbage bags filled with leaves, old tires, etc... - You want something large enough that you can see and hit from 20, 30, 40 and 50 or more feet.

Now place your objects in the field and value the items - Easy, close targets are worth less and distant targets are worth more. So some items have a value of 10, 20, 30, 50, etc... and then you might have a very far item that is worth 100 or a prize if it is hit.

Now divide up the players into team and let them know you are going to play the Water Balloon Target Game. Each team will have use of the water balloon slingshot to hit as many targets as possible. When you hit a target you score points, the value of each target ranges from 10 to 100 and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Then let each team know that they will have 3 practice balloons (one for each player on the team - teams of three) And then each team will receive their water balloons.

You can give them as many balloons as you want but 12 is a good place to start. Then each team uses 6 balloons per team (2 per person) and each team has two turns. Add more rounds for more fun!

Want another idea?
Have them shoot for distance, this is likely to keep them busy for quite a while.
Here are some water balloon accessories to get you started.

FYI - After the game be sure to collect all the popped balloon pieces and collect the balloon slingshot too!

Get more Water Balloon Games
And for 100's of Party Games visit Party Game Ideas

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Top Ten Bachelorette Party Must Haves

It's Bachelorette Party Season and what are the most popular must haves for Bachelorette parties this season.

Let look at the Top 10 Bachelorette Party Supplies:
1. Penis Party Straws
Simple, fun, a little naughty and they come in assorted colors!

2. Pin the Macho on the Man Game
Yes - Pin the Donkey has been taken to a new level of fun! Way more fun!

3. Captain Pecker – 6’ Inflatable Penis!
Ok - this thing is larger than life, Way larger than life! Lots of photo ops with this one.

4. The Bachelorette Tiara
The bachelorette will feel like a princess wearing this sparkling silver bachelorette tiara. Not to over the top but enough to let the world know who the bachelorette is.

5. Bachelorette Party Veil
Simple yet just the right touch for any bachelorette party and the bride to be will be happy to wear it.

6. Penis Pop
This all day sucker is larger than a ring pop and could last longer than just one night!

7. Pecker Pinata Bachelorette Party Kit
This Pecker Pinata is sure to cause a reaction and give new meaning to the song Beat It! Kit comes with a pecker pinata; a dick stick for whacking the pecker; eight loot bags so your guests can scoop up the candy when the pinata has been busted; and two blindfolds.

8. Peter Pecker Inflatable Doll and Ring Toss Game
See how good your girls are at nailing the target in this ring toss game. Comes with 3 party game ideas - I can think of one but what are the other two?

9. 6 Penis Lollipops in a Bouquet
So cute, colorful and oddly suggestive. Perfect!

10. Penis Cupcake Molds
What could be more fun to eat than cupcakes? Well cupcakes that come out of a penis cupcake molds and decorated for your special event.

We even have a game you can play with these - Decorate the Man's Private Parts!

Well if you are planning a Bachelorette Party be crazy, safe and have fun. Be sure to visit my site for bachelorette party games.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For Couples Baby Showers - Baby Bottle Drink Off Game is Right on Target

So you are having a co-ed or couples baby shower and don't know what games to play.

Well here is a Baby Shower Game perfect for competitiveness of the guys.
Baby Bottle Drink Off!

As the best part is that the game is simple and fun that they will even enjoy it!
Fill Baby Bottles with beer or juice
Then see who can be the first to finish the bottle first.

Sounds easy, but baby bottles are tough!

This game is easy, fun and should provide you with lots of photo ops!
More details on Baby Bottle Drink Off

Visit Party Game Ideas for more than 60 other Baby Shower Games

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Limited on Time - Try Printable Baby Shower Games

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Start the Night With Who Knows the Bachelorette Game

It's Bachelorette Party season may people ask me - How do we get the party started?

Well if the group already knows each other it is easy to start with dinner and drinks and then hit the town. However if you have work, college, relatives and long time friends consider starting with a game about the Bachelorette.

Who Knows the Bachelorette Game
Before the Bachelorette Party ask the Bride-to-be a series of questions. You may want to adjust based on the group going out what is fun for good friends may not be good for mom to hear.

We have sample questions for Who knows the Bachelorette here plus a printable game that might be the quickest way to get things started!

Once everyone has answered the questions, the Bachelorette answers them and shares any stories that go along with the question. Guests often add a little extra to the story and little by little the group comes together.

The person with the most right wins a drink or beads (something simple).

Check out all our Bachelorette Party Games

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