Sunday, June 29, 2008

Build Your Own Kid's Party Game

Need a unique and great party game for the kid's that will likely surprise and entertain them.

Well build on existing concepts and see if you build your own game.

Take a simple yarn game inspired me to write up Yarning for Treasure :) a game that involves finding items, tying items, coordination, clues and working as a team. I had fun writing it and hope others have fun playing it.

Basically it is like creating a challenge for survivor or the amazing race, plus a few challenges together and then weave them into a master story.

If you need some basics to get starts check out the complete kid's games list and then get creative building your own original game for the kids.
Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Over the Hill Parties - What Age Is This Now?

When I was in my teens, 30, 35, 40, 50 and up were all Over the Hill.

So I always thought the concept of Over Hill Parties were for older people but now I am over 40 but I feel like I am thirty and someone mentioned jokingly maybe an Over the Hill Party would occur this year.

Well, I was given lemons this morning and by this afternoon I turned it into lemonade and created a Over the Hill Printable Games page. There is laughing at growing older.

And while I know that people give these parties to chide and have fun with the person, I still don't want one. However, I do remember disco, Nixon, hurricane Agnes, black and white tvs, corded phones, 13 channels on the tv and gas under .40 cents a gallon.

Wow, I am old.
Well if you have a loved one and they can take a joke and laugh mayb eone of the printable games will be right for them.

Action Packed or Prim and Proper Wedding Shower Games

Some Brides want a wide and crazy wedding shower while others prefer prim and proper. The best thing to do is let your bride be your guide. However, you will also need know if Grandma Mae or the groom's mother will be in attendance?

Here is how I would decide:
One let the bride be your guide and also consider will there be a bachelorette party? If there is a bachelorette party save the real risque games for that night.

The wider the audience in age the more toned down it should be, so age range 20 - 30 get crazy.
Have more action activites and events.

Age range 13 - 70 well a few more pen and paper events and keep things safer.

Couples wedding shower, mix in a newlywed game if possible have fun or else the guys will be a little bored.

Remember everyone should have a good time and as long as everyone has fun they will.
Here for Wedding Shower Game Ideas.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Baby Shower Game is Just Ducky

I just create this on e the other day when I answered a baby shower question about how can I turn rubber duckies into the baby shower game?

Rubber Ducky Race Baby Shower Game

The skinny take baby bath tubs fill with water, place the rubber duckies at one end and have the guests blow them to the other end.

Have guests compete 2 at a time, winner moves on to next round. This continues until a rubber ducky champion is crowned.

Easy fun and the mom-to-be ends up with a baby tub.
Here for more baby shower game ideas.

Help! I Need Kid’s Games and Activities for a Vacation Week

I read this question and said wow that is a lot of work, but how do you keep kids busy with games day after day.

Here is the question:I am going to a 4th of July camping trip next week, and I am in charge of keeping the little kids busy with crafts and games? We have a theme each night but what can games can I play?

Day 1. Mama Mia Night (Italian)- Games?
Mama Mia Night: Ok – Italian, cooking, kitchen prepHow about Egg and Spoon Relay race. Tie in theme of cooking. Maybe fill the pot a game where the kids have to fill a plastic cup of water and then place on a saucer or plate and run to a pot to fill with water. This would be a relay type race and first team to fill the pot to make pasta wins.

Day 2. Fiesta Night (M) (Mexican)- Games?
Fiesta Night:Take the Clean Your Room game and Rename – Mexican Jumping Beans and tell them the goal is to get the jumping beans all on one side. (use brown socks) You could use this on country night and call it the Cow Pies Game too.If you have a sombrero – Maybe sombrero toss (who can toss the farthest, who can toss it on an object)

Day 3. Hawaiian Night (H) (Hawaii)- Games?
Hawaiian Night – Limbo, Rename Grab the Most Balloons Game and rename Grab the Most Coconuts. After the game, be sure to you let the air out of the balloons and throw in the trash, so no animals are harmed.

Day 4. Yee Haw Night (Country)- Games?
Challenge them with the Alphabet List Game but be sure to use animals. Printable game What’s o Old McDonald’s Farm. How about a lasso game, learn how to make a lasso and then see if you can set a target and they can try to lasso something.

Day 5. Carnival Night (fair games)- Games Ideas I have bean toss, face paint, puppet show, basketball shoot. Others?
Carnival Night, you already have some good ideas a few others. Ring toss – Set Up soda’s or water and have them toss rings at them. Score points or put size prizes on each item. Same idea but instead of tossing on a bottle toss coins or ping pong balls in plastic cups.

Looking at your game situation lets look at it night by night and lets see if you have both indoor and outdoor activities. One have indoor and outdoor activities, you never know what the whether would be so maybe consider some printable games and activities. Here you find a variety of challenges you can use on your trip and for birthday parties later in the year.Lets look at this night by night.

You can find more ideas on my web site. Party Game Ideas – Kids Party Games

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Section - Printable Bible Games and Activities

Yes - Printable Bible Games! I was so happy to put this together and the best thing is that a church or youth group has access to these games for 60 days so you can get a lot of use out of these games.

My friend Brian said he could use them for Sunday school, the summer program and when parents bring their kids to church meetings or adult events these would be perfect.

In addition, to adding these pages to the site I am also requesting that if you know or have used any do it yourself bible / church games I would love to know about them so I can add some free ones to the site as well.

I hope to have a section up of at least a few games by July, but only time will tell so many games to work on between now and the end of the month.
Thanks - Sarah, Party Game Ideas

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surprising Bridal Shower Games

In revising the Bridal Shower section of the site, I am always amazed at all the different games and sometimes I run across one that really just surprises me.

Well the game that really caught my attention is a printable one called
How to Be A Good Wife!

Yes, How to Be a Good Wife. Back in the 50's and even into the 60's (maybe the 70's too), school taught women how to be a good wife.

Oh how times have changed and by today's standards these are just plain silly. But they took a section right out of a text book and then created a quiz about Being a Good Wife.

If you are looking for something funy for your bridal shower then check out How to Be a Good Wife game here.

If you are looking for additional ideas check out our list of almost 50 bridal shower games that include get to know you games, activity game, pen and paper and more.

Games the Get Baby Shower Going

SHower you are having a Baby Shower and you have variety of people coming to your who are all friends of the mom to be. Great, right?

Well there are 5 co-workers, 4 college friends, 5 from high school, 4 nieghbors and 7 relatives. How do you get them to mix up and have a good time and become friends them selves.

Well a good ice breaker baby shower game will help get things going, but which one do you choose?

Hmm, well you want a few things in order to getting people to move outside their comfort zone and they include.
Laughter - so make it fun
Interest - So include questions
Stories - Kind want the share factor like, I've always wanted to do that too!

And then follow your ice breaker event or game with a short game that involves teams so new bonds are formed.

As for embarrassing games early, I recommend that the only persons you may embarass early during a shower would be you as the host can say things that embarrass yourself, (silly but true) and the guest of honor the mom to be (but only nice embarassments) use nice comments and about her glowing etc... You will find as the guests get more relaxed and know more people they will be willing to share more and take risks to have fun.

I think some of the best baby shower ice breaker games are:
Discovery Game - Where you get to ask lots of questions to learn about people
Baby Shower Survey - They provide unique information and guests guess who it is
Pass the Box - With this include get to know you questions
And Who Am I? Silly but fun

Remember you can play more than one ice breaker game at a shower to warm up the crowd, plus after you do these games you can then play all sorts of baby shower games as teams. Check out a complete list of Baby Shower games here.

Need a Party Theme - How About Being a Kid Again

I get a lot of email asking what type of theme should I have, I want everyone to have a good time.

Well as I have been reading and re-writing kids party games, I am thinking why not a Be a Kid Again Party theme.

I mean it is summer, it's hot so why not have fun.

You can mix in a lot of games like Musical Chairs, Red Light Green Light, a Water Balloon Battle and throw in some word games, charades or bingo that can be printed right from the computer.
Plus you can pall 4 square, kick ball or tag game just like you did when you were kids.

It is so easy and for party food, go cafeteria style. Hot Dogs, mac & cheese, etc...

Some times the best fun is the easiest so at you next party be silly, have fun and act like a child!
For Kid's Party Games click here.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Some Simple Baby Shower Games to Keep Things Going

So you have a baby shower coming up and you are concerned that you may have gaps of time with nothing going on, no worries I got some short games that can help keep some or all the guests busy and they all involve paper and pen.

Baby Word Scramble
Take common baby items and scramble them up and have guests try to figure out what the word is. A variation is to use the mothers name as the letters that can be used to create words associated with a baby.

Baby Animal Game
This classic is great to fill in gaps between events, keep kids busy and learn something about animals, becuase we all know what a baby whelp is right? We found some versions online too.

Pregnancy Truth or Myth Game
Find pregnancy facts and myths online. Give each person a list with both myths and truths and have them guess which is which. Have them write down their answers. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.

Baby Advice Game
Everyone wants to offer advice to the new parents, swaddle the baby, give the baby lots of belly time, etc... Now you can decide whether you want to offer silly or serious advice to the new mom or both with these advice type games.

And there are more Pen & Paper Baby Shower Games here.
Plus over about 50 other Baby Shower games and activities that you can do yourself or print out on the computer.
Have a good day - Sarah

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Man Wears - Bachelorette Party Game

Need an ice breaker game and want to catch the ladies off guard?

Well play My Man Wears... The game where you learn more than you may want too!
This is a easy game and you can do it for little or no cost. (well maybe some dignity)

My Man Wears... A Party Game Ideas Original
Ask everyone who is married or who has a boyfriend to send a picture of their guy to you before the shower. Now take the pictures, resize and place on a page or pages.

Underneath or beside each pictures place the following:__ Briefs __ Boxers __ Boxer Briefs __ Thong __ Nothing at All

Now when the ladies arrive (hopefully they are all good sports) hand out a sheets of paper with the guys pictures on it (don’t forget the groom needs to be there too) and ask the women to select what they think each guy wears based on the photo.

Once everyone is finished, trade sheets to score and one by one have each person reveal the answer. You can have people guess before just for fun. Hopefully, everyone will have fun with this as it works as a fun ice breaker. Highest number correct wins.

Review this and other Bachelorette Party Games on my site Party Game Ideas

Dinner Party Murder Mystery - Where Do You Start?

I received an email from Dottie in Pennsylvania she was having a dinner party this weekend and wanted to do something different than just a game night and asked if we had any games here.

I scanned the site and could not find anything that lasts an evening, many of the games are 15 - 30 minutes events. However I started doing research a thinking scavenger hunt well that could work but who knows how they are dressed could you come up with it fast enough so I passed on that idea but then the classic dinner party murder mystery. That would be perfect be would her guest by into the event.

You know I lot of people, never try muder mysteries because they think that it will be silly or the guests won't participate. But, after they play it they love it because it was so unique and different.

So I asked Dottie if that might be an idea, she said yes but didn't have time to create one where do I begin she asked and how do I know it is fun.

Well more research and I found a site with great murder mysteries and lots and lots of themes and ideas. She reviewed it and purchased one.

So far so good, she got the ball rolling and everyone coming to dinner is up for the challenge. Dottie has been so impressed she wanted to thank me and after reading her email I thought it would make a good blog.

So if you are hosting a dinner party and want something new try a murder mystery from here.
Murder Mystery Games