Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinner Party Murder Mystery - Where Do You Start?

I received an email from Dottie in Pennsylvania she was having a dinner party this weekend and wanted to do something different than just a game night and asked if we had any games here.

I scanned the site and could not find anything that lasts an evening, many of the games are 15 - 30 minutes events. However I started doing research a thinking scavenger hunt well that could work but who knows how they are dressed could you come up with it fast enough so I passed on that idea but then the classic dinner party murder mystery. That would be perfect be would her guest by into the event.

You know I lot of people, never try muder mysteries because they think that it will be silly or the guests won't participate. But, after they play it they love it because it was so unique and different.

So I asked Dottie if that might be an idea, she said yes but didn't have time to create one where do I begin she asked and how do I know it is fun.

Well more research and I found a site with great murder mysteries and lots and lots of themes and ideas. She reviewed it and purchased one.

So far so good, she got the ball rolling and everyone coming to dinner is up for the challenge. Dottie has been so impressed she wanted to thank me and after reading her email I thought it would make a good blog.

So if you are hosting a dinner party and want something new try a murder mystery from here.
Murder Mystery Games

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