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Halloween Costume Trends for 2012

It is hard to be thinking Halloween when it is 90 degrees outside but as the last big summer blockbuster moves into theaters and back to college and school ads hit the newspaper, it's time to get an early read on Halloween Costume Trends for 2012.

Halloween Costumes
Year of the Superhero The 3 Biggest movies of the summer ALL focused on Superheroes, so expect to do battle over candy with Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, The Hulk, Catwoman, Captain America, Black Widow and more this Halloween. While we think all the costumes will be strong, Spiderman and Batman will lead the Superhero charge followed by Captain America and Ironman.

Superhero Villains
Based on the horrific shooting in Colorado and the shooter's focus to be like "The Joker" we see fewer sales of Joker and Bane costumes for this Halloween. It is unknown whether adults wearing a Batman costume may be seen as a negative, but at this time our hearts go out to the victims of this tragedy.  

While there are costumes for Loki from the Avengers or the Lizard Man from Spiderman, we don’t see them as being huge Halloween costumes.

Little Girls will be Brave this Halloween
You’ll be seeing red this Halloween, as is red-headed wigs on little girls. Disney’s Brave gave something new for little girls to choose from and based on Brave’s success there will be plenty of Meridas out and about this year. While we do expect Merida costumes to be popular, there still will be many Tinkerbells and other famous Disney Princesses at your door.

Other animated movies such as the Lorax and Madagascar did well at the box office but the costumes aren’t that cute, except for the toddler penguin costume.   

Nikki Minaj
First there was Lady Gaga, then Katy Perry now Nikki Minaj becomes this Halloweens Pop Culture Icon. Look for Nikki Minaj styled wigs on women of all ages as they pull inspiration from this Diva’s stylish trends. Expect to see Bubblegum Pink, Lavender and mixed color wigs that emulate Nikki’s style. Right now I we haven’t any official Nikki costumes, but there is always hope.

With The Walking Dead, Zombie Runs, Festivals and talk of a Zombie Apocalypse, zombies haven’t been this popular since Michael Jackson’s thriller came out. While zombies continue to be a Halloween mainstay for many reasons, interest is growing kind of like a plague.

Trending Topics for Guys Halloween Costumes
Ted costumes are getting some interest, but without witty comeback it’s just a bear costume. Magic Mike became the rage for Ladies Night Out parties and single guys may opt for sexy men’s costumes in order to win over the single ladies. Guys just be sure to have the right moves. Charlie Sheen’s popularity and Anger Management sitcom will keep him a popular Halloween choice.

Trends Topics for Women’s Halloween Costumes
For women few trends are jumping out at this time, sure Black Window and Catwoman are some new options but right now nothing different is standing out. So we will continue to monitor emerging trends and keep you informed.

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Sleeper Halloween Trends
Last year the Smurfs came surprised many as a kids favorite Halloween costumes, so what costumes could become big this year.

The Olympics showcase the world’s best and women’s gymnastics influence a lot of young girls, so if one or two of America’s newest sweethearts captures our hearts or medals in London, you might well see lots of little Olympians in October.   

Finding Nemo is coming out in 3D in September and is one movie adults and children love, depending on the age of your child Nemo and / or costumes might prove to be popular.

The Election, we are mixed on the election this year as it doesn’t appear to be any fun and most people don’t want to talk about it. In most cases though, politicians do become part of Halloween costumes. It could happen again, but we are taking a pass this year.

LMFAO Costumes. This costumes bring the Party Rock Fun to your Halloween party, but has LMFAO’s Party Rock idea peaked? We shall see if these costumes bring the fun or get left on the shelf this Halloween.

As we move into August and September this year’s trends will become clear and we will bring you the latest news on Halloween costumes, party themes, games and Halloween decorations. 

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Olympic Party Games Fun Challenges for Kids & Adults

With the London Summer Olympics soon to begin we were trying to determine games that could be played at an Summer Olympic themed party.
Some games would work for an Olympic Birthday Party and others could be played between commercial while watching Olympic events.

These party game ideas and activities can easily be adjusted for your family gathering or party.

1. Mini-Decathlon or Olympic Challenge
The Decathlon is a track and field event made up of 10 Track and Field events. Host a Mini-Decathlon or Olympic Challenge of 5, 7 or more of the events and give out 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd place. Then keep a master sheet and tally us the scores at the end and announce who wins the Gold, Silver and Bronze metals.

Events: Race from one end of the yard and back (100 meter dash), Standing long jump (Long jump), Toss a tennis ball shot put style (Shot put), Create an obstacle course as an event and then get creative with hitting targets, adding a swim race, sack race, basketball shooting from a specific spot or mix in other Olympic challenges.

2. Basketball
Rather than Team play Olympic Horse where each player takes a turn shooting from one spot. If the player makes the shot (they don't get a any letters) however if they miss it they get a letter. Instead of spelling out H-O-R-S-E spell out L-O-N-D-O-N.

3. Gymnastic Challenge Activity
Gymnastics is fun to watch and a fun activity too. Create your own Gymnastics Camp that involves learning gymnastics. Have kids do cartwheels, somersaults, creative dancing and create their own floor routine. (I would avoid flips and any dangerous moves, keep it simple and safe.) Place a long 4 inch wide board on the ground and have the kids practice balancing and staying on the board. Make a game of it and have them catch a ball while staying on the board. Get ribbons and do ribbon dancing, just watch the games and get creative and be safe.

FYI - I wouldn't score these events, but rather make it a fun activity.

Olympic Bingo4. Olympic Bingo
Enjoy watching the Olympic Events, but not a fan of waiting for the event to begin. Well play Olympic Bingo while you wait. This is a fun way to pass the time and learn about both summer and winter Olympic events and maybe see if the kids know the difference. This is a printable bingo game and just takes minutes to print and start playing.

Plus you can Personalize this Bingo game for your Party or Family Events. Play once or throughout the Olympic games.

5. Pool Games
If you have a large pool, then the kids can do individual races based on a specific swimming stroke, form teams and do relay, get goals and play water polo, water basketball or water volleyball.

Remember the Olympic Games are just that Games and most events can be replicated or altered for a party or outdoor activity. Just get create, have fun and be safe.

FYI - We hope to have an Olympic Game page up and Olympic Trivia Games on Party Game Ideas soon so be sure to check it out.

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