Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Bingo - Good Clean Fun for Kids and Adults

Putting together a last minute Valentine's Day activity, well one idea the is always popular is Bingo.

Yes, Bingo and we have several Valentine's Day options that might work for you.

Valentine's Picture Bingo is perfect for little kids who are still working on learning to read. This way they can just match up the pictures and have a great time. This version is fun for pre-school and young kids in up to 5 and 6.

Regular Valentine's Bingo is regular bingo with a Valentine's theme. Easy and fun for an office activity, elementary school, youth groups and nursing homes.

We offer instructions on how to create your own Valentine's Bingo Game and have printable Valentine's Bingo games.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Cooties - The Perfect Game for a Gym or Large Space

The snow is covering the parking lot, playground and everything, but it is time for recess and it's Valentine's Day! Help you need Valentine game / activity ideas.

Well, we've got one for you. Valentine's Cooties the game where teams work together to get the cooties out of their area but into other teams areas.

This game is perfect for the gym and large spaces, but not the greatest for the outdoors as the plates would blow away!

Sound interesting? Then check out the game details for Valentine Cooties, a four square styled game for teams.

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New Game - Valentine Card Mailbox Game

This Valentine's Day game is good for the classroom or a group that exchanges Valentines.

They game starts with everyone sitting in a circle and handing each person a mailbox or Valentine's Day card box. This is easy if they already have one. (Once the game is over they get their mailbox back.)

Once everyone has a mailbox you begin to read a Valentine's left / right gift passing story and each time you so left the mailbox goes to the left and each time you say right the Valentine's mailbox is passed to the right.

Read a section of the story and stop. When you stop, tell the kids to check their mailbox. If they have a Valentine's Day card they are still in the game and if they don't they are out!

Get more information on Valentine Card Mailbox Game plus a information on a Valentine's Day Left / Right gift passing game.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to Start Thinking Valentine's Day Games

Wow, where did January go?

It's February 1st already and if you are having a Valentine's Day party, activity or classroom event, then it is time to start looking for Valentine's Day games to play.

We have started to update the Valentine's Day game section and will be adding more this week!

Also thank you to all of our Facebook Fans and your feedback!

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