Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Games and Activities for Families and Friends

If your New Year's Eve consists of a casual, fun night at home laughing, playing games and waking the kids up just before midnight so they can see the ball drop in Times Square then this blog is for you.

While I have enjoyed many a New Year at some large events packed elbow to elbow with strangers, some of my best memories come from being with friends and family at home.

Some of my favorite memories are playing board games like Life, Cranium and Boulderdash. Upbeat and fun and if kids are there they can play too. So go ahead and raid your closet and get some games ready just in case.

I think the best games keep you active and one interesting activity that could be very entertaining tonight would be a Comedy - Improv activity, where guests have to think fast to make you laugh or they just might make you laugh. Silly be fun and you can order it online.

As the hours get later the kids always starting asking more frequently, how much longer? In addition, they grow more and more impatient. you may want to time a movie's end to occur 15 minutes before midnight. This way the kids will only have to wait 15 minutes before jumping up and down and then going to bed.

Another idea is to schedule short or fun party games and activities during the last hour. Consider printable New Year's Games that include Bingo, trivia, word scrambles and more. Plan to do a game every 15 minutes or play Bingo several times right up until the countdown.

Need some other cretive games for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day then check out our site, Party Game Ideas. We have over 350 party games for kids and adults and most are simple do it yourself games.

So have fun tonight and Happy New Year!
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Classroom Activities, Holiday Brain Teaser and more to Keep Kids Busy

It's that time off year again, when school activities and events create a extra minutes here and there.

So how do you fill the 15 minutes before the assembly or challenge them while you set up a holiday snack or keep them busy while you grade the last 10 papers or give the kids that finished their test already something fun and QUIET to do.

Well get these Printable Christmas Games, Trivia Games, Word Finds and activities.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day Fun - Games and Activities To The Rescue

Kids love snow days, but if they are not playing in the snow then what are they going to do?

Well party game activities are not always for parties, you can play them any day so if you are at home with the kids today check out our Holiday party games that can be turning into simple challenges or fun activities.

And if you need more challenges to the printable Christmas games and activities and let them do word finds, scrambles and even holiday bingo.

And if you want to make salt dough ornament or do Christmas crafts, here are some easy ones for kids.

And while they are play games, you can finish buying your Christmas gifts online!

Stay warm and Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Holiday Trivia Game Perfect for Office Parties, Christmas Parties and Classrooms

Searching the internet for Christmas trivia for your Holiday party that is less than hours away?

Well, stop!

You can get find the right Holiday trivia games, word scrambles or an activity that everyone will enjoy in about 10 minutes and print it out in less time and you will be done.

Easy and fun games including Holiday Riddles, Christmas Carol trivia, Picture Puzzles, Reindeer Questions, Toy Trivia, Night Before Christmas Challenges, Bible Trivia and more.

The best part is that you'll be the party hero because these games look great, are entertaining and give you variety for all ages including kids, teens, adults and seniors.

So stop reading and go check out the games and have a great party, luncheon or event with these Christmas trivia games.

Happy Holidays.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Help, I Need Party Games Using Christmas Carols!

That was the email I received last night. Help, I need party games involving Christmas carols!

Sounds easy at first but then I realized it might be harder than I thought, so I started thinking what games I know and how could they be turned into Christmas party games. Here are my ideas for Christmas Carol Games for your Christmas Party!

Christmas Carol Relay - Team member game titles to Christmas songs, then must draw the idea on paper and hope their team members know the song and start singing it.

Christmas Songs Lyrics - A trivia game to see who remembers the lyrics to Christmas carols, printable game.

Christmas Songs Name That Tune - Get Holiday song trivia and history and then have players or teams challenge each other to Name That Tune. Basic Name That Tune instructions.

Christmas Song Scramble - Scramble Holiday Song titles and have guests work to unscramble the list a fun way to determine who goes first or last in a gift exchange. Printable version.

Christmas Carol Party Trivia Challenge - This game could work with tables of guests. Come up with Christmas carol trivia questions and have all tables compete against each other to answer the questions. You can do several rounds - First all tables 8 - 10 questions, then narrow down to tables with points then 6 more questions, then after round to have top 2 or 3 tables compete for Christmas Carol Champion and small prizes.

Christmas Carol Brainteaser - Guests race to match Carol clues with the Christmas carol. A fun ice breaker and you could use these challenging clues for a party event if the paper and pen version does not work.

Christmas Carol Lyric Challenge - Does your group of friends pride themselves to knowing lyrics. Well put them to the test by place Christmas carol songs from White Christmas to Frosty the Snowman to Little Drummer Boy in a hat. Take turns and challenge guests to sing a correct verse from the song. Want a challenge - Do this game in tournament fashion, so you can end up with a winner.

Silly Christmas Carol Songs - This is for the improv crowd and involves changing the song name and making up a unique holiday song based on the new title. A silly game for kids and adults. So you might sing about Rudolph the Green Nosed Reindeer or Chilly the Snowman, 12 Nights of Christmas.

Hopefully, this is giving you creative Christmas carol game ideas for your event. If you need more check out our site Party Game Ideas maybe another game will allow you to have a great Christmas party.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Easy and Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 3 - 8

Need Christmas Games for kids ages 3 - 8 and don't have any ideas.

Before you get all stressed out, I have some great ideas for you. These holiday games are easy fun and cost basically nothing. I have included a small description and a link to the game details.

Unwrap the Gift Game - This is easy, wrap a gift over and over again and then play a game where the kids unwrap a layer of the present and each layer provides a surprise to do something silly or maybe a prize. The child to unwrap the last layer receives the gift.

Gift Stacking Relay - When I was a kid, I watched a tv show where kids stacked teacups and tried to walk around obstacles and if they succeeded they won prizes. Well they stack of gifts get higher and the kids need to make sure they don't fall. Great for classrooms and groups of kids.

Holiday Picture Bingo - Young and old love Bingo, now they can picture Bingo. This is great for young kids who are used to sitting a few minutes. For kids under 5 play with parents. What is great you can play this many times and the kids have fun each time.

Holiday Present Walk - This is a random style musical chairs game with no pushing and shoving. Use construction paper and draw a crossing pattern so it looks like a present and for fun place a bow on it. Note: If you have 5 pieces of red paper, use a unique colored bow on each one. Place on floor in a circle or around a table. Place one present down per child, then each child selects a present to stand next to. Now play music and kids walk by presents. Once music stops, each child stands by the present and you randomly pull a piece of paper that states which present gets removed, example Red present with white bow. The child by the red present and white bow is out of the game and the present is removed until you play again. This continues until you have a winner.

Easy and Quick Holiday Word Finds, Scrambles and Trivia Challenges here you will find a variety of printable Christmas and Holiday games that will be fun and challenging for 6 -10 years olds.

Holiday Corners - Select 4 images to represent the holidays, Present, Tree, Snowflake, Sleigh. Place one image in each corner. Play music and kids move again, pause music and kids select a corner. Then randomly select one of the four image from a hat. Players in that corner are out of the game. Start music and continue until you have a winner.

For more Kids Christmas Holiday Games including Find Santa's Reindeer visit Party Game Ideas for do it yourself Kids Christmas Party Games and Ideas.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Friday, December 12, 2008

Top 5 Printable Holiday Games for Office, Groups and Classrooms

Little or no time to come up with Christmas trivia games or party games for your event? Do you have at least 15 minutes and use of a printer before the big event?

If yes, then these printable Holiday games will be perfect for you.
If no, then these printable Holiday games will work as well, because you can do it in less than 15 minutes.

And to save you time I have list the most popular Printable Chirstmas Games of the season.

Here is the Top 5 Quick List.
1. Holiday Bingo - Fast easy, game cards for up to 200 people
2. Left / Right Gift Passing Game - Works if doing a gift exchange
3. Christmas Charades & Pictionary - Perfect for small / medium sized groups
4. Christmas Jeopardy - Great if your group is into competitive and outgoing
5. Christmas Song Lyrics - Trivia, Fun for all and can be used for determining Gift Exchange picking order.

Looking for additional printable Christmas games well you are in luck you'll find over 60 Holiday games here that you can print off your computer. Choose from Holiday trivia, Bible themes, brain teasers like anagrams and picture puzzles, and word finds and scrambles.

So, you are sure to find a game to suit your guests or at least keep them quiet for a few minutes, well unless they are playing Christmas Charades!

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Top 10 Christmas Party Games

Top 10 Christmas Party Games
We often think certain games are going to be very popular with own visitors, but then certain party games turn out to be much more popular than expected.

Here is a list of Party Game Ideas Top Holiday Party Games for 2008

1. Find Santa's Reindeer - This scavenger hunt game put guests to the test to help find Santa's Reindeer.

2. Christmas Bingo or Holiday Bingo - This classic game is perfect for young and old and comes in as our number two party game of the season.

3. Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay - Team members draw out the carol and then get their team to sing that Christmas carol.

4. Unwrap the Gift Game - No skills needed to play this game, but variations of this game can make each layer naughty or nice.

5. Holiday Trivia Games - This includes various Holiday Trivia games that can stump kids aged 5 to 95!

6. Find Out Who - This office game is a simple ice breaker game where guests can find out facts about each other. Modify as needed for your own Holiday Party.

7. Stocking Guess Game - Place holiday realted items in a stocking and have guests guess what in the stocking. Tip: Items don't always have to be hoilday related, use toys, office supplies, etc... and then raffle off the stocking or give as prizes.

8. Gift Exchange Games - I was surprised to see that the Gift Exchange games were so low, however many people already know how to play them and I am hearing that people are passing on Gift Exchanges for other holiday fun this year.

9. Twas the Night Before Christmas Memory Game - This challenging game can often inspire unique and hilarious answers that are sure to entertain your guests.

10. Gift Stacking Relay - An old fashion game of racing around with a stack of presents wraps up this years top ten party games. This game can be very entertaining as guests most control gifts stacked 4, 5, 6, 7 gifts and more without dropping any.

This list comes from the over 40 Christmas Party Games we feature on Party Game Ideas. The do it yourself Party Game site.

If your favorite Holiday Party Game was not on our list and you think it should be then. Submit your Holiday game to us and it might make our Christmas Top 10 Party Games for next year!

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Monday, December 8, 2008

Make a Great Holiday Office Party for Less

Just become times are tough should not limit your holiday fun.

Many companies feel it might be easier to not hold a Company Christmas Party that to do something different.

This is a time to challenge how you look at your people and value the money you spend. As long as your company doesn't waste money on lavish expenditures then reducing your Holiday party costs should go unnoticed.

Here are my tips for giving more while spending less.

1. Personalization - Owners, bosses, team leaders need to hand write personal cards stating what that person has meant to the company this year and going forward. Specifically state reasons why you are proud them being there, not just "Thanks for your hard work."
Cost: Cards & time
Value: Huge

2. At the Party Mix in fun activities and games so that few people have to think about what might be missing. If they are busy laughing, smiling and relaxing then who has time to be grumpy. Games: Here are a variety of Holiday printable games including Trivia, Word Finds, Bingo, Charades. And here are Christmas Gift Exchange Games, plus Holiday Scavenger Hunts for families and more.

3. Food - Don't go cheap on the food, bring in something you know will be good and safe. So pass on the $4 gourmet chocolate covered preztels, $3 cookies or $2 chocolate squares. A good meal is always enjoyed.

4. Decorations and Music
Balloons, lights, tree - keep it simple borrow from someone rather than buy.
Borrow music, holiday cd or ask someone to mix a Holiday cd for the event.
A nice addition (if within a budget) is a holiday scene setter. This is a photo opportunity for guests and can also be a place for happy memories to be made. These can run $60 to $100+.

5. Last the owner or bosses need to tell everyone at the party that it has been a tough year and together we have succeed by...
"and when I reflect on this year I realize it's the people here, in this room, who make this business special..."
(Let the team know their value - among friends and family)

Let's face it everyone knows times are tough but it doesn't mean you have to give less effort to a successful Holiday Party, it means you need to give more. Be creative, take risks and be yourself.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Gift Exchanges Getting Dull? Well add Trivia, Cards or Pool to Change Things Up

It your Holiday Gift Exchange lacking some excitement this year.

Have you already done
White Elephant, Silly Sweater, Re-Gifter, Worst or Strangest Gifts Gift Exchanges already.

Well maybe you just need to change the delivery of your gift exchange.

How about a Playing Cards Giving Exchange
This gift grab involves handing out cards (from a deck of cards) and using them to randomly decide who and when gifts can be stolen.

Or Billiards Gift Grab
For smaller groups this is a great way to make your gift exchange fun and unique. Rack up the balls based on what you shoot in the pocket determines whether you can grab a gift or not!

Perhaps Dirty Dice Gift Exchange
This gift game involves rolling doubles, selecting gifts and using a timer. This is great for kids and makes the game fun and high action as you try to roll doubles. Might need to make some adjustment for adults.

Holiday Trivia Gift Exchange
This takes your ordinary gift exchange and mixes in fun Holiday trivia so it is a little more entertaining than people just stealing gifts. Fun for offices and all types of Christmas gift exchange parties.

If none of these work for you then check out other Christmas Party Games at party Game Ideas.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Party Putting Giving First

A trend that I have noticed over the past few years is the idea of giving to others during our group Christmas party.

Last year my friends Terry & Eileen had a Holiday party where we did a re-gifting exchange and everyone was encouraged to put money into a basket and submit a charity name.

At the end of the night, they pulled out a charity and the money was given to it. I thought this was a great idea.

I am lucky enough to be able to give, rather than having to ask to receive and for that I am fortunate. So this year consider adding charity to your holiday.

Know you don't have to donate money. Maybe clothes that no longer fit or canned food for a food bank choose something that does not place stress on your guests.

Tough times call for changes in all of us and hopefully in this season a change for the better.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady