Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Games and Activities for Families and Friends

If your New Year's Eve consists of a casual, fun night at home laughing, playing games and waking the kids up just before midnight so they can see the ball drop in Times Square then this blog is for you.

While I have enjoyed many a New Year at some large events packed elbow to elbow with strangers, some of my best memories come from being with friends and family at home.

Some of my favorite memories are playing board games like Life, Cranium and Boulderdash. Upbeat and fun and if kids are there they can play too. So go ahead and raid your closet and get some games ready just in case.

I think the best games keep you active and one interesting activity that could be very entertaining tonight would be a Comedy - Improv activity, where guests have to think fast to make you laugh or they just might make you laugh. Silly be fun and you can order it online.

As the hours get later the kids always starting asking more frequently, how much longer? In addition, they grow more and more impatient. you may want to time a movie's end to occur 15 minutes before midnight. This way the kids will only have to wait 15 minutes before jumping up and down and then going to bed.

Another idea is to schedule short or fun party games and activities during the last hour. Consider printable New Year's Games that include Bingo, trivia, word scrambles and more. Plan to do a game every 15 minutes or play Bingo several times right up until the countdown.

Need some other cretive games for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day then check out our site, Party Game Ideas. We have over 350 party games for kids and adults and most are simple do it yourself games.

So have fun tonight and Happy New Year!
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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