Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Easy and Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids 3 - 8

Need Christmas Games for kids ages 3 - 8 and don't have any ideas.

Before you get all stressed out, I have some great ideas for you. These holiday games are easy fun and cost basically nothing. I have included a small description and a link to the game details.

Unwrap the Gift Game - This is easy, wrap a gift over and over again and then play a game where the kids unwrap a layer of the present and each layer provides a surprise to do something silly or maybe a prize. The child to unwrap the last layer receives the gift.

Gift Stacking Relay - When I was a kid, I watched a tv show where kids stacked teacups and tried to walk around obstacles and if they succeeded they won prizes. Well they stack of gifts get higher and the kids need to make sure they don't fall. Great for classrooms and groups of kids.

Holiday Picture Bingo - Young and old love Bingo, now they can picture Bingo. This is great for young kids who are used to sitting a few minutes. For kids under 5 play with parents. What is great you can play this many times and the kids have fun each time.

Holiday Present Walk - This is a random style musical chairs game with no pushing and shoving. Use construction paper and draw a crossing pattern so it looks like a present and for fun place a bow on it. Note: If you have 5 pieces of red paper, use a unique colored bow on each one. Place on floor in a circle or around a table. Place one present down per child, then each child selects a present to stand next to. Now play music and kids walk by presents. Once music stops, each child stands by the present and you randomly pull a piece of paper that states which present gets removed, example Red present with white bow. The child by the red present and white bow is out of the game and the present is removed until you play again. This continues until you have a winner.

Easy and Quick Holiday Word Finds, Scrambles and Trivia Challenges here you will find a variety of printable Christmas and Holiday games that will be fun and challenging for 6 -10 years olds.

Holiday Corners - Select 4 images to represent the holidays, Present, Tree, Snowflake, Sleigh. Place one image in each corner. Play music and kids move again, pause music and kids select a corner. Then randomly select one of the four image from a hat. Players in that corner are out of the game. Start music and continue until you have a winner.

For more Kids Christmas Holiday Games including Find Santa's Reindeer visit Party Game Ideas for do it yourself Kids Christmas Party Games and Ideas.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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