Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Help, I Need Party Games Using Christmas Carols!

That was the email I received last night. Help, I need party games involving Christmas carols!

Sounds easy at first but then I realized it might be harder than I thought, so I started thinking what games I know and how could they be turned into Christmas party games. Here are my ideas for Christmas Carol Games for your Christmas Party!

Christmas Carol Relay - Team member game titles to Christmas songs, then must draw the idea on paper and hope their team members know the song and start singing it.

Christmas Songs Lyrics - A trivia game to see who remembers the lyrics to Christmas carols, printable game.

Christmas Songs Name That Tune - Get Holiday song trivia and history and then have players or teams challenge each other to Name That Tune. Basic Name That Tune instructions.

Christmas Song Scramble - Scramble Holiday Song titles and have guests work to unscramble the list a fun way to determine who goes first or last in a gift exchange. Printable version.

Christmas Carol Party Trivia Challenge - This game could work with tables of guests. Come up with Christmas carol trivia questions and have all tables compete against each other to answer the questions. You can do several rounds - First all tables 8 - 10 questions, then narrow down to tables with points then 6 more questions, then after round to have top 2 or 3 tables compete for Christmas Carol Champion and small prizes.

Christmas Carol Brainteaser - Guests race to match Carol clues with the Christmas carol. A fun ice breaker and you could use these challenging clues for a party event if the paper and pen version does not work.

Christmas Carol Lyric Challenge - Does your group of friends pride themselves to knowing lyrics. Well put them to the test by place Christmas carol songs from White Christmas to Frosty the Snowman to Little Drummer Boy in a hat. Take turns and challenge guests to sing a correct verse from the song. Want a challenge - Do this game in tournament fashion, so you can end up with a winner.

Silly Christmas Carol Songs - This is for the improv crowd and involves changing the song name and making up a unique holiday song based on the new title. A silly game for kids and adults. So you might sing about Rudolph the Green Nosed Reindeer or Chilly the Snowman, 12 Nights of Christmas.

Hopefully, this is giving you creative Christmas carol game ideas for your event. If you need more check out our site Party Game Ideas maybe another game will allow you to have a great Christmas party.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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