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How Do You Say Merry Christmas? A Fun Trivia Game on How the World Says Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel all say the same thing but in different languages.

This Christmas Trivia Game is like taking a trip around the world and sharing the spirit of the holidays with everyone.

Merry Christmas Around The WorldWhen I was reviewing Merry Christmas Around the World, I was able to get about one third of the answers before I became stumped and had to start thinking which Merry Christmas went where. For me that is a sign of a good trivia game, when you get enough to get started and then are challenged to figure out what goes where.

I can tell you this, I did not score a 100% on Merry Christmas Around the World, but it was fun even though I got 4 answers wrong.

This Merry Christmas party game is good for Language Classes, Groups that do International Foreign Student Exchanges, Church Groups, Teen Sunday School Classes and anyone who enjoys a challenge. A nice little extra is that you can Personalize these game for your group, party or holiday event.

Plus this party game is so unique that it should be a challenge for your Christmas trivia experts and enjoyable as you score the results and pronounce the answers.

My only disappointment with Merry Christmas Around the World is that there should be a pronunciation key so when you reveal the answers you know how to pronounce them correctly.

Merry Christmas Around the World is a printable game you purchase and print out from your computer. You can purchase just this game or get the entire Christmas Game Collection that includes 70 other games the range from Winter, Christmas, Christian Christmas and New Years party games so you have fun activities for the entire winter break.

For even more Christmas Games including Do It Yourself Games and Gift Exchange Ideas visit Party Game Ideas.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Have $5? We've Got Your Christmas Party Game Solved

What can $5 get you these days? Coffee, a newspaper and a donut.

But $5 can also get you, a Christmas Party Game that can have groups of friends, family members and co-workers working together, laughing and having fun for 30 minutes to an hour of more!

It may sound like a story from Christmas past but it's not, it's Christmas Jeopardy!

Christmas JeopardyThis Christmas Jeopardy game will get everyone involved as you and your groups try to answer Holiday Trivia questions in order to Win.

There are a variety of Christmas Categories and 25 questions per sheet and with each question taking a minute (you can reduce it to 30 seconds to speed things up) an average game can run 15 - 30 minutes and with 6 different boards that can be an hour or more of Christmas party fun.

Reason we like Christmas Jeopardy
- Small groups can enjoy by playing as individuals
- Large Groups of co-workers and families can play as teams
- Play like real Jeopardy and Keep Track of the Score
- Play with the goal of getting 5 in a row
- 6 Different Boards so you can play lots of rounds
- Personalize this Game for your Party or Group
- Competitive Game so guys enjoy playing it
- For a Limited Time - It's $5

Not sure why but we keep coming back to the fact it is just $5.
Here is how to get and personalize your Christmas Jeopardy game.

So if you still don't know what to do at your business holiday lunch or your holiday dinner party with your best friends or just want to have a party game so the guys can be competitive; Christmas Jeopardy is the perfect fit.

And you get all this for only $5.

Please note this is a limited time offer that runs through December 31, 2012.
Printable Christmas Jeopardy was noted in Top 5 Printable Christmas Party Games and Christmas 20 Questions. Holiday Trivia Games for the Office Party also supplies party game ideas for groups.

For even more Christmas Party Games and Ideas including Do It Yourself Games and Gift Exchanges visit Party Game Ideas.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 5 Printable Christmas Party Games

Curious about what the most popular organized printable party games are... well good news we have the Top 5 Printable Christmas Party Games and why I think they are so popular.

Coming in at Number 5
Christmas Charades & PictionaryChristmas Charades and Pictionary
Fun, enjoyable and let's you play without having to come up with all the ideas yourself. Just print, cut and you are ready to play.

Also, we have a third idea for this printable Christmas game and that is "One Clue Guess" where a player gives one clue and the team must guess the answer. Get more details by checking out the Salad Bowl Game - which is perfect if you want to play 3 rounds using the same set of clues from this game.

At Number 4 is
Christmas JeopardyChristmas Jeopardy
Want a little competition for the Holidays? Well Christmas Jeopardy challenges your holiday knowledge in a variety of categories and is a unique way for families and groups of friends to see who is the King or Queen of Christmas Trivia.

Complete as individuals or team and see who can Name that Carol, Answer Questions about Santa or see who knows Reindeer Games. Game includes 6 different game boards so you can have lots of fun.

Dim the Lights as We Announce Number 3
Christmas Movie QuotesChristmas Movie Quotes
While most people watch a movie once or twice, never to see it again. Christmas movies are the stuff of lore and are enjoyed over and over and over again. It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Claus, Christmas Vacation, Elf and others bring back memories, emotions, smiles and laughter. Once you've heard "You'll shoot your eye out" or "I triple dog dare ya" it's hard now to remember them without a smile.

This game includes Christmas trivia from various movies but we also found A Christmas Story Movie Trivia, Christmas Classic Movie Characters too.

The Runner Up Is... At Number 2
Christmas Song ScrambleChristmas Song Scramble
Games don't have to be difficult to be popular, just fun. And holiday music fits right into that theme, you can't avoid hearing Christmas music in stores, on the radio, in your house and basically anywhere you go.

This game has been so popular there is now a second version Christmas Song Scramble 2. Both offer unique challenges with some easy songs to unscramble and others being very difficult! Perfect for choirs and those into the holiday spirit. These are tough for young kids so if they are playing pair they up with older children and adults.

And the Number 1 Printable Christmas Party Game is...
Christmas BingoChristmas Bingo
Bingo is a classic game that can be enjoyed whether you are 5, 50 or 93! The rules are simple, the winner is random and once you get past the 5 call a person can yet BINGO at any time. What we love about Christmas Bingo is that now you can purchase just the right amount for your event choose from 12, 25 and 40 bingo card packs for your holiday event or just an afternoon with friends and family. Plus for young kids there is Christmas Image Bingo! So now they can play Bingo on those snow days!

Being an avid Bingo lover since I was a child, I think it is the perfect Holiday game whether you play with 5 people or 40 people Bingo is still great fun.

There you have it the Top 5 Printable Christmas Party Games this year and if you haven't seen one you want,  don't worry here are 60 more printable Christmas Party Games.

For even more Christmas Party Games and Ideas including Do It Yourself Games and Gift Exchanges visit Party Game Ideas.

Happy Holidays,

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 Christmas Gift Party Games for All Ages

Christmas Gifts are often part of the party decor and social activities like gift exchanges, but they can also be party of the fun by incorporating Christmas gifts into party games.

While we do have a variety of Gift Exchange ideas, we are going to showcase holiday party games that involve Christmas gifts or at least boxes wrapped like Christmas presents.

Christmas Gift Party Games for All Ages
Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Race
This fast paced gift stacking game requires balance, speed and a good team of careful handlers as you must race to carry, stack and move gifts fro one point to another. This game is a favorite for kids but can also be hysterical for adults, especially to you place items inside a few of the gifts!. Get game details, variations and learn more about Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Race.

Unwrap the Gift Game / Pass the Parcel
This Christmas Gift game involves passing a gift and when the music or timer goes off a player gets to unwrap one layer of wrapping paper. As each round progresses, you get closer and closer to the prize inside. We have some interesting twists to this game that make the kids want to pass the gift around like a hot potato rather than to try to stall and hold onto it. Check out game details, variations and learn more about Unwrap the Gift Game.

Blind Christmas Gift Stacking 
Want a puzzle type game that is fun, challenge and frustrating? Well our Blind Christmas Gift Stacking party game might be just the party game you are looking. This Christmas game is all about communication as one team member must instruct the other team member how to properly stack the Christmas gifts in order to complete the task without that person seeing the stack of gifts. Need a Team Building exercise concerning communication, well this would fit the bill and be in the holiday spirit. We offer ideas for easy and difficult game play, so that almost all ages can play this party game. Game details for Blind Christmas Gift Stacking.

Guess How Many Christmas Gifts?
Having a corporate event where you will be handing out Christmas gifts and prizes, then Guess How Many Christmas Gifts are in the Big Box might just be the perfect holiday party game for your crowd. If your group is not into running around, playing trivia and singing, this simple party game requires little effort and often a fun result. It requires one giant box that gifts go in and then guests are asked to submit how many gifts they thing are inside. It could be 1, 22 or 202 for all they know. Check out some clever ideas for Guess How Many Christmas Gifts?

Gift Wrap Relay
Want your party guests to feel like Elves, then consider the Gift Wrap Relay where guests must race to wrap the Christmas presents nicely and very fast. It may not be a fun game for parents that have lots of presents to wrap but it should be fun for kids. We share a few ideas to make the game safe for kids. Learn more about Gift Wrap Relay.

We have a for other Christmas Gift party games plus over 50 other Christmas Party Games at Party Game Ideas.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

A Dinner Dare turns into a Fun New Christmas Game Idea for Kids

Recently at a networking event, the people at my table ask what I did and I said I run a Party Games web site. Then they said you think up party games? I said yes.

Then cam e the challenge can you come up with a party game using things on this table? Well I looked around and thought, hmm and then I said lets select three items and I will have a game for you by the next meeting.

The items from that were selected for this Party Game challenge were a:
1. Dinner Plate
2. Drinking Straw
3. Paper

Well a week went by and I kind of ignored my commitment, but then I saw a straw and when I was out to eat and started thinking how could I make a party game from a these three items.

I was a little stump, by then it hit me while watching a Christmas Holiday Special. Snowflakes.

Yes Snowflakes were the key to making a Christmas party game for kids.

And then the next challenge, how do you tie the straw and plate into a party game that is both fun and challenging. So I had to basically, make paper snowflakes, grab a straw and get a dinner plate and lay them out.

Once I did that it came to me, you must use the straw to get the snowflakes on the plate. This Christmas party game seemed simple and in my mind was easy. You just blow on the snowflakes, they fly up and land on the plate. Easy!

Then I took my idea and tested it, I blew on the snowflakes and they went under the rim of the plate. I used the straw to blow under the snowflake in order and the snowflake still didn't lift the snowflake.

Kid's Christmas party Game Ideas - Snowflakes on a Plate
Hmm, so far I had Christmas party game but it I couldn't make it work and therefore it wouldn't be any fun to play. Would this challenge end in a lame game or failure?

After some careful thought and a few test runs I hit upon how you could get the snowflake up and try to land it on the plate. Plus with snowflakes fluttering in many directions, it now became interesting and silly too. The game was coming together.

The next step was to create the rules and how to play instructions for this new Christmas party game and name it. The name was easy Snowflakes on a Plate, which is the objective of the game. The rules came easy to plus we came us with variations of the game based on whether you play as an individual or as teams.

The Game is now done so Check out the game details for Snowflakes on a Plate here and let me know what you think. We even added a video on this one too, it's a little silly but it was fun to make.

So now when I go to this month's networking meeting, I can show them the party game idea they helped me create, Snowflakes on a Plate. I hope they like it because I do.

Be sure to check out Party Game Ideas for over 50 other Christmas Party Games.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Make Your House Decorations the Life of the Holiday Party

You've seen videos of houses that set the Christmas lights to music and it looks amazing, but how can the average person set this up so that their house is part of the Christmas Party?

Well we stumbled across 2 Options
GE Wireless Light and Sounds of Christmas which is a synchronized light and sound system.

This systems comes with 44 Christmas tracks and plays in three modes light show, unison and lights steady on. Hmm as a bonus there are some Halloween tracks to so you can use it for another holiday.

I love the idea of the music and lights but I wish it could be connect to any song you want rather than holiday songs. The set up seems easy, but we haven't seen a review. The list price is $299, but Christmas Light system is currently (Today 12/4/12) on sale for under $170 and when I was on the site there was a promotional code to get shipping for $1.99. Please note I cannot guarantee pricing, discounts or quantity available.

The other outdoor Christmas Light musical system (can work indoors too) is Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas.

Mr. Christmas offers two different products. The Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas runs around $130 plus shipping and offers a main controller and six outlets which can each handle 1,200 lights and is not wireless. It offers 20 holiday songs from which to choose from.

This model is cheaper but you'll need to string all your lights to a central for this one which could be a bit of a headache. Amazon had 44 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars, so most users are happy with their purchase.

The Mr. Christmas Wireless Christmas Light system appears to be the GE system. I checked all the specs and they match. Amazon prices ranged from $170 - $180 plus shipping. The reviews for this model and disappointing compare to the $130 version, but most reviews are from 2 - 3 years ago, so things may have changes and it appears that replacement parts are now available where before it seemed to be an issue.

We like the idea of adding music to your Christmas lights and it sounds like it would be great during a party, but after reading the reviews consider whether going wireless is worth it as you might be able to save money and put on a holiday show for less.

For more Christmas Party Games and Ideas visit Party Game Ideas

Happy Holidays,

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Martha Stewart is Ruining Christmas Parties

I love Martha Stewart and her crafts, cooking, decoration tips and her show, but Martha Stewart is ruining Christmas parties!

There I said it and here is why.

There was a time when people would host a Holiday or Christmas party, invite guests, decorate house, make finger foods and offer holiday beverages. However with Martha Stewart it just seems that the bar is raised to perfection that anything else is a failure.

1. First Martha Stewart claim is "It's Easy"
Almost everything Martha does on the show is easy or simple. Well of course it is when, you a. have a staff to prep things for you and b. don't have a house full of kids that live in the house.

2. Nature is Free and at Your Door Step
In a recent centerpiece idea, it was noted that you just need to walk outside and collect branches about this big. Well I well out to find branches and I couldn't really find any, (I guess my neighbors yard workers are very good.) Overall it took me going to two parks, being barked at by several dogs and stepping into a big puddle just to 20 sticks that would work. Yes, it was free but no fun to collect.

3. Her Finished Product Always Look Amazing
Often Martha Stewart will take a the finished product and place it on a table that is set perfectly for this item. The plates, the napkin holders and accent pieces all work, but when I placed my craft project on my table it didn't look like the picture at all.

My BIGGEST problem is after I invest all the time and effort, which recently was able 4 hours for a centerpiece project, it killed my mood, spirit and made me feel like a failure.

After doing the project and hoping for a Martha Stewart moment, ta-da "It's Beautiful" my mood and attitude  sunk because I focused so much on making it that it carried over into making the food.

I just wasn't having fun making the food and socializing in the kitchen, then I had to remind myself that the centerpiece isn't the reason for the food or the joy of Holiday Party and that Martha Stewart doesn't rule my happiness and maybe, just maybe next time...

I need to purchase a centerpiece, except that I don't have to be perfect or ask the kids or guests to make something, so I can enjoy being the Happy Hostess at my party.

Happy Holidays

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