Friday, December 7, 2012

A Dinner Dare turns into a Fun New Christmas Game Idea for Kids

Recently at a networking event, the people at my table ask what I did and I said I run a Party Games web site. Then they said you think up party games? I said yes.

Then cam e the challenge can you come up with a party game using things on this table? Well I looked around and thought, hmm and then I said lets select three items and I will have a game for you by the next meeting.

The items from that were selected for this Party Game challenge were a:
1. Dinner Plate
2. Drinking Straw
3. Paper

Well a week went by and I kind of ignored my commitment, but then I saw a straw and when I was out to eat and started thinking how could I make a party game from a these three items.

I was a little stump, by then it hit me while watching a Christmas Holiday Special. Snowflakes.

Yes Snowflakes were the key to making a Christmas party game for kids.

And then the next challenge, how do you tie the straw and plate into a party game that is both fun and challenging. So I had to basically, make paper snowflakes, grab a straw and get a dinner plate and lay them out.

Once I did that it came to me, you must use the straw to get the snowflakes on the plate. This Christmas party game seemed simple and in my mind was easy. You just blow on the snowflakes, they fly up and land on the plate. Easy!

Then I took my idea and tested it, I blew on the snowflakes and they went under the rim of the plate. I used the straw to blow under the snowflake in order and the snowflake still didn't lift the snowflake.

Kid's Christmas party Game Ideas - Snowflakes on a Plate
Hmm, so far I had Christmas party game but it I couldn't make it work and therefore it wouldn't be any fun to play. Would this challenge end in a lame game or failure?

After some careful thought and a few test runs I hit upon how you could get the snowflake up and try to land it on the plate. Plus with snowflakes fluttering in many directions, it now became interesting and silly too. The game was coming together.

The next step was to create the rules and how to play instructions for this new Christmas party game and name it. The name was easy Snowflakes on a Plate, which is the objective of the game. The rules came easy to plus we came us with variations of the game based on whether you play as an individual or as teams.

The Game is now done so Check out the game details for Snowflakes on a Plate here and let me know what you think. We even added a video on this one too, it's a little silly but it was fun to make.

So now when I go to this month's networking meeting, I can show them the party game idea they helped me create, Snowflakes on a Plate. I hope they like it because I do.

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