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5 Christmas Gift Party Games for All Ages

Christmas Gifts are often part of the party decor and social activities like gift exchanges, but they can also be party of the fun by incorporating Christmas gifts into party games.

While we do have a variety of Gift Exchange ideas, we are going to showcase holiday party games that involve Christmas gifts or at least boxes wrapped like Christmas presents.

Christmas Gift Party Games for All Ages
Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Race
This fast paced gift stacking game requires balance, speed and a good team of careful handlers as you must race to carry, stack and move gifts fro one point to another. This game is a favorite for kids but can also be hysterical for adults, especially to you place items inside a few of the gifts!. Get game details, variations and learn more about Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Race.

Unwrap the Gift Game / Pass the Parcel
This Christmas Gift game involves passing a gift and when the music or timer goes off a player gets to unwrap one layer of wrapping paper. As each round progresses, you get closer and closer to the prize inside. We have some interesting twists to this game that make the kids want to pass the gift around like a hot potato rather than to try to stall and hold onto it. Check out game details, variations and learn more about Unwrap the Gift Game.

Blind Christmas Gift Stacking 
Want a puzzle type game that is fun, challenge and frustrating? Well our Blind Christmas Gift Stacking party game might be just the party game you are looking. This Christmas game is all about communication as one team member must instruct the other team member how to properly stack the Christmas gifts in order to complete the task without that person seeing the stack of gifts. Need a Team Building exercise concerning communication, well this would fit the bill and be in the holiday spirit. We offer ideas for easy and difficult game play, so that almost all ages can play this party game. Game details for Blind Christmas Gift Stacking.

Guess How Many Christmas Gifts?
Having a corporate event where you will be handing out Christmas gifts and prizes, then Guess How Many Christmas Gifts are in the Big Box might just be the perfect holiday party game for your crowd. If your group is not into running around, playing trivia and singing, this simple party game requires little effort and often a fun result. It requires one giant box that gifts go in and then guests are asked to submit how many gifts they thing are inside. It could be 1, 22 or 202 for all they know. Check out some clever ideas for Guess How Many Christmas Gifts?

Gift Wrap Relay
Want your party guests to feel like Elves, then consider the Gift Wrap Relay where guests must race to wrap the Christmas presents nicely and very fast. It may not be a fun game for parents that have lots of presents to wrap but it should be fun for kids. We share a few ideas to make the game safe for kids. Learn more about Gift Wrap Relay.

We have a for other Christmas Gift party games plus over 50 other Christmas Party Games at Party Game Ideas.

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