Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Make Your House Decorations the Life of the Holiday Party

You've seen videos of houses that set the Christmas lights to music and it looks amazing, but how can the average person set this up so that their house is part of the Christmas Party?

Well we stumbled across 2 Options
GE Wireless Light and Sounds of Christmas which is a synchronized light and sound system.

This systems comes with 44 Christmas tracks and plays in three modes light show, unison and lights steady on. Hmm as a bonus there are some Halloween tracks to so you can use it for another holiday.

I love the idea of the music and lights but I wish it could be connect to any song you want rather than holiday songs. The set up seems easy, but we haven't seen a review. The list price is $299, but Christmas Light system is currently (Today 12/4/12) on sale for under $170 and when I was on the site there was a promotional code to get shipping for $1.99. Please note I cannot guarantee pricing, discounts or quantity available.

The other outdoor Christmas Light musical system (can work indoors too) is Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas.

Mr. Christmas offers two different products. The Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas runs around $130 plus shipping and offers a main controller and six outlets which can each handle 1,200 lights and is not wireless. It offers 20 holiday songs from which to choose from.

This model is cheaper but you'll need to string all your lights to a central for this one which could be a bit of a headache. Amazon had 44 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars, so most users are happy with their purchase.

The Mr. Christmas Wireless Christmas Light system appears to be the GE system. I checked all the specs and they match. Amazon prices ranged from $170 - $180 plus shipping. The reviews for this model and disappointing compare to the $130 version, but most reviews are from 2 - 3 years ago, so things may have changes and it appears that replacement parts are now available where before it seemed to be an issue.

We like the idea of adding music to your Christmas lights and it sounds like it would be great during a party, but after reading the reviews consider whether going wireless is worth it as you might be able to save money and put on a holiday show for less.

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