Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Shower Diaper Games

Well I am not sure want happened over the last few days but my mind was focused on baby shower diaper games.

So I made up some that I have never seen anywhere and created them.

I think the most interesting one as a shower game would be the Diaper Art Show game but the one I think that is most likely to be played is the Diaper Cake Game.

Here is the premise for the Diaper Cake Game. (a Good Ice Breaker Game)
Guests are asked to bring diapers to the baby shower. Once they have arrive the group is broken up into teams and given a brief description of how to build a diaper cake.

Then guests are given their work are and ready, set, go the diaper cake competition is on to see who can complete the cake the fastest or which team can get the most done before time runs out.

I offered several variations to this idea. I think it works as an ice breaker, couples shower game and for any shower with more than 10 quests.

Get game details and instructions for Diaper Cake Babyshower Game.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Friday, May 30, 2008

New Bachelorette Party Games are Live!

New to Party Game Ideas is the Bachelorette Party Game Section.

While I have received many requests to offer Bachelorette party ideas, I had always held off now I have taken the plunge in a big way and started with a variety of games that range from tame to a little naughty, but all good fun.

I apologize for some of the words but I felt I had to be true to name of some things, I am a little embarassed I typed some of the words but I think it is safe.

Bachelorette Games were broken up into the following sections:
General Bachelorette Party Games
Embarassing Games
Bachelorette Bar Games
and Fun with Guys Games - (good fun)

I already got some feedback and plan to offer some additional theme ideas other than the man's private part theme that seems to be the most popular. So hope to get that up in a day or two.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Baby Shower Games Posted

Party Game Ideas has just gotten biger and better as we now have over 50 Baby Shower games online and with variations more.

What is great is that now we have set up user friendly categories so you can find what you want faster based on user feedback I will be creating a master baby shower party list.

The new section has a new look and related links, but the rest of the site will be updated over time. Current Categories are:
Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games
Baby Shower Food Games
Baby Shower Diaper Games
Baby Shower Action Games
TV Themed Baby Shower Games
Couples Shower Games
And Games involving Pen & Paper

And just today I added 3 new games and have ideas for 2 more.

So if you have a baby shower coming up I invite you to check out all the do it your self and printable party games we have on my Party site.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas