Friday, May 30, 2008

New Bachelorette Party Games are Live!

New to Party Game Ideas is the Bachelorette Party Game Section.

While I have received many requests to offer Bachelorette party ideas, I had always held off now I have taken the plunge in a big way and started with a variety of games that range from tame to a little naughty, but all good fun.

I apologize for some of the words but I felt I had to be true to name of some things, I am a little embarassed I typed some of the words but I think it is safe.

Bachelorette Games were broken up into the following sections:
General Bachelorette Party Games
Embarassing Games
Bachelorette Bar Games
and Fun with Guys Games - (good fun)

I already got some feedback and plan to offer some additional theme ideas other than the man's private part theme that seems to be the most popular. So hope to get that up in a day or two.

Sarah - Party Game Ideas

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