Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emerging Halloween Costume Trends for Halloween 2010

Halloween is months away but the Halloween costume trends for this year are quickly emerging and greatly influenced by Summers biggest movies. Last year's biggest costume, Michael Jackson, may still show up for Halloween 2010 but a new bunch of costumes are ready to take there place with influences coming from movies, music, tv and movie icons and colorful entertainers.

Summer Blockbusters and ongoing movie sagas will lead the Halloween costume list this year for kid's with Toy Story characters Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jesse leading the way, Minions from Despicable Me, Shrek, Iron Man and Harry Potter favorites joining traditional costumes like Witches, Ghosts, Princesses, Pirates and Animals.

Alice in Wonderland Halloween CostumesAdult and teen costumes trends will evolve around common themes of the past few years with a few breakout costumes along the way. Twilight with it's vampire and werewolf themes, Iron Man, Michael Jackson will be back but less popular, parents are likely to select adult Toy Story, Shrek or Classic Disney costumes when the family heads out for Halloween. New costume trends this year are Avatar where you can go as Sully, Neytiri or a member of the Navi tribe, Alice in Wonderland also offers up some very cool and interesting costumes choices and our favorite is the Red Queen.

Men's Halloween CostumesMusic and Celebrity trends that we expect to be seen this Halloween, more Lady Gaga as long as she continues to release new music and interesting videos, characters from TV's Glee make for a great Halloween idea for groups that can sing, Betty White costumes and The Golden Girls make for popular do it yourself costumes, Kiss costumes continue to trend higher so expect to see more of them this Halloween.

Reality TV Show Trends - I hate to say it but dressing like the Jersey Shore crew will be popular. The question is will there be enough hair gel and fake tans to go around? Cover your costume in pets and you are an Animal Hoarder, cover yourself in trash and you can be on Hoarders, if you tend to be angry go as Gordon Ramsey of Hell's Kitchen, yes the options are endless!

As we get closer to Halloween, we will keep you informed about Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations and Halloween party games!

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
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