Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Ideas to Improve Your Holiday Party

Is your Holiday Party stuck on repeat?

We'll here are 12 ideas to Shake Up your Holiday Party!

1. Beverage Tasting Holiday Party
Skip the White Elephant Party and ask each guest to bring a unique beer or wine to the holiday party. Once most of the guests arrive, let each guest introduce why they selected their beer or wine, then label each beverage with a number. Then give each guest a slip of paper and ask them to write down their favorite beer or wine by the end of the night and place in the box. And that person wins - A Prize, Prestige or all the left over beer.

2. Charity Wish Party
Be social, be merry and be giving. Instead of spending money on a gift ask guests to do to things; a. Place the amount they would spend in the jar or container, b. Submit a charity they would like the money to be donated. This type of party is a great way to spread joy during the holiday season.

3. Dress as....
Fill in the Blank... Ask guest to Dress as Elves, Santa, Reindeer or their favorite Holiday Cartoon Character.

4. Feeling Lucky Christmas Party
Yes, this is the Scratch off Lotto themed party, where you ask guests to purchase a specific dollar amount of lottery scratch off tickets and each set is placed into the gift pile. Then randomly determine who gets to go first, scratch and see if they got lucky or not! Play until everyone has scratched away.

5. Random Acts of Kindness Party
Want to through people off their game and send guests off on scavenger type adventure. This works best if you live in town and don't have to drive. Ask everyone to have $10 for a New Holiday Tradition. Then once all the guests arrive, you divide them into teams of 3 - 6 people (or at least 3 - 5 teams and you'll want a smart phone for each team) and let them know that the $10 dollars they have must be used to record a random act of kindness for a stranger.

Estimate about 10 minutes per random act, an hour is usually enough time to complete the mission. However, teams cannot repeat random acts, only one member per team can do a type of act. Ask guests to take pictures and when they return share the stories.

6. Make is a Murder Mystery Holiday Party
Different and Fun it is sure to be fun for guests. We pulled together a few of our favorite Holiday Murder Mystery parties here.

7. Caroling Christmas Party
There was a time we all had to get on stage and sing Christmas carols and some of us even ventured around town Caroling. Well add bring it back with with caroling trivia, sing-a-longs, karaoke or what is the next line of this Christmas carol game.

8. Crazy Scarf Party
Tired of the Ugly Sweater ideas well change it up and ask guests to wear a Crazy Scarf or one of those hats that look like animals and objects instead.

9. Holiday Ornament Making Party or Exchange
Ask guests to bring a ornament for an exchange or create an ornament making table that includes all the basics. Here is a site with lots of Christmas Ornaments and here is a dough ornament recipe which is fun for kids.

10. Cookie Exchange Party
If you haven't had one it is well worth it as you get to sample and share great tasting cookies. Tips on how to get started. How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party.

11. PJ Holiday Party
This may not be right for the office crowd but is a fun Holiday twist this is the party to through. And to keep in the holiday spirit we encourage a reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas during your party.

12. Change up your Gift Exchange
Throw in a Group Hobby, Trivia or to Change things up we offer several gift exchange ideas that help you make your event unique and just right for your group.

The year change things up and try something different for you Holiday party, who knows you may start a wonderful tradition that you'll enjoy for many years to come.

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