Friday, November 20, 2015

New Christmas Bingo Games in 12 , 25 and 40 packs

Party Game ideas is excited to announce our newest products Christmas Bingo Games!

We were looking for something unique, fun and available in various sizes and we just could not find it. So we decided to hire a graphic artist to make our own holiday images, create unique game frames and create fun Holiday Bingo cards that are fun and interesting.

Here is what we came up with:
Christmas Bingo 4x4 Row Image Bingo

This Holiday Bingo game is perfect for young kids as you only have to match four across or four down to win.

The holiday images are colorful and perfect for after school activities, pre-k, family and neighborhood gatherings and more. There are 40 holiday images and so the cards don't look all the same.

We also went ahead and made a traditional bingo card too.
Christmas Bingo Cards

We worked hard to make these Holiday Bingo games colorful and visually interesting for all ages our 4x4 bingo cards have a gingerbread house design which kids love and our 5x5 bingo games has a more refined look that is very nice.

The best part is that these Christmas Bingo games are fun and allow family and friends to come together and share time together during the holidays.

 You'll find each of our Christmas Bingo Games come in 12, 25 and 40 packs so you can choose the one that matches your holiday event.

Visit our web site to purchase our Christmas Bingo Games

Happy Holidays,

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Disney Descendants - Tween Halloween Costume Trend

What is the current tween trend? Well it appears to be Disney's Descendants.

Until two weeks ago I had no idea what Descendants was until my friends daughter said her favorite song was from so and so from Descendants. I was like from who? where? what?

Like Hanna Montana, Frozen and Monster High, Descendants is the new it show / product to capture the tween market and with a new show / movie coming out October 3rd, Punk, Preppy, Proper Night is poised to be on the Halloween costume wish list for many girls this year.

So who or what are the Descendants?

The Descendants are the sons and daughters of the famous Disney Princesses characters, including Audrey daughter of Sleeping Beauty, Mal daughter of Maleficent, Evie daughter of the Evil Queen, Ben son of Belle & Beast, Carlos son of Cruella De Vil and there are more.

Each character has some of the traits of their parents but sometimes do things differently. It seems to be very well put together and has been quite successful.

Right now Disney's Descendants costumes in high demand and you must pre-order them if you want them. We suggest doing this prior to the Oct. 3rd show.

Here is what we have found for Disney Descendants costumes:

Various Disney Descendants costumes for Pre-Order and some in Stock.
They have Lonnie Coronation Costume as seen below

Disney's Descendants: Girls Deluxe Lonnie Coronation Costume

Disney's Descendants Audrey Coronation Costume, see below
Disney's Descendants: Deluxe Audrey Coronation Costume For Girls

Spirit Halloween
Only had a handful of Disney Descendants costume items at the time of this post including a Evie T-Shirt, Mal wig and socks! However, they may get more items in.

Disney Store
Again limited stock and we only found the Mal Wig in Stock and few other items were available.
Mal Wig for Kids by Disguise - Descendants - Purple

 After hitting the main Costume Stores and Disney we were starting to wonder are there any Disney Descendant costumes out there?

The answer is Yes, but it is getting harder to find them.

Which means that the most popular place to find them are on
We are finding pretty much all of the Disney Decendants Costumes here on Ebay including Mal, Evie (the two most popular costumes) and the others. Ebay had the largest selection of anyone but you will pay more for the costumes.

where we found the popular Descendant Mal and Evie costumes still in stock.
Prices varied but the selection was pretty good.
Below Disney Descendants Mal Costume

As with any tween fad they come on strong and are the must have items for a season or two. If the series maintains it's popularity it could last a few year, the concept is unique but with any tv show involving real actors you grow up and then out of the series.

Have fun with this year's Halloween Costume must have for the tween age group as it sure seems to be very popular.

Happy Halloween
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Favorite New Animated Halloween Props for 2015

Halloween is fast approaching and is just 7 weekends away! Our local Halloween Horror Night in Orlando is set to start this weekend and that got me thinking about how much I love Halloween and all of the props.

So I went to several Halloween stores to check out the latest Halloween props and here are some of my favorites. I wish I had the freedom to set the stage to scare people with these but that is the limitation of city living.

Anyways here are a few I found to be unique and creeping.

Creepy Rising Animated Doll
This Annabell like doll seems innocent enough, because innocent looking dolls have cracked heads and their eyes light up. Then her pleasant conversation turns creepy as her voice changes from a child like to a demons. Oh the fun you'll have watch kids get scared on the front porch!

Learn more about this Rising Animated Doll

Cerberus 3 Headed Dog
Picture a dark foggy hallway and a friend says something about being scared when these three hounds from hell light up and start barking and protecting their turf. Add some body parts or extra mirrors to make the lights and scene more intense.
 Get more details on Cerberus 3 Headed Dog

Burnt Smoldering Zombie
The Walking Dead continues to inspire zombie decorations and props. This smoldering zombie lurches around trying to grab hold of fresh flesh from your guests. This zombie is perfect for zombie themes of all kinds!

Get more details on Burnt Smoldering Zombie

Screaming Twitching Banshee
Everyone loves a good scream and this Banshee does not disappoint with a blood curtailing scream and a body that shakes out of control that trick or treaters of all ages might not dare come knocking at your door as it could be their last stop of the evening.

Learn more about the Twitching Banshee

Crawling Zombie
Planning a graveyard scene in your front yard complete with tombstones, then you'll want this crawling zombie, Crawling Cathy, who appears to be escaping from the grave.
Crawling Zombie Cathy
Learn more about this Crawling Zombie.

Animated Ghost Writing Book
Looking for something that might be overlooked and also catch guests off guard, well this Ghost Writing Book is unique and is perfect for Halloween murder mysteries, scary displays or just leaving it on a desk to be discovered.
Ghost Writing Book
Learn more about the Ghost Writing Book

These are some of our favorite animated props we've spotted this year and will be on the lookout more exciting Halloween decorations and costumes.

In the meantime you can check out our favorite online Halloween Haunts to see more decorations, animated props and Halloween costumes for the entire family.

Get 20% Off Any Single Item at Spirit Halloween!
Use code: 20FORU2015. Limited time offer - Shop now!

15% off, no minimum at BuyCostumes! Offer ends 11/1/2015

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Costume Trends for Halloween 2013

It may be in the midst of summer, but with school starting in some places, football season around the corner, that can only mean Halloween is soon to follow. So as the sun sets earlier and trips to the pool decrease, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween Costumes for 2013.

Movies tend to be the big trendsetter for Halloween costumes, especially summer blockbusters, and this year is no exception.

Despicable Me Minion Jorge Child CostumeDespicable Me 2Despicable Me 2, this summer's most popular animated movie, was all over the place this summer and so were the Minions. From cereal boxes to fast food toys, these little yellow characters not only act silly and pull pranks on each other but they are fun and make you laugh. While Felonious, Agnes, Edith, Margo and Gru are great characters for family costumes, expect gangs of Minions of all ages to be knocking at your door.

Other animated films that will impact the under 10 crowd are Mike and Sulley of Monster's University, good and bad Smurfs including Smurfette from Smurfs 2 and we expect to little guys that liked Cars to consider Planes costumes.

Super Heroes
It isn't Summer without a Super Hero movie but with Iron Man having been around for 3 movies, Superman although the movie wasn't as popular as popular offers a new and fresh costume for Halloween. While Avengers, Thor and Batman costumes will still be popular, the only fresh take we have seen is the Retro Batman, Robin and Batgirl suits from the 60's TV show.

Duck Dynasty Si Adult Mens CostumeDuck Dynasty
You've seen them on tv and now you can be them for Halloween! The Duck Dynasty crew has licensed Halloween costumes and all you need to do is add a duck call, a country twang and lines from the show and you'll be ready an entertaining Halloween.

Available Duck Dynasty costumes are Si and Willie plus they also have accessories including the Beard and Bandana.

Another TV influence could be Sharknado
Sharknado is the campy Shark attack movie that could influence some early Halloween parties by asking guests to come as their favorite Shark or Sharknado victim. While an odd theme, it could increase interest for Shark costumes this year.

Music Influences Lacking So Far...
In the past few years music has been has been a big influence of Halloween costumes. Think Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. However this year has been lacking for break through iconic artists with unique looks that inspire costumes. You might be seeing a few Mackelmores in Thrift Shop getups (aka hipsters) walking down the street and Lady Gaga's Artpop cover which looks like The Joker from Batman on some faces, but don't expect a musical trend as of right now.

If none of these Halloween costume trends catch your eye, no worries new trends and ideas will emerge as we head into fall and before you know it Halloween will be here.

To check out all this season's Halloween costumes visit

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Easy Last Minute Super Bowl Balloon Decorations

The Super Bowl is just a few hours away need some quick decorations that the kids can help with?

These Super Bowl balloon decorations took me took me about 20 minutes.

Step 1 - Find Team or Super Bowl Logos and copy to word document
Step 2 - Resize so you get 3 or 4 logos per sheet and print out several pages
Step 3 - Cut out - I used an exacto knife, but you can also use scirrors
Step 4 - Blow up Team color balloons or generic colors like black or white
Step 5 - Tape Balloons around the room to decorate
Step 6 - Then Attach Logos to Balloons with tape or glue stick.

This is easy and fast and if you have kids it allows them to help out without being in the way.

Have a great Super Bowl Party and if you need Super Bowl party games or activities to go with your event be sure to visit Party Game Ideas Super Bowl games on our site.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebrate with Your Own Mardi Gras Party!

Mardi Gras is just three weeks away and if you are one who celebrates Mardi Gras now is the time to get planning for the big event.

While most people want to celebrate Mardi Gras on "Fat Tuesday," it poses a problem as many of us have to work on Wednesday. The solution is host your Mardi Gras event on Saturday, February the 9th, which is basically a week and half away.

We've got ideas to help you put together your Mardi Gras event.

1. First Determine Just How Mardi Gras will your party be?
Beads, Masks, Costumes? Do guests need to dress for the event or will you have all the accessories there? Will this be a dinner event or snacks and drinking?

2. Invite - Once you nail down your Mardi Gras party, spread the word via Facebook invites, evites, or emails should do the trick and ask for an rsvp so you can plan.

3. Mardi Gras Food 
Bring the taste of New Orleans to your party with Gumbo, a Crawfish Boil or Jambalaya, then balance with other party snacks. Drinks can include Hurricanes, specialty mixed drinks and beer.

4. Party Decorations
You can go all out with giant sized masks, scene setters and even make a decorative float but I find it easy to decorate with purple, green and gold balloon, streamers and beads. By grouping colorful balloon around you can brighten up corners and make your room seem more festive. We showcase a variety of Mardi Gras parties supplies on our page where you can find balloon, tableware, photo props and more.

5. Dress the Part 
As the Host or Hostess of a Mardi Gras party be sure to dress the part. Choose a festive Mardi Grass hat, vest, shoes or dress to welcome guests to your party, then have plenty of masks to provide intrigue. We have a variety of Mardi Gras masks and outfits and accessories for the occasion.

6. Beads, Beads, Beads
It's not a Mardi Gras party without beads, so pick up colorful Mardi Gras beads and either other them to guests when they come in, have guests do tasks to win them or plan for a bead toss at some point during the middle of your party. Beads come in all shapes and sizes, so we recommend getting a lot of basic beads but then be sure to have some unique beads that will act as conversation starters for your guests. Plus people always enjoy getting creative beads during the party and showing them off.

7. Mardi Gras Party Activities
There are to many Mardi Gras games but we have a few easy ideas. Do a Mardi Gras scavenger hurt and have guest search for beads, floats or various Mardi Gras items at your house or in the neighborhood (if you have placed them there. Set up a simple bead toss game that helps determine your mask or to win Mardi Gras accessories. We have various Mardi Gras trivia games on the site. Want something more to do host a murder mystery party at your party. Last idea if you have cardboard boxes and lots of decorations, streamers, paints, colorful paper and creative people consider a having teams create Mardi Gras floats, this would take a lot of prep time but you could group guests into teams and then after 30 - 45 minutes of building host your own your own Mardi Gras parade.

No matter whether your are hosting a small or large Mardi Gras party, these tips and ideas can help make your event special and your own. We wish you a safe and successful Mardi Gras!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Tasty Super Bowl Party Dips for the Big Game

Next to the game, the Super Bowl is a time to set the bar for party dips and even set the stage for emerging party dip trends!

I know it is hard to believe, but Buffalo Chicken Dip didn't exist 15 years ago and it was at Super Bowl parties where these dips went "viral" to become party regulars!

Want to test a new party dip for the Super Bowl, see what is popular or just get the recipe for party dips. Well we've pulled together the top online resources to help you do that.

Super Bowl Dips
From major food companies to stay at home mom recipes we have a mix to match many tastes. Want to put a foodie spin on your Super Bowl dip this year, then consider a dip with crab, seafood, hot spices, or jambalaya to the mix. Our advice if you are doing something new is make it first and taste it, before you make it on a large scale.

a. Velveeta and Rotel (diced tomatoes & chilies) offer very cheesy dips at
This dip takes less than 5 minutes and they also have Cheesy Spinach bacon Dip, nacho ideas and more.

b. Nabisco offers a website where they offer items that go with Ritz crackers, Triscuits and Wheat Thins. We found the Game Day Grub section (4th section on the page) to offer the best ideas including: Bacon-Guacamole Dip, Cheesy Sausage Dip and Warm Reuben Spread - These take longer but look yummy.

c. Frito Lay who makes Lay's Potato Chips and Tostitos offer some great ideas too including
Garden Veggie Salsa, Avocado & Lime Black Bean Salsa, Salsa & Bacon Dip, and the offer a tasty Nine Layer Dip recipe too. It sounds so good. And gluten free recipes too at Frito Lay recipes.

d. Buffalo Chicken Dip has become a Super Bowl Staple.
If you haven't tried buffalo chicken dip then I suggest you add it to your game day today list and enjoy one of my favorite dips. Franks Red Hot offer the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip.

e. Campbell's also has great dip recipes at Campbell's Kitchen
Some of the more interesting party dips and a few non-cheese include Queso Style Bean Dip, Spicy Avocado Dip, Garden Vegetable Spread and Hot Crab Salsa Dip

f. Hummus Dip
Want a healthier dip for the Super Bowl that only takes 10 minutes? We found it 10 minute hummus dip!, we found three hummus dips for you.

g. Hot Pizza Dip 
If you aren't ordering pizza for the big game then consider this dip as a tempting substitute. A crowd pleaser that likely won't last until kickoff.

h. Spinach Dips
Spinach dips can be served chilled with bread or heated to eat with nachos. So tasty and delicious we had to include several recipes. Spinach Dip - cool (ready in 4 hrs, Spinach Dip - cool ready in 15 minutes, Spinach Dip - heated, Spicy Artichoke and Spinach Dip, Artichoke & Spinach Dip

If you are not sure what party dip to make for the Super Bowl, we suggest that you go with something simple and easy first and if you want to test something new consider making a small batch and see what people think.

Have a great Super Bowl Party and if you need a Super Bowl party games or activities to go with your event be sure to visit Party Game Ideas Super Bowl games on our site.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Super Bowl Party Tips for Success

The Super Bowl is just over a week away but if you are hosting a Super Bowl Party now is the time to get ready. Here are a few Super Bowl party tips to help you prepare for Super Bowl Sunday.

1. Make sure your invites are out and you have an idea of whether you expect 10, 20 or 30 people for the Super Bowl.

2. Multiple TVs - With large Super Bowl parties of 20 or more guests not everyone may fit in one room, however squeezing everyone in is sometimes part of the fun. Solution: Have two or three tvs ready to go so guests can watch in comfort and these work great just in case young children would rather watch something else.

3. Plan Food and Beverage Responsibilities
Let guests know if you are supplying the food, drinks or if they are expected to bring something. In many cases, I've found that the host makes a few key items like wings, chili or burgers and they ask friends to bring  side items and snacks to be shared. The same goes with drinks, the host gets beer and / or mixers and then if guests want a special drink they can bring it themselves.

If you have a last minute Super Bowl Party, no worries, you can always order pizza, wings and ask guests to byob.

4. Party Supplies and Decorations
If you are a fan of the Football and the Super Bowl but not of the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers, then go with Super Bowl or generic football decorations for your event. Check out our Super Bowl Party Supplies.

If you are fans of Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers, you can pick up some cool team specific partyware for both teams but it is selling fast. 49er party packs, balloons, fathead wall stickers and more. For the Baltimore Ravens we have Ravens party packs, giant helmet stickers and balloons plus team Super Bowl apparel.

Crafty Decoration Idea: If key items like balloons and other accent pieces sell out, consider printing out images of the team logo on your printer, cutting out the image and using tape to apply it balloons, serving bowls and other accents. Just a few here and there can add a festive touch to your party.

5. Super Bowl Games 
While the Super Bowl game is the big event, you may want a few games and activities prior to the game. One of the most popular Super Game activities is called Super Bowl Squares where guests randomly select squares from a 10 by 10 grid for a set dollar amount and then during the game winners are chosen depending on the score at the end of each quarter. Get the details on Super Bowl Squares here.

We offer a few other ideas including Super Bowl Challenge Game where you see if your guests know who has won every Super Bowl, Super Bowl trivia games that are based on the Super Bowl and even Super Bowl commercials and a few other ideas to keep guests active during the 6 hour pre-game show!

The Super Bowl comes once a year and with just a little planning now you can be ready to host a successful party. I would recommend you plan your menu before Sunday, so you can look for deal and get coupons in Sundays paper and shop for basics early in the week because items will sell out.

Good luck , have fun and be safe.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Do You Say Merry Christmas? A Fun Trivia Game on How the World Says Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel all say the same thing but in different languages.

This Christmas Trivia Game is like taking a trip around the world and sharing the spirit of the holidays with everyone.

Merry Christmas Around The WorldWhen I was reviewing Merry Christmas Around the World, I was able to get about one third of the answers before I became stumped and had to start thinking which Merry Christmas went where. For me that is a sign of a good trivia game, when you get enough to get started and then are challenged to figure out what goes where.

I can tell you this, I did not score a 100% on Merry Christmas Around the World, but it was fun even though I got 4 answers wrong.

This Merry Christmas party game is good for Language Classes, Groups that do International Foreign Student Exchanges, Church Groups, Teen Sunday School Classes and anyone who enjoys a challenge. A nice little extra is that you can Personalize these game for your group, party or holiday event.

Plus this party game is so unique that it should be a challenge for your Christmas trivia experts and enjoyable as you score the results and pronounce the answers.

My only disappointment with Merry Christmas Around the World is that there should be a pronunciation key so when you reveal the answers you know how to pronounce them correctly.

Merry Christmas Around the World is a printable game you purchase and print out from your computer. You can purchase just this game or get the entire Christmas Game Collection that includes 70 other games the range from Winter, Christmas, Christian Christmas and New Years party games so you have fun activities for the entire winter break.

For even more Christmas Games including Do It Yourself Games and Gift Exchange Ideas visit Party Game Ideas.

Happy Holidays,

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Have $5? We've Got Your Christmas Party Game Solved

What can $5 get you these days? Coffee, a newspaper and a donut.

But $5 can also get you, a Christmas Party Game that can have groups of friends, family members and co-workers working together, laughing and having fun for 30 minutes to an hour of more!

It may sound like a story from Christmas past but it's not, it's Christmas Jeopardy!

Christmas JeopardyThis Christmas Jeopardy game will get everyone involved as you and your groups try to answer Holiday Trivia questions in order to Win.

There are a variety of Christmas Categories and 25 questions per sheet and with each question taking a minute (you can reduce it to 30 seconds to speed things up) an average game can run 15 - 30 minutes and with 6 different boards that can be an hour or more of Christmas party fun.

Reason we like Christmas Jeopardy
- Small groups can enjoy by playing as individuals
- Large Groups of co-workers and families can play as teams
- Play like real Jeopardy and Keep Track of the Score
- Play with the goal of getting 5 in a row
- 6 Different Boards so you can play lots of rounds
- Personalize this Game for your Party or Group
- Competitive Game so guys enjoy playing it
- For a Limited Time - It's $5

Not sure why but we keep coming back to the fact it is just $5.
Here is how to get and personalize your Christmas Jeopardy game.

So if you still don't know what to do at your business holiday lunch or your holiday dinner party with your best friends or just want to have a party game so the guys can be competitive; Christmas Jeopardy is the perfect fit.

And you get all this for only $5.

Please note this is a limited time offer that runs through December 31, 2012.
Printable Christmas Jeopardy was noted in Top 5 Printable Christmas Party Games and Christmas 20 Questions. Holiday Trivia Games for the Office Party also supplies party game ideas for groups.

For even more Christmas Party Games and Ideas including Do It Yourself Games and Gift Exchanges visit Party Game Ideas.

Happy Holidays,

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