Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Favorite New Animated Halloween Props for 2015

Halloween is fast approaching and is just 7 weekends away! Our local Halloween Horror Night in Orlando is set to start this weekend and that got me thinking about how much I love Halloween and all of the props.

So I went to several Halloween stores to check out the latest Halloween props and here are some of my favorites. I wish I had the freedom to set the stage to scare people with these but that is the limitation of city living.

Anyways here are a few I found to be unique and creeping.

Creepy Rising Animated Doll
This Annabell like doll seems innocent enough, because innocent looking dolls have cracked heads and their eyes light up. Then her pleasant conversation turns creepy as her voice changes from a child like to a demons. Oh the fun you'll have watch kids get scared on the front porch!

Learn more about this Rising Animated Doll

Cerberus 3 Headed Dog
Picture a dark foggy hallway and a friend says something about being scared when these three hounds from hell light up and start barking and protecting their turf. Add some body parts or extra mirrors to make the lights and scene more intense.
 Get more details on Cerberus 3 Headed Dog

Burnt Smoldering Zombie
The Walking Dead continues to inspire zombie decorations and props. This smoldering zombie lurches around trying to grab hold of fresh flesh from your guests. This zombie is perfect for zombie themes of all kinds!

Get more details on Burnt Smoldering Zombie

Screaming Twitching Banshee
Everyone loves a good scream and this Banshee does not disappoint with a blood curtailing scream and a body that shakes out of control that trick or treaters of all ages might not dare come knocking at your door as it could be their last stop of the evening.

Learn more about the Twitching Banshee

Crawling Zombie
Planning a graveyard scene in your front yard complete with tombstones, then you'll want this crawling zombie, Crawling Cathy, who appears to be escaping from the grave.
Crawling Zombie Cathy
Learn more about this Crawling Zombie.

Animated Ghost Writing Book
Looking for something that might be overlooked and also catch guests off guard, well this Ghost Writing Book is unique and is perfect for Halloween murder mysteries, scary displays or just leaving it on a desk to be discovered.
Ghost Writing Book
Learn more about the Ghost Writing Book

These are some of our favorite animated props we've spotted this year and will be on the lookout more exciting Halloween decorations and costumes.

In the meantime you can check out our favorite online Halloween Haunts to see more decorations, animated props and Halloween costumes for the entire family.

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