Friday, October 30, 2009

Easy Halloween Costumes that Take Less than 30 minutes

So the party is in 2 hours or less and you still don't have a costume!

Well you can panic or make one of these fast and or thought provoking Halloween costumes.

1. Hobo
Get some flannel, a stick and tie a bandanna with filler around the end. The key is to look a mess and broke. That is easy for most of us these days.

2. Quarterback
Word play costume. Take cardboard and cut out a circle, draw the front of a quarter on it - do the back if you have time. Tie a string through it hang around neck with the quarter on your back. If there is time, spray paint silver.

3. Couples Switch Clothes
If they fit - He wears her clothes and she wears his.

4. Static Cling
Pin socks, underwear, bras, etc., to your clothes and dress up as the dreaded "static cling."

5. 60's, 70's, 80's
Do you already have a themed decade party costume? If this group has not seen it, bring it out again and recycle it.

6. Smartie Pants
Wear regular clothes, attach Smarties wrapped candies with safety pins to pants and you can be a "Smartie Pants"

Basically, look for a theme or past fad to play off of, you can be a cowboy, tool guy, tv personality, sports professional, etc... Just look around the house and be creative.

Here for more Halloween costume word plays.
And here for Halloween party games

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5 Last Minute Halloween Games You Can Set Up in 15 Minutes or Less

Your Halloween Party could be today, tomorrow or less than 1 hour away.

Here are 5 Last Minute Games that take less than 20 minutes to set up to play and you will look like a hero.

1. Halloween Bingo, Halloween Charades, Halloween Trivia, More!
I know you are thinking I don't have time for that. Wrong! With printable Halloween games you can easily purchase 1, 2 or the Halloween Party Pack and print out the games.
Set Up Time: 15 minutes or less
Cost: Under $7 for one game, Under $20 for the 50 Game Party Pack

2. Halloween Corners
Basically, you need 4 graphics of Halloween items, 4 corners and music.
Set Up Time: 10 - 15 minutes
Cost: $0 to $10

3. Mummy Wrap
Use toilet paper to wrap up guests, need extra toilet paper on hand. Check out site for game variations that include a relay option.
Set Up Time: 10 minutes
Cost: $5 - $20

4. Spooky Sounds Story Game
This noise making game is fun for all age events. Just follow the link for details.
Set Up Time: 5 minutes
Cost: $0

5. Create a Haunted Story - Improv Game for All Ages
You or guests can come up with a person, place and start a progressive Halloween story. Have 3 - 5 starter ideas to get things going. We suggest you play 3 to 5 times, because the first time most people are not relaxed enough.
Set Up Time: Under 10 minutes
Cost: $0

Visit our site for over 50 more Halloween Games

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh No! Rain Forecast for Halloween - Move the Fun Inside

Halloween is just 2 days away and the forecast for parts of the Southeast, Ohio Valley and other areas call for rain, while Florida is expecting temperatures in the near 90.

We are sorry if you had outdoor plans, but the good news is that you can still have a successful Halloween event indoors.

The key is to have a variety of activities or games to keep the kids or teens busy.
You can play Mummy Wrap, Halloween Corners, Gross Food Guess, Scary Story Telling and over 50 other Halloween games.

One solution is this printable Halloween game pack.

- Have games in minutes
- Huge variety you can pick and choose games and print
- Check out the variety of Halloween games
Active games like Halloween Charades & Halloween Pictionary, Pin the Tail on the Cat, Witch Hunt, Halloween Bingo
Word Games like Halloween Crosswords, Word Scramble, Secret Message
Games involving challenges including Trivia, Finish Phrases, Picture Puzzles and More

We like this idea because you get games and activities for Halloween but also Thanksgiving, so your kids will have things to do for weeks.

This Halloween don't let rain and high temperatures dampen your Halloween spirit. Just get creative and make it the best Halloween ever!

Want more Halloween fun?
Check out our Halloween Games by Age Page
And Christmas Party Games for upcoming Holidays

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make Your Gross Halloween Story Telling a Haunting Success

Want to make your Halloween story gross and disgusting?

Well we have Halloween stories and food items you can use to represent body parts and gross objects. All you need to do is plan ahead for a successful event.

In most cases, scary items appear less scary when you know what they are so if you have kids don’t let them know what you are up too. And consider getting a sack of potatoes and placing it in a burlap sack with the words City Morgue on it just to keep things interesting.

The first trick to making gross and disgusting food more gross is changing how the food will feel. So in order to change the texture do the following:
- Soak in water
- Spray or add oil
- Soil with sand / dirt
- Dry an item
- Microwave for a few seconds to distort

Some popular items that can be used as body parts include:
Brains - Wet sponge, boiled cauliflower
Intestines – Spaghetti, lasagna noodles, row of marshmallows strung together using a needle and then soak in or spray with water to get them slick and a little tacky.
Eyes – Peeled grapes, Olives
Hair – Corn Silk, Oiled Fur
This page has more food for scary Halloween stories

Temperature is another way to add to your gruesome tale, so if it was a dark cold night then store the food in the refrigerator to give it an extra chill or mix it up and keep some warm (but not hot) like a heart, some room temperature and others chilled.

Once you have all your items ready to go for you party, there are 4 more steps to a successful gross Halloween story event.

1. Label or mark the bags so they are in the proper order
2. Have an assistant hand you each bag, so you can focus on reading. This should be another adult.
3. Do a test run with a flashlight and a dark room. Can you read the story and make sure the room is dark enough?
4. Have a good Halloween story to read

You can make up or adjust an existing Halloween story; we have two Halloween gross food stories on the site.

My Dear Lamented Friend and The Miserly Man.

Both suggest items for passing around and note when you pass them. So check them out and plan for a Haunting Halloween event.

Want more Halloween fun?
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Party Game Ideas offers over 400 party games for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and holidays so check us out for all your party games.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Mummy Wrap Variations on a Kids Classic Halloween Game

Most people have heard or played Mummy Wrap at some point in your life, the game where you take toilet paper and wrap it around another person until they look like a Mummy.

While we offer over 60 Halloween games at Party Game Ideas, sometimes the best party games are the classics games we all know played with small modifications.

Plus Mummy Wrap is so simple that almost any age can play. For kids it is a fun and fast game and for adults it is silly, embarrassing and a gret photo opportunity!

How to play Mummy Wrap:
1. The basic concept for Mummy Wrap is simple get cheap toilet paper, have the kids divide up into teams of 2, 3 or 4, have one person be the mummy and the others must wrap the mummy with the toilet paper.

First team to use all their toilet paper to wrap the Mummy from head to toe wins.

2. Keep the same concept and increase difficulty
Blindfolded Mummy Wrap
- For teams of two, the person wrapping the Mummy is blindfolded and the first team to wrap the Mummy from head to toe wins.
- For teams of 3 and up, where there are several wrappers. Each person is given 30 blindfolded and given 30, 45 or 60 seconds to wrap as much as the mummy as possible. When the timer goes off they must put done the toilet paper, remove their blindfold, pass it to the next child and then that person has “x” seconds to wrap as much as possible. This continues until the toilet paper is gone and the Mummy is wrapped from head to toe.

3. Now Teams, A Relay and Tasks
Mummy Wrap Relay
This Mummy Wrap game involves teams of 3 or more.
The first Mummy is wrap by the other team members and once the Mummy is wrapped must walk from where they were wrapped to a stool or table 15 – 20 feet away and then pick up another roll of toilet paper and return to the wrap area.

Once they return, their team members must unwrap (not rip off!) the toilet paper without ripping it. (If they rip it add a large penalty to their time. Like 5 minutes)

Depending on how many team members there are, while the first Mummy is being unwrapped, other team member can begin on wrapping the next mummy.

If there are only three players, you must unwrap the first mummy and then start wrapping the second mummy with the new roll of toilet paper.

Once the second Mummy is wrapped they must walk to chair or table (go around it) and return where they will be unwrapped and another team member wrapped.

However this time the toilet paper used is from the first wrapping so depending on how well they re-wrapped the toilet paper this could be a difficult task.

Continue until each member of the team has gone.

To end the game the last Mummy from the team needs to get wrap, walk to the chair and return to the wrap area to complete the game. First team to do this wins.

What is best about Mummy Wrap is that it is an easy game to play and prep time is just a few minutes so you can plan ahead a few days or minutes before the party.

One Important Mummy Wrap Rule
Make sure you don't use all the tiolet paper! Else your guests will be very, very upset with you.

Want more Halloween fun?
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Party Game Ideas offers over 400 party games for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and holidays so check us out for all your party games.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Easy & Fun Office Halloween Games and Activities

In charge of planning the company Halloween Party or event later this week and want to do something fun?

Well don’t stress here are some easy and fast Halloween games and activities.

Halloween trivia games – choose one or a bunch of printable Halloween trivia games and word play challenges that you can print right from the computer. Or we have ideas on how you can come up with you own Halloween trivia games here and we offer ideas to get you started.

If you are inviting families to bring the kids have a costume contest or some simple games for the little kids like Witch’s Hat Toss, Pumpkin Toss or Witch Hunt. These are simple and fun ways to entertain the kids and keep them busy too.

If your office has older kids visiting you might want to get the printable Halloween games and activity pack so that they can stay busy with word scrambles, challenges, Halloween Bingo and a variety of activities. Plus if you purchase one of the variety packs you can have activities for Thanksgiving.

Another fun activity for offices that have guests and workers of all ages is to play a campfire style Halloween game and read a spooky story where groups each have a unique sound to make when a word is said. This is a simple and fun way liven up the office and share the Halloween spirit.

For more Halloween office game ideas and activities.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's in the Halloween Box? A Game That Tests Your Senses

If you have seen Paranormal Activity then you know that not knowing what something is can be scary.

Well for this Halloween game, kids are left in the dark as to What is in the Halloween Box? but have a minute to figure it out.

Parents of young kids can add fun and silly items, while parents of older kids might choose to add a fake dead rat or a finger or squishy eyeballs. Either way this is an entertain game that tests your kids sense of touch and scary them a little too!

Get details on the game, What's in the Halloween Box? and check out more than 60 Halloween game ideas at Party Game Ideas.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Pumpkin Math A Fun Halloween Challenge

Halloween is coming up soon, but you can still keep your students attention by adding themes and challenges to your classroom.

Pumpkin Math is a seasonal game that involves math questions and using pumpkins to solve the equation. You can play as individuals, teams or as a class and score points to determine other Halloween activities.

We hope Pumpkin Math helps make your classroom a little more fun. If you need additional ideas check out our printable Halloween games and activities too.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Classroom Games and Activities

Looking for Halloween classroom games and activities?

Well Party Game Ideas has a variety of games that can be adapted for the classroom including Eyeball Bounce, Pumpkin Relay, Mummy Wrap, Pass the Pumpkins and we also have printable Halloween games that include Halloween word scrambles, Halloween charades and bingo too!

With the printable games you can have lots of options and they can print right off your computer and with the value pack you can get over 40 Halloween games for less than the price of three games.

So if you need to keep a bunch of witches, ghouls and goblins busy check out all of our printable Halloween games and do it yourself games for your classroom.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

5 Halloween Games Perfect and Even Gross Enough for Teens

Looking for a different Halloween party game for teenagers well, we have taken some time to come up with some unique and different twists that might work for that teen or high school Halloween party.

Basically we tried to creative something fun, active, cool and in some cases gross and while we don’t have a gigantic list of games we came up with a few unique Halloween games that appeal to different groups.

Pumpkin Hunt – Outdoor hunt for pumpkins
Capture the Pumpkins – Teams battle to find pumpkins and return them to base before stolen
Halloween Trick or Treat Fear Factor – Gross and yummy food are involve in this stomach turning game of food.
Murder Mystery – Creative types might like various teen murder mysteries that include Vampires, Pirates and more. All girl versions are available too.
Eat Your Brains – Players race to finish or find gross items in their brain. Nice, gross and messy.

Check out 50 more Halloween party game ideas here, plus Halloween costumes and decorations.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Create Halloween Party Fun with Photo Stand-Ins

Whether you are having a Halloween Party with for kids, teens or adults Halloween photo stand-ins are a fun way to create excitement.

For kids Halloween parties it's a Halloween activity and can be an instant party favor.

For teens, it can be a fun way to make crazy faces and upload the pictures directly to their facebook or myspace pages.

For office parties, it is perfect for entertaining families and creating humorous picture that might haunt co-workers for years. Basically, it's easy fun that is sure to be a conversation and piece and the thing kids will spot.

Check out these Halloween Photo Stand-ins we found online.
Frank & Bride Standee Executioner Photo Op

Pirate Photo Setting Mummy Standee

Frankenstein Photo Prop

So this year add a little fun to your Halloween event without all the horror and make memories that will be shared.

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Visit Party Game Ideas for over 50 Halloween Party Games, Halloween Costumes and Decorations.

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Where to Find Top Halloween Decorations now that many Retailers are Sold Out!

The recession caused many retailers to pull back Halloween inventories for higher priced Halloween decorations.

Many retailers thought that $150 and up animated Halloween characters would be slow sellers. Surprise! Many retailers have been caught off guard by consumers want to slurge for October's favorite holiday, Halloween.

I overheard a local Halloween retailer say this, "We couldn't afford to bring in more inventory this year, with the risk of sales not being there."

While this was a local store, it appears that it is true across the retail landscape and is forshadowing what we might see this Christmas.

We have search and found where you can still find the top selling Halloween decorations, but each day that goes by they are getting more and more scare.

Life Size Animated Jason Voorhees - We are finding that this animated slasher is Sold Out at many top online retailers. We found the largest selection at ebay.

Life Size Witch w/ Fogging Cauldron - This witch runs around $250 - $280 and has Sold Out. We found the best selection of animated witches here.

Eco-friendly Corpse Solar Light - When I first saw this I said, cool but will it sell? The answer yes and in a big way. We still found the Corpse Solar Light here.

Deluxe Animated Chainsaw - Again I was surprised that this is sold out by October 15th, but we did find a few more chainsaws at Amazon. This chainsaw is animated and also comes with sounds so it would have a startling effect on unsuspecting guests.

Giant Airblown Black Cat - We love airblown yard decorations and so do you, they have been selling out in stores and online. We found more animated Black Cats at Amazon. It turns out that many airblown Halloween inflatables have sold out this season here is a link to more Halloween inflatable decorations.

It appears that most retailers cut back inventories a lot this year and if you want that over the top Halloween decoration, shop now and get it because it could be sold out tomorrow.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
Your resources for over 50 Halloween Games for kids and adults and lots of Halloween Costumes.

10 Fun Halloween Games and Activities for Kids 3 to 7

So you need Halloween party games for young children. Well we have taken the time to scan our list of almost 60 Halloween games to identify 10 Halloween games that are easy and fun to play.

Whether you have your Halloween party in a classroom, outdoors or in your house, most of these Halloween games can be set up easily and taken down in just minutes.

These are just some of the Halloween games we have at Party Game Ideas, so if you want more we’ve got lots more Halloween games for you.

Our Top 10 Favorite Halloween Games for Kids 3 – 7

Eyeball Bounce
Decorate ping pong ball to look like eyeballs. Then have the kids try to get the eyes in the pumpkin or cups.

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss
Take Witch hats and have kids use hoops to toss on the hats, for fun add prizes under the hats.

Broomstick Witch Hunt
Involves Story telling and kids spotting items to find the Halloween stash

Candy Corn Catch
A fun two person target game involving Candy Corn

Cluck Hunt
Simple but fun, kids work in team to find candy corn and call out to teammates to collect it.

Halloween Corners
Play music and the kids move around to select a corner, but will they survive the elimination.

Halloween Picture Bingo
It’s Bingo and with images it’s fun and easy for little kids to play, other versions available

Witch Hunt
Hide witches around a room or yard and have the hunt for them

Halloween Spooky Sounds Story
Everyone gets a sound to make and makes that sound during the story

Spooky Walk
A musical chairs type Halloween game but without the running and pushing.

Find more Halloween party games.
Check out Kids Halloween Costumes too.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Most Expensive Men's Halloween Costumes

Earlier today I commented on Halloween contest winners and what does it take to win a Halloween costume contest and that got me to thinking what are the most expensive costumes you can buy. It seems that men's costumes tend to be the most expensive and centered around Sci-Fi themes and Super Heroes.

Here are most expensive men's Halloween costumes.

1. Gene Simmons Kiss Armour Costume for a bid of $2,459 it could be yours. The auction ends Thursday. I will say this is a cool costume for the ultimate KISS fan, but to rich more my taste.

2. Dynamic Elvis Costume comes in at $999.99!
Elvis Collector Adult Costume

3. Batman - Collector's Edition only $799.99
Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume
Superman - Collector's Edition
comes in a little less at $749.99

4. Darth Vader Collector's Edition comes in at $699.99
Star Wars Darth Vader Collector's (Supreme) Edition Adult Costume
Star Wars Stormtrooper and Boba Fett Supreme Editions are also $699.99

5. Pumpkin King Costume found at auction for $575. This one is pretty cool and is 9 feet tall. The auction closes on Thursday the 15th.

All I can say is that these are pretty cool costumes and if you love Star Wars, Supper Heroes, Kiss and scary Halloween costumes these might be for you. The best news is that with high priced costumes like these they do tend to retain their value.

10% off $65 or more

And if you are throwing a Halloween party check out our Halloween Games. We offer over 50 ideas for Halloween games most are do it yourself. So if you spend all your money on a Halloween costume, you'll be able to still have fun at your Halloween party.

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Could This Wild Costume Idea be a Halloween Contest Winner

I have been thinking about what Halloween costumes could win Halloween contests this year and then I saw it right before my eyes on the tv this morning.

Where the Wild Things Are!

I have no idea how you would make a Where the Wild Things Are costume however I do beleive that if someone was to pull it off - It would most likely be a Halloween Costume winner.

What costume do you think would be a Halloween Contest winner?

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
Party Game Ideas home to over 50 Halloween Games and great Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Halloween Games for Grown Ups

While we feature a ton of kid’s Halloween party games, parents and singles often wonder where are the Halloween games for us?

Well we have a list of Halloween games for all types of grown ups including simple, creative and trivia ideas. So take all look and see if any of these Halloween games suit your fancy.

Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt
Great for active adults in an urban area. Go out and take photos with or of other people in great costumes. (sorry – no photos of children)

Murder Mystery Party
Create a unique event involving 6 or 50 people, where you get to solve a Halloween themed murder mystery.

Monster Movie Trivia
Trip up your friends by creating a haunting trivia game, we give you several ideas or purchase printable trivia games that are ready to go.

Halloween Film Festival
Creative friends? Well challenge them to create mini versions of classic horror films or create your own mini films and challenge they to identify the classic it represents.

Halloween Trick or Treat Fear Factor
This Halloween game is geared towards teens and young adults who have strong stomachs and ready for any challenges. A very gross game.

Halloween Bingo
Easy, fun and in the Halloween spirit, Bingo is a game for all ages and all places.

Halloween Movie Master Game
This scene setting word play game involves guests identifying movie titles via displays. A clever idea and brainteaser for Halloween guests.

Halloween Story Game
Unique game that is good for Halloween dinner parties. In this game you send out the beginning of a story and the guests must bring and ending.

Pumpkin Bowling
Yes it is a kids game but adults love it to, set up the pins and have fun.

Pin the Witch
This is a fun but random party game where guests randomly select a spot on the witch and if someone hits her heart they win.

Check out almost 50 more Halloween Party Games at Party Game Ideas.
Plus we have Halloween costume and decoration resources too.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Halloween Game - Eat Your Brains Perfect for Kids 10 to 18

We had such a great repsonse to the Trick or Trick Fear Factor game that when we saw a Brain mold we knew a game was soon to follow.

So we sat down and came up with Eat Your Brains. A gross and messy food eating game that is perfect for Zombie theme and just about any Halloween party.

We had so much fun with this idea we came up with two variations of Eat Your Brains, so if you don't like option 1 then try option 2 or create your own game idea.

Chek out our latest Halloween game Eat Your Brains and our list of over 50 do it yourself and printable Halloween games.

Other resourses:
Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations and Halloween store.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Cool Halloween Party Games for Kids 7 - 12

As kids grow, it’s hard to determine what Halloween games might be to old or to young for them. At Party Game Ideas we have over 50 do it yourself Halloween games for all ages. So if you are looking for Halloween games we have game ideas for you.

We also know that you might not have time to search through all of the Halloween games we offer so we have selected our favorite Halloween games for kids between 7 and 12.

Most of these games and activities involve moving, gross stuff or mental challenges, we hope it helps you spend less time preparing for Halloween and more time enjoying it!

A few of our favorite Halloween Games and Activities for kids 7 to 12.

Gross Food Guess – Gross food and stuff
Tragic Sam – Story plus passing of body parts
Halloween Charades – A Halloween spin on a classic
Finish the Spooky Phrase – See who is the best mind reader
Halloween Treasure Hunt Game
Zombie Attack – Target game where you fend off zombies
Build a Scarecrow – Have kids running to build a scarecrow for Halloween decorations
Halloween Survivor – Group various activities together and guests try to become the Halloween Survivor champion
Halloween Bingo – Easy, fun and perfect to keep the kids busy for a few minutes before other activities.
Scary Haunting Story – A haunting story and passing of items

To be honest we had about 5 – 10 more Halloween games for this age group so check out our Halloween games list for more ideas.

Party Game Ideas has over 400 party games for birthday, holiday and special occasions. Plus we have information on Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations and much much more.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Best Selling Bachelorette Party Accessories for Fall!

If you though that fall Bachelorette parties were kinder, gentler and more relaxed as cooler whether sets, you would be Wrong!

Based on September product sales fall Bachelorette parties turn up the heat and might be wilder than steamy summer Bachelorette parties.

Check out the Best Selling Bachelorette Parties Accessories for September 2009.

Drum-roll please
10. Bridesmaid Sash
9. Hot Pink Penis Straws

8. Pecker Pinata Bachelorette Party Kits - ouch that could hurt!
7. Bachelorette Party Veil
6. Penis Pop's (There seems to be one common theme here!)

Now the Top 5
5. Captain Pecker - 6' Inflatable Penis - Is bigger better?
4. Penis Lollipop Bouquet
3. Bachelorette Tiara
2. Pin the Macho on the Man Game

And the Number 1 Bachelorette Party Accessory is

1. Pecker Party Straws

An interesting list of Bachelorette Party accessories, it seems that Bachelorettes are making subtle statement over are going over the top really embarrassing the bride to be. Either way we love it!

Planning a Bachelorette Party?
Then check out our Bachelorette Party Games. We offer game ideas for at home, restaurants, bar games, to do ideas and more.

These games are perfect if you are looking for something safe or just a little bit naughty.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Monday, October 5, 2009

Finally A Halloween Game Teens Will Enjoy

I have been working hard to come up with more teens games for Halloween, as many of you have requested.

Teens are hard to please, but I think we have come up with a Halloween game that will cause the to say Cool, Gross or I am not doing that!

Halloween Trick or Treat Fear Factor
Yes, my friend took the idea of Fear Factor and turned it into a gross Halloween game and I even found links to gross Halloween food.

This Halloween game could be really disgusting, but I think it might just be the perfect game for a memorable Halloween party.

Visit here for more Halloween Games
Here for Halloween Costumes and Decorations

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best Selling Halloween Costumes and Last Minute Trends

Back in August we blogged about emerging Halloween costume trends and what was expected to be hot for this Halloween, well we now can give you an update on Halloween costume sales.

Not only will Michael Jackson end the year with 2 or 3 best selling albums in the top 10 this year. Michael Jackson has become the Top Selling costume so far for Halloween 2009!

The passing of other celebrities has also impacted sales of 70’s looks – Farrah Fawcett and Charlie’s Angels style clothes. In addition, we are seeing an interest in clothes and items that would represent Patrick Swayze from the film Dirty Dancing – ie – “Nobody puts baby in the corner” fame.

While Transformers was the biggest movie of the summer, The Joker and The Dark Knight costumes continue to outsell Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

Vampire inspired costumes are also huge this year as Twilight and True Blood have increase interest in this classic costume. In many cases, there are few out of the box costumes for these brands so people are buying the basics and accessorizing in order to make a unique statement of their own.

For the under 10 crowd, Transformers, Batman and Harry Potter remain strong for boys; witches and Disney’s Princess and Fairies costumes dominate sales for girls.

Last minute emerging trends:
Zombies – Based off of Zombieland
Glee – Group theme based off the TV show
Where the Wild Things Are – Unique and cool if you can pull this off!

Fading Trends:
Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Who really wants to be so dysfunctional
Reality Hosts – There are just more interesting costumes

Additional Halloween Resources:
Check out more Halloween Costumes for kids and adults
For Halloween Party Games check out my site
And here for scary Halloween Decorations.

Happy Halloween
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