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New Mummy Wrap Variations on a Kids Classic Halloween Game

Most people have heard or played Mummy Wrap at some point in your life, the game where you take toilet paper and wrap it around another person until they look like a Mummy.

While we offer over 60 Halloween games at Party Game Ideas, sometimes the best party games are the classics games we all know played with small modifications.

Plus Mummy Wrap is so simple that almost any age can play. For kids it is a fun and fast game and for adults it is silly, embarrassing and a gret photo opportunity!

How to play Mummy Wrap:
1. The basic concept for Mummy Wrap is simple get cheap toilet paper, have the kids divide up into teams of 2, 3 or 4, have one person be the mummy and the others must wrap the mummy with the toilet paper.

First team to use all their toilet paper to wrap the Mummy from head to toe wins.

2. Keep the same concept and increase difficulty
Blindfolded Mummy Wrap
- For teams of two, the person wrapping the Mummy is blindfolded and the first team to wrap the Mummy from head to toe wins.
- For teams of 3 and up, where there are several wrappers. Each person is given 30 blindfolded and given 30, 45 or 60 seconds to wrap as much as the mummy as possible. When the timer goes off they must put done the toilet paper, remove their blindfold, pass it to the next child and then that person has “x” seconds to wrap as much as possible. This continues until the toilet paper is gone and the Mummy is wrapped from head to toe.

3. Now Teams, A Relay and Tasks
Mummy Wrap Relay
This Mummy Wrap game involves teams of 3 or more.
The first Mummy is wrap by the other team members and once the Mummy is wrapped must walk from where they were wrapped to a stool or table 15 – 20 feet away and then pick up another roll of toilet paper and return to the wrap area.

Once they return, their team members must unwrap (not rip off!) the toilet paper without ripping it. (If they rip it add a large penalty to their time. Like 5 minutes)

Depending on how many team members there are, while the first Mummy is being unwrapped, other team member can begin on wrapping the next mummy.

If there are only three players, you must unwrap the first mummy and then start wrapping the second mummy with the new roll of toilet paper.

Once the second Mummy is wrapped they must walk to chair or table (go around it) and return where they will be unwrapped and another team member wrapped.

However this time the toilet paper used is from the first wrapping so depending on how well they re-wrapped the toilet paper this could be a difficult task.

Continue until each member of the team has gone.

To end the game the last Mummy from the team needs to get wrap, walk to the chair and return to the wrap area to complete the game. First team to do this wins.

What is best about Mummy Wrap is that it is an easy game to play and prep time is just a few minutes so you can plan ahead a few days or minutes before the party.

One Important Mummy Wrap Rule
Make sure you don't use all the tiolet paper! Else your guests will be very, very upset with you.

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