Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Halloween Games for Grown Ups

While we feature a ton of kid’s Halloween party games, parents and singles often wonder where are the Halloween games for us?

Well we have a list of Halloween games for all types of grown ups including simple, creative and trivia ideas. So take all look and see if any of these Halloween games suit your fancy.

Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt
Great for active adults in an urban area. Go out and take photos with or of other people in great costumes. (sorry – no photos of children)

Murder Mystery Party
Create a unique event involving 6 or 50 people, where you get to solve a Halloween themed murder mystery.

Monster Movie Trivia
Trip up your friends by creating a haunting trivia game, we give you several ideas or purchase printable trivia games that are ready to go.

Halloween Film Festival
Creative friends? Well challenge them to create mini versions of classic horror films or create your own mini films and challenge they to identify the classic it represents.

Halloween Trick or Treat Fear Factor
This Halloween game is geared towards teens and young adults who have strong stomachs and ready for any challenges. A very gross game.

Halloween Bingo
Easy, fun and in the Halloween spirit, Bingo is a game for all ages and all places.

Halloween Movie Master Game
This scene setting word play game involves guests identifying movie titles via displays. A clever idea and brainteaser for Halloween guests.

Halloween Story Game
Unique game that is good for Halloween dinner parties. In this game you send out the beginning of a story and the guests must bring and ending.

Pumpkin Bowling
Yes it is a kids game but adults love it to, set up the pins and have fun.

Pin the Witch
This is a fun but random party game where guests randomly select a spot on the witch and if someone hits her heart they win.

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