Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make Your Gross Halloween Story Telling a Haunting Success

Want to make your Halloween story gross and disgusting?

Well we have Halloween stories and food items you can use to represent body parts and gross objects. All you need to do is plan ahead for a successful event.

In most cases, scary items appear less scary when you know what they are so if you have kids don’t let them know what you are up too. And consider getting a sack of potatoes and placing it in a burlap sack with the words City Morgue on it just to keep things interesting.

The first trick to making gross and disgusting food more gross is changing how the food will feel. So in order to change the texture do the following:
- Soak in water
- Spray or add oil
- Soil with sand / dirt
- Dry an item
- Microwave for a few seconds to distort

Some popular items that can be used as body parts include:
Brains - Wet sponge, boiled cauliflower
Intestines – Spaghetti, lasagna noodles, row of marshmallows strung together using a needle and then soak in or spray with water to get them slick and a little tacky.
Eyes – Peeled grapes, Olives
Hair – Corn Silk, Oiled Fur
This page has more food for scary Halloween stories

Temperature is another way to add to your gruesome tale, so if it was a dark cold night then store the food in the refrigerator to give it an extra chill or mix it up and keep some warm (but not hot) like a heart, some room temperature and others chilled.

Once you have all your items ready to go for you party, there are 4 more steps to a successful gross Halloween story event.

1. Label or mark the bags so they are in the proper order
2. Have an assistant hand you each bag, so you can focus on reading. This should be another adult.
3. Do a test run with a flashlight and a dark room. Can you read the story and make sure the room is dark enough?
4. Have a good Halloween story to read

You can make up or adjust an existing Halloween story; we have two Halloween gross food stories on the site.

My Dear Lamented Friend and The Miserly Man.

Both suggest items for passing around and note when you pass them. So check them out and plan for a Haunting Halloween event.

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