Friday, October 16, 2009

5 Halloween Games Perfect and Even Gross Enough for Teens

Looking for a different Halloween party game for teenagers well, we have taken some time to come up with some unique and different twists that might work for that teen or high school Halloween party.

Basically we tried to creative something fun, active, cool and in some cases gross and while we don’t have a gigantic list of games we came up with a few unique Halloween games that appeal to different groups.

Pumpkin Hunt – Outdoor hunt for pumpkins
Capture the Pumpkins – Teams battle to find pumpkins and return them to base before stolen
Halloween Trick or Treat Fear Factor – Gross and yummy food are involve in this stomach turning game of food.
Murder Mystery – Creative types might like various teen murder mysteries that include Vampires, Pirates and more. All girl versions are available too.
Eat Your Brains – Players race to finish or find gross items in their brain. Nice, gross and messy.

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Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady