Monday, October 26, 2009

Easy & Fun Office Halloween Games and Activities

In charge of planning the company Halloween Party or event later this week and want to do something fun?

Well don’t stress here are some easy and fast Halloween games and activities.

Halloween trivia games – choose one or a bunch of printable Halloween trivia games and word play challenges that you can print right from the computer. Or we have ideas on how you can come up with you own Halloween trivia games here and we offer ideas to get you started.

If you are inviting families to bring the kids have a costume contest or some simple games for the little kids like Witch’s Hat Toss, Pumpkin Toss or Witch Hunt. These are simple and fun ways to entertain the kids and keep them busy too.

If your office has older kids visiting you might want to get the printable Halloween games and activity pack so that they can stay busy with word scrambles, challenges, Halloween Bingo and a variety of activities. Plus if you purchase one of the variety packs you can have activities for Thanksgiving.

Another fun activity for offices that have guests and workers of all ages is to play a campfire style Halloween game and read a spooky story where groups each have a unique sound to make when a word is said. This is a simple and fun way liven up the office and share the Halloween spirit.

For more Halloween office game ideas and activities.

Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady.

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OfficeAnything said...

Thanks for the awesome ideas. My office lets us play games on Friday after 2:00 and we are always looking for cool new game ideas.