Friday, October 9, 2009

Best Selling Bachelorette Party Accessories for Fall!

If you though that fall Bachelorette parties were kinder, gentler and more relaxed as cooler whether sets, you would be Wrong!

Based on September product sales fall Bachelorette parties turn up the heat and might be wilder than steamy summer Bachelorette parties.

Check out the Best Selling Bachelorette Parties Accessories for September 2009.

Drum-roll please
10. Bridesmaid Sash
9. Hot Pink Penis Straws

8. Pecker Pinata Bachelorette Party Kits - ouch that could hurt!
7. Bachelorette Party Veil
6. Penis Pop's (There seems to be one common theme here!)

Now the Top 5
5. Captain Pecker - 6' Inflatable Penis - Is bigger better?
4. Penis Lollipop Bouquet
3. Bachelorette Tiara
2. Pin the Macho on the Man Game

And the Number 1 Bachelorette Party Accessory is

1. Pecker Party Straws

An interesting list of Bachelorette Party accessories, it seems that Bachelorettes are making subtle statement over are going over the top really embarrassing the bride to be. Either way we love it!

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