Friday, October 30, 2009

Easy Halloween Costumes that Take Less than 30 minutes

So the party is in 2 hours or less and you still don't have a costume!

Well you can panic or make one of these fast and or thought provoking Halloween costumes.

1. Hobo
Get some flannel, a stick and tie a bandanna with filler around the end. The key is to look a mess and broke. That is easy for most of us these days.

2. Quarterback
Word play costume. Take cardboard and cut out a circle, draw the front of a quarter on it - do the back if you have time. Tie a string through it hang around neck with the quarter on your back. If there is time, spray paint silver.

3. Couples Switch Clothes
If they fit - He wears her clothes and she wears his.

4. Static Cling
Pin socks, underwear, bras, etc., to your clothes and dress up as the dreaded "static cling."

5. 60's, 70's, 80's
Do you already have a themed decade party costume? If this group has not seen it, bring it out again and recycle it.

6. Smartie Pants
Wear regular clothes, attach Smarties wrapped candies with safety pins to pants and you can be a "Smartie Pants"

Basically, look for a theme or past fad to play off of, you can be a cowboy, tool guy, tv personality, sports professional, etc... Just look around the house and be creative.

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Lura said...

Your ideas are really good. I have 4 kids and I am always looking for ideas to do things quickly and without much cost. This is one for the files.