Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Most Expensive Men's Halloween Costumes

Earlier today I commented on Halloween contest winners and what does it take to win a Halloween costume contest and that got me to thinking what are the most expensive costumes you can buy. It seems that men's costumes tend to be the most expensive and centered around Sci-Fi themes and Super Heroes.

Here are most expensive men's Halloween costumes.

1. Gene Simmons Kiss Armour Costume for a bid of $2,459 it could be yours. The auction ends Thursday. I will say this is a cool costume for the ultimate KISS fan, but to rich more my taste.

2. Dynamic Elvis Costume comes in at $999.99!
Elvis Collector Adult Costume

3. Batman - Collector's Edition only $799.99
Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume
Superman - Collector's Edition
comes in a little less at $749.99

4. Darth Vader Collector's Edition comes in at $699.99
Star Wars Darth Vader Collector's (Supreme) Edition Adult Costume
Star Wars Stormtrooper and Boba Fett Supreme Editions are also $699.99

5. Pumpkin King Costume found at auction for $575. This one is pretty cool and is 9 feet tall. The auction closes on Thursday the 15th.

All I can say is that these are pretty cool costumes and if you love Star Wars, Supper Heroes, Kiss and scary Halloween costumes these might be for you. The best news is that with high priced costumes like these they do tend to retain their value.

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