Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Cool Halloween Party Games for Kids 7 - 12

As kids grow, it’s hard to determine what Halloween games might be to old or to young for them. At Party Game Ideas we have over 50 do it yourself Halloween games for all ages. So if you are looking for Halloween games we have game ideas for you.

We also know that you might not have time to search through all of the Halloween games we offer so we have selected our favorite Halloween games for kids between 7 and 12.

Most of these games and activities involve moving, gross stuff or mental challenges, we hope it helps you spend less time preparing for Halloween and more time enjoying it!

A few of our favorite Halloween Games and Activities for kids 7 to 12.

Gross Food Guess – Gross food and stuff
Tragic Sam – Story plus passing of body parts
Halloween Charades – A Halloween spin on a classic
Finish the Spooky Phrase – See who is the best mind reader
Halloween Treasure Hunt Game
Zombie Attack – Target game where you fend off zombies
Build a Scarecrow – Have kids running to build a scarecrow for Halloween decorations
Halloween Survivor – Group various activities together and guests try to become the Halloween Survivor champion
Halloween Bingo – Easy, fun and perfect to keep the kids busy for a few minutes before other activities.
Scary Haunting Story – A haunting story and passing of items

To be honest we had about 5 – 10 more Halloween games for this age group so check out our Halloween games list for more ideas.

Party Game Ideas has over 400 party games for birthday, holiday and special occasions. Plus we have information on Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations and much much more.

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