Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Fun Halloween Games and Activities for Kids 3 to 7

So you need Halloween party games for young children. Well we have taken the time to scan our list of almost 60 Halloween games to identify 10 Halloween games that are easy and fun to play.

Whether you have your Halloween party in a classroom, outdoors or in your house, most of these Halloween games can be set up easily and taken down in just minutes.

These are just some of the Halloween games we have at Party Game Ideas, so if you want more we’ve got lots more Halloween games for you.

Our Top 10 Favorite Halloween Games for Kids 3 – 7

Eyeball Bounce
Decorate ping pong ball to look like eyeballs. Then have the kids try to get the eyes in the pumpkin or cups.

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss
Take Witch hats and have kids use hoops to toss on the hats, for fun add prizes under the hats.

Broomstick Witch Hunt
Involves Story telling and kids spotting items to find the Halloween stash

Candy Corn Catch
A fun two person target game involving Candy Corn

Cluck Hunt
Simple but fun, kids work in team to find candy corn and call out to teammates to collect it.

Halloween Corners
Play music and the kids move around to select a corner, but will they survive the elimination.

Halloween Picture Bingo
It’s Bingo and with images it’s fun and easy for little kids to play, other versions available

Witch Hunt
Hide witches around a room or yard and have the hunt for them

Halloween Spooky Sounds Story
Everyone gets a sound to make and makes that sound during the story

Spooky Walk
A musical chairs type Halloween game but without the running and pushing.

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