Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where to Find Top Halloween Decorations now that many Retailers are Sold Out!

The recession caused many retailers to pull back Halloween inventories for higher priced Halloween decorations.

Many retailers thought that $150 and up animated Halloween characters would be slow sellers. Surprise! Many retailers have been caught off guard by consumers want to slurge for October's favorite holiday, Halloween.

I overheard a local Halloween retailer say this, "We couldn't afford to bring in more inventory this year, with the risk of sales not being there."

While this was a local store, it appears that it is true across the retail landscape and is forshadowing what we might see this Christmas.

We have search and found where you can still find the top selling Halloween decorations, but each day that goes by they are getting more and more scare.

Life Size Animated Jason Voorhees - We are finding that this animated slasher is Sold Out at many top online retailers. We found the largest selection at ebay.

Life Size Witch w/ Fogging Cauldron - This witch runs around $250 - $280 and has Sold Out. We found the best selection of animated witches here.

Eco-friendly Corpse Solar Light - When I first saw this I said, cool but will it sell? The answer yes and in a big way. We still found the Corpse Solar Light here.

Deluxe Animated Chainsaw - Again I was surprised that this is sold out by October 15th, but we did find a few more chainsaws at Amazon. This chainsaw is animated and also comes with sounds so it would have a startling effect on unsuspecting guests.

Giant Airblown Black Cat - We love airblown yard decorations and so do you, they have been selling out in stores and online. We found more animated Black Cats at Amazon. It turns out that many airblown Halloween inflatables have sold out this season here is a link to more Halloween inflatable decorations.

It appears that most retailers cut back inventories a lot this year and if you want that over the top Halloween decoration, shop now and get it because it could be sold out tomorrow.

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