Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Minute Valentine's Day Games and Fun

Need a Valentine's Day Game Today! Well we have a few ideas that will take you minutes to prepare, yes minutes not hours so you can look like a hero.

1. Unwrap the Heart Game - This fun kids game is a simple relay game, that involves chocolates, gloves and fun. Plus if you don't have chocolate hearts then substitute Hershey's chocolate kisses!

2. Printable Valentine's Games - Need a Valentine Trivia Game, Bingo, a Gift Passing Game or other interesting fun then these ready to print games are perfect for someone in need of something fun fast. Just be sure to have access to a printer!

3. Valentine's Day Card Scavenger Hunt - If the kids are exchanging Valentine's Day cards this is a fun after card exchange hunt, where you review the cards you got to see if you have items or words on the list!

These Valentine's Day Games take minutes to set up or print out, so have fun this afternoon by taking action this morning.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
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