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Tasty Super Bowl Party Dips for the Big Game

Next to the game, the Super Bowl is a time to set the bar for party dips and even set the stage for emerging party dip trends!

I know it is hard to believe, but Buffalo Chicken Dip didn't exist 15 years ago and it was at Super Bowl parties where these dips went "viral" to become party regulars!

Want to test a new party dip for the Super Bowl, see what is popular or just get the recipe for party dips. Well we've pulled together the top online resources to help you do that.

Super Bowl Dips
From major food companies to stay at home mom recipes we have a mix to match many tastes. Want to put a foodie spin on your Super Bowl dip this year, then consider a dip with crab, seafood, hot spices, or jambalaya to the mix. Our advice if you are doing something new is make it first and taste it, before you make it on a large scale.

a. Velveeta and Rotel (diced tomatoes & chilies) offer very cheesy dips at
This dip takes less than 5 minutes and they also have Cheesy Spinach bacon Dip, nacho ideas and more.

b. Nabisco offers a website where they offer items that go with Ritz crackers, Triscuits and Wheat Thins. We found the Game Day Grub section (4th section on the page) to offer the best ideas including: Bacon-Guacamole Dip, Cheesy Sausage Dip and Warm Reuben Spread - These take longer but look yummy.

c. Frito Lay who makes Lay's Potato Chips and Tostitos offer some great ideas too including
Garden Veggie Salsa, Avocado & Lime Black Bean Salsa, Salsa & Bacon Dip, and the offer a tasty Nine Layer Dip recipe too. It sounds so good. And gluten free recipes too at Frito Lay recipes.

d. Buffalo Chicken Dip has become a Super Bowl Staple.
If you haven't tried buffalo chicken dip then I suggest you add it to your game day today list and enjoy one of my favorite dips. Franks Red Hot offer the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip.

e. Campbell's also has great dip recipes at Campbell's Kitchen
Some of the more interesting party dips and a few non-cheese include Queso Style Bean Dip, Spicy Avocado Dip, Garden Vegetable Spread and Hot Crab Salsa Dip

f. Hummus Dip
Want a healthier dip for the Super Bowl that only takes 10 minutes? We found it 10 minute hummus dip!, we found three hummus dips for you.

g. Hot Pizza Dip 
If you aren't ordering pizza for the big game then consider this dip as a tempting substitute. A crowd pleaser that likely won't last until kickoff.

h. Spinach Dips
Spinach dips can be served chilled with bread or heated to eat with nachos. So tasty and delicious we had to include several recipes. Spinach Dip - cool (ready in 4 hrs, Spinach Dip - cool ready in 15 minutes, Spinach Dip - heated, Spicy Artichoke and Spinach Dip, Artichoke & Spinach Dip

If you are not sure what party dip to make for the Super Bowl, we suggest that you go with something simple and easy first and if you want to test something new consider making a small batch and see what people think.

Have a great Super Bowl Party and if you need a Super Bowl party games or activities to go with your event be sure to visit Party Game Ideas Super Bowl games on our site.

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