Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Super Bowl Party Tips for Success

The Super Bowl is just over a week away but if you are hosting a Super Bowl Party now is the time to get ready. Here are a few Super Bowl party tips to help you prepare for Super Bowl Sunday.

1. Make sure your invites are out and you have an idea of whether you expect 10, 20 or 30 people for the Super Bowl.

2. Multiple TVs - With large Super Bowl parties of 20 or more guests not everyone may fit in one room, however squeezing everyone in is sometimes part of the fun. Solution: Have two or three tvs ready to go so guests can watch in comfort and these work great just in case young children would rather watch something else.

3. Plan Food and Beverage Responsibilities
Let guests know if you are supplying the food, drinks or if they are expected to bring something. In many cases, I've found that the host makes a few key items like wings, chili or burgers and they ask friends to bring  side items and snacks to be shared. The same goes with drinks, the host gets beer and / or mixers and then if guests want a special drink they can bring it themselves.

If you have a last minute Super Bowl Party, no worries, you can always order pizza, wings and ask guests to byob.

4. Party Supplies and Decorations
If you are a fan of the Football and the Super Bowl but not of the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers, then go with Super Bowl or generic football decorations for your event. Check out our Super Bowl Party Supplies.

If you are fans of Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers, you can pick up some cool team specific partyware for both teams but it is selling fast. 49er party packs, balloons, fathead wall stickers and more. For the Baltimore Ravens we have Ravens party packs, giant helmet stickers and balloons plus team Super Bowl apparel.

Crafty Decoration Idea: If key items like balloons and other accent pieces sell out, consider printing out images of the team logo on your printer, cutting out the image and using tape to apply it balloons, serving bowls and other accents. Just a few here and there can add a festive touch to your party.

5. Super Bowl Games 
While the Super Bowl game is the big event, you may want a few games and activities prior to the game. One of the most popular Super Game activities is called Super Bowl Squares where guests randomly select squares from a 10 by 10 grid for a set dollar amount and then during the game winners are chosen depending on the score at the end of each quarter. Get the details on Super Bowl Squares here.

We offer a few other ideas including Super Bowl Challenge Game where you see if your guests know who has won every Super Bowl, Super Bowl trivia games that are based on the Super Bowl and even Super Bowl commercials and a few other ideas to keep guests active during the 6 hour pre-game show!

The Super Bowl comes once a year and with just a little planning now you can be ready to host a successful party. I would recommend you plan your menu before Sunday, so you can look for deal and get coupons in Sundays paper and shop for basics early in the week because items will sell out.

Good luck , have fun and be safe.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
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Sarah - said...

Just saw the NFL blog did a Top 10 list - A few extra items that they mentioned. 6. Team Menus - Great if your team is in the game, expensive if not (keep it simple, is my thought) 7. Dessert - Not needed, there is plenty of food. 8. Babysitter - Excellent idea to have someone to wrangle the kids during the game. 9. Favors - Not needed 10. Photo Booth - Sounds cool but why ummm your here to watch the game, so put the money elsewhere.