Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Trivia Games for The Office Party

This year add a little competition to your Holiday Christmas Party your own Holiday Trivia Game or these various trivia games we found online.

Christmas Trivia Games
What's nice about Holiday Trivia Games is the you can play them several ways.
1. One person reads a question and then the first person to answer correctly wins a prize.
2. Each Person is given a Holiday Trivia Game and the person with the most correct wins.
3. Teams / Tables are given a Holiday Trivia Game and the Team that gets the most right within a time limit or the team to get them all right first wins.

But where do you start when getting your Holiday Trivia Game together for your office?

You can create your own set of trivia questions like:
1. What year did the first Charlie Brown Christmas Special air?
2. Do They Know It's Christmas Time was released in what year?
3. What company is credited for creating the modern day image of Santa Claus?

And then offer a blank space for the answer or list multiple choice answers. Our recommendation would be to use a blank space for teams of people and multiple choice if you make the questions really difficult. FYI - You can always make one or two fill in the blank tie breakers if needed.

Ideas for diy Holiday Trivia Games for the office would include Christmas Song Lyrics, Years that Movies, Songs or Cartoons were released, a Question of two concerning your own business (ie Year founded, How many employees celebrated the first Christmas, etc...), general Christmas trivia like how many Christmas trees are sold each year in the US and so forth.

Once you have your Holiday Trivia Game ideas for your Office Party then you need to research the questions and get the correct answers. This can take a little while but creating an original game with a great questions is worth it and be sure to have any history regarding the answers so that you can add a little story to each question. It makes it more fun and interesting.

If however you don't have time to come up with your own Holiday Office Trivia Game we found several that should keep your guests guessing and entertained and you don't have to do much other than purchase and print these games.

Ready to Go Holiday Trivia Games for Office Parties
Christmas Song Lyrics - Who really knows those Christmas Carols
Twas The Night Before Christmas - Harder than it Sounds
Reindeer Games - Match Reindeer Trivia fun for Families
Christmas Riddle Me This! - This is a Tough One
Toys and Games Decade Challenge!
- Interesting Toy History Challenge
Christmas Movie Characters - Looks Simple but a Challenge too!
Christian Christmas Song Lyrics - Entertaining and Perfect for Church groups
Who's Who Christmas Movie Stars - Pop Culture Game
If you liked 2 or more of the above Christmas Trivia Games for your Office then consider the Deluxe Christmas & New Year's Games Collection where you get 75 different party games and activities for all ages.

We found some additional Holiday Trivia Games, but these are focused on very specific topics and maybe not work well at the Holiday Office party, but could be just right for your Christmas party. These are not part of the Game Collection noted above.
A Christmas Story Trivia
Charlie Brown Christmas Trivia
Funny Christmas Joke Game - Sense of Humor Required

Whether you create your own Holiday Trivia Game for your office or use one of the printable Holiday Trivia Games, we wish you all the best and a Happy Holiday season.

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