Friday, December 9, 2011

Kids Christmas Relay Race Party Games

Need a Holiday party game for kids with lots of energy, then a Christmas party relay race just might be the thing.

We took a like at our list of Christmas party Games and did some thinking to come up with 5 Holiday Relay Race games for kids.

1. Christmas Gift Stacking Relay
Kids must stay focused and navigate the course to delivery the presents to the next team member. Play with a fixed number of Gifts like 3 to 5 stacked on top of each other or play with and increase the stack each round. Play a round of each for more fun, fixed game first and increasing stack second.

2. Snowball & Spoon Relay
Take a styrofoam ball (snowball) place it on a wooden spoon and you have a wintery version of the egg and spoon race. Divide group into teams and you are ready for a relay race.

3. Mitten Munch Relay
If you have every had to unwrap anything while wearing gloves then you'll understand how this game is quite a challenge for all ages, except they'll have mittens and candies to unwrap.

4. Gift Wrap Relay
This works best with ages 7 and up and in you should provide pre-cut sheets of wrapping paper as you don't want a scissor cut during the game. The goal is to have team and one by one the first player wraps and gift and once done places it under the tree. Then the next person goes and so on.

5. Find It Christmas Relay
This relay Christmas game is based upon finding Holiday items in a room or rooms, on a tree, in a toy box or in a laundry basket. Take a picture of specific Christmas decorations, if using ornaments set up a small tree for the game and using non-breakable ornaments, toys and last winter articles of clothing that would go in the laundry basket or baskets. Then as each player steps up to go they are shown a picture of the item they need to find and head off to find it. Once they return with the item, then the next person is shown their item and so on until each team has retrieved they Holiday items. First team to find everything wins. FYI - You'll need separate items for each team to find so you'll need to sets of cards. 

Happy Holidays
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