Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow Themed Party Games for Kid's Holiday Party, but No Snow Needed

For some reason this year I seem to be on a Snow theme for Party Games. Three of the last four games I have written have included snow in one way or another.

Since none of the party games include real snow, it might just be that I am missing seeing the white stuff as we don't get any snow in Orlando. So I wanted to feature a few of our snow inspired party games and activities.

Snowflake Balloon Catch - I always enjoyed walking in the falling snow and catching snowflakes on my tongue but how can you replicate that sense of something slowly falling around you can catching it? Well I came up with Snowflake Balloon Catch an fun activity for kids that makes falling balloon fun. Check out Snowflake Balloon Catch.

Indoor Snowman Snowball Battle - I wanted party game with action, but one that wasn't dangerous or would destroy the house and one that would be fun for boys. The result was Snowman Snowball Battle using styrofoam balls as snowballs to knock pieces of the snowman on to the other teams side. I think it turned out pretty good but would imagine that some parents will turn this into a better game than I imagined. Read more about Snowman Snowball Battle

Snowball and Spoon Relay - Sometimes the best ideas are recycling classic games into Holiday games with just a few simple changes. Learn more about the Snowball and Spoon Relay

While these are new Snow related games we have more including:
Shoveling Snow, Snowball Soccer and Snowball Squishers, these are just a few of 50 Christmas Party Games that can be found on Party Game Ideas web site.For some reason I think I need to put together a build the snowman game to round out our snow inspired party games.

Happy Holidays
And be sure to check out over 50 Christmas Party Games at Party Game Ideas web site.

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