Friday, December 2, 2011

Kids Holiday Activities & Games for December All at Your Fingertips

Kids get all excited about Christmas, but how do you keep them busy doing something creative and fun rather than watching tv? Well these printable Christmas games include lots of activities and simple games for kids and will give them something new to do everyday.

Plus visit Party Game Ideas Christmas games section for over 50 Christmas party games that can be converted into weekend activities and Holiday fun.

Deluxe Christmas & New Year's Games CollectionWhat we like about this Christmas Party Games Pack is that you get so many games, over 75. Plus they aren't just for kids, they have Holiday trivia for the office, Christian games for the church and Christmas Jeopardy for your Holiday party.

With this Party Pack you can print out as many as you want and choose from a Word Scramble on Monday, Christmas Bingo on Wednesday and Picture Puzzles on Friday, so as a Mom or Dad this Party pack is perfect for an entire month of activities.

Here are 10 of our Favorite Christmas Activities in this Party Pack.
1. Christmas Bingo - Choose from image Bingo for younger kids or regular Bingo, plus you can personal these games too! Print 3, 5 or 50 Bingo cards.
2. Christmas Picture Puzzle - Put on some Christmas music and then challenge your kids to solve these riddles.
3. Left, Right Games - Play this fun gift passing game but consider playing it as a Hot Potato type game and break up the story by paragraph to make it more interesting. And it is a fun way to do gift exchanges too.
4. Christmas Word Scramble - A good mental challenge for kids
5. Find Frosty - A Scavenger Hunt & Complete the Story Game, perfect on snowy days!
6. Christmas Charades - There are a mix of terms so kids can enjoy it too.
7. Christmas Finish My Phrase - Is a What is the other person thinking game.
8. Christmas Word Find - Can they Find all the hidden Christmas Words
9. Pin the Carrot on the Snowman, Halo on the Angel or Nose on Rudolph
10. Christmas Carol Picture Puzzle - Another challenge to identify Christmas Carol Songs

View the complete Christmas Party Games Pack Now
Plus there are more, so you can do one game or activity almost everyday and you don't need to leave the house to get anything you just print at home! Visit the site and you can buy one game or the seasonal party pack, so you can purchase what you want when you want it.

Happy Holidays

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