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Quickly Turn Christmas Trivia Games into Team Relay Party Games

Holiday Trivia Party Games can be lots of fun unless Patty who is known as Mrs. Christmas wins every year or Joe who can recite "A Christmas Story" or a "Charlie Brown Christmas" plays because if they do then they are a shoe in to win and others figure why both.

How do you get around this Holiday dilemma at your Holiday party or gathering?

One easy way to neutralize Patty Christmas and Remote Control Joe is make your Christmas Trivia Games a Team Relay Race!

Christian Christmas Song LyricsSo randomly divide up your group into 2 or more teams. I would say teams of 4 to 6 people work best. Then pull out a trivia game like Christmas Song Lyrics.

Now explain that each team will be given a sheet of Christmas Trivia or Holiday Match Games to complete, however a team member can only answer 1 question and then it on to the next person to complete or answer the task on the sheet.

Note: Other team member can't share answers, point to answers or assist other members when it is their turn.

One way to ensure that team member aren't cheating is to place the Trivia Games on a table at the front of the room and have team member come to the table to take their turn. Then once they answer they leave the table and tag the next person on their team and the team can be lined up and ready to go but can't be hovering around the quiz.

Note that Team Members can answer "any" Christmas trivia question on the sheet, so they don't have to go in order. They just can't answer more than one per term and as fewer and fewer questions are left to answer it gets harder and harder to answer the trivia questions.

Make things a little interesting by adding a one or two pass buttons to the game, this way if someone doesn't know they can pass. While that is a nice idea it is much more fun to watch them sweat it out or just make up an answer!

Here are some Christmas Trivia Games you can use.
Twas The Night Before Christmas - Harder than it Sounds
Reindeer Games - Match Reindeer Trivia fun for Families
Christmas Riddle Me This! - This is a Tough One
Toys and Games Decade Challenge!
- Interesting Toy History Challenge
Christmas Movie Characters - Looks Simple but a Challenge too!
Christian Christmas Song Lyrics - Entertaining and Perfect for Church groups
Who's Who Christmas Movie Stars - Pop Culture Game
If you liked 2 or more of the above Christmas Trivia Games for your Office then consider the Deluxe Christmas & New Year's Games Collection where you get 75 different party games and activities for all ages.

We found some additional Holiday Trivia Games, but these are focused on very specific topics and maybe not work well at the Holiday Office party, but could be just right for your Christmas party. These are not part of the Game Collection noted above.
A Christmas Story Trivia
Charlie Brown Christmas Trivia
Funny Christmas Joke Game - Sense of Humor Required

Find over 50 additional Holiday and Christmas Party Games for home or office parties and event or play these games for an afternoon of fun. 

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