Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Classroom Games and Activities for the Busy Christmas Week

The last few days before Christmas at tough. Kids aren't focused, special programs are planned for several days and some parents are already pulling kids out of school because of Holiday travel plans, so how do teachers and classroom helpers keep their sanity this time of year?

Have a variety of Holiday games and activities to keep them focused, that's how. Plus keeping the kids focused on fun holiday activities means that they are less likely to get into trouble.

We have a variety of ideas that help keep the most excited kids, those 10 and under, busy and doing something challenging before the big assembly or when they say "I'm finished" you'll have something to give them.

Christmas Carol Picture Puzzle - Hand out as an activity, Play to see who can correctly complete it first, place a time limit to see who can get the most done in 3, 5 or 8 minutes or play as a team relay game where each team member answers one picture puzzle and then passes it to the next person on they team to answer another one and so one until the first team is done. Then check answers and if they have them all correct they win.

Play the Holiday 20 Questions - Set up teams and have them play against each other as they ask you questions. Play by going back and forth between teams or play one team goes at a time. The teacher is always the one with the term. Learn more on how to play Holiday 20 Questions.

Christmas Word Find - Easy, fun, word find of Holiday terms. Good to keep them busy for five or ten minutes

Snowball & Spoon Race - An simple relay race that keeps them focused on keeping the snowball on the spoon and having fun. Plus you can play with lots of teams.

Christmas Word Scramble - Challenge they to unscramble the words in their free time, add a time limit or set up teams and play as a relay.

Gift Stacking Race - Great if the whole class can play. Bring in gifts and as each player takes their turn the height of the gifts increases. Perfect for relays, plus you can modify it for your age group. Learn more about the Gift Stacking Game.

If you need even more ideas like Christmas Song Scramble, Reindeer Matching Games, Holiday Bingo (Image Bingo and Regular Bingo that can be personalized for your class) and more than consider the Printable Holiday Games and Activity Pack that gives you access to over 50 games. Thee are perfect for the classroom and your own activities outside of school.

Good luck this week with your kids and have a Merry Christmas.

Find over 50 additional Holiday and Christmas Party Games for home or office parties and event or play these games for an afternoon of fun. 

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taylormade said...

Here's another classroom game we sometines use at our school:

Split children into 2 teams with each sitting in a line and a chair for each team place a 3rd chair at the end of the room. One person from each team stands beside their chair and calls out an action,to be perfomed e.g. "Jump".

Team 2 must jump all the way to the chair at the other side of the room and back again, sitting down in their chair

The Jumper then says say "I can jump". First one to do it earns their team a point