Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowman Snowball Battle - A Safe Indoor Kids Party Game with No Snow Required

Inspiration for games comes in many forms and it seems odd that my latest game idea, Snowman Snowball Battle, came together while putting together a closet shoe organizer and watching a commercial involving throwing snowballs.

Snowman Snowball Battle Party Game
The idea is using a grid to sit styrofoam balls in the shape of a snowman and then using something else, 1 size smaller styrofoam balls, to knock pieces of the snowman on your opponents side.

In my mind it seemed easy, but in reality it takes some work to pull off but I think it could be a fun party game for kids that don't see snow. The light styrofoam balls offer a unique texture that seems more realistic and that fact that they aren't very dense means that you shouldn't have any accidents with things being broken either and I like that.

You will need to vacuum after this game, but you would after most parties anyways.

This Christmas party game, Snowman Snowball Battle, is good for kids from 5 - 10 years old and can be played in classrooms, living rooms or anywhere with space. In fact, adults can play this game too, because it is a target game and adults love a challenge.

While I often don't publish games until I have everything ready to go and multiple variations, I must admit I had some trouble solving all the challenges of this party game. So if you have any ideas to improve or variations to the game I included a comment box for your ideas. Game details for Snowman Snowball Battle.

Happy Holidays
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