Monday, December 19, 2011

Left Right Gift Passing Games - A Holiday Gift Exchange With No Gift Stealing

Want to do a gift exchange but are tired of the normal gift stealing gift exchanges, well then a Left Right Gift Passing Gift Game maybe be your answer.

Left Right Gift Passing Games are pretty simple.
1. Everyone would is involved in the gift exchange brings their gift.
2. When you read a Left Right Gift Passing story participants pass their gifts to the Left or the Right every time you use the words Left or Right.
3. When the Story ends the gift in your hands is your Holiday Gift.

Note: If it turns out that the your guests end up with their own gift after reading the story re-read a paragraph so that the gifts are mixed up.

Here are more details on the Left Right Gift Passing Game

We also found these ready to go Left Right Gift Passing Games
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These Left Right Holiday Gift Passing games should make your Christmas party interested, entertaining and on time.

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