Monday, December 5, 2011

Finding Frosty - A Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids

Having a Christmas party for kids that get excited to watch Frosty the Snowman? Then we've got a Holiday party game for your kids and you can even make the Snowman Melting Cookies we blogged about on Friday.

Finding FrostyWell this game, Finding Frosty,  is perfect for a snowman themed holiday party for kids as it takes the fun of knowing the lyrics to Frosty the Snowman and locating the hidden picture that matches each of the answers.

Plus you can decide how difficult or easy to make this game by hiding the pictures in plain site or hiding them throughout the house.

This makes a fun Holiday party game for kids and can be a fun activity at offices where you place a picture outside of each office door or cubicle and the kids can race around and find the corresponding picture.

You can play the Finding Frosty game as teams, individuals or as a fun afternoon activity on a snowy or rainy day, it is very adaptable and if you change up the hiding places you can play more than once.

Want to add a unique spin to the idea, then add a challenge to the few of the hidden pictures and call them roadblocks like they do in the amazing race. If you do this you'll have to station someone there to run the challenge. First person there gets to go first and if they succeed at the challenge then the get the picture, but if they miss they go to the end of the line until it's their turn again. I would suggest 2 - 3 challenges would make it a little more fun. You can get creative with a tossing challenge.

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Happy Holidays

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