Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Party Games on a Budget! 10 Helpful Tips

So your Christmas Party is coming up and your in charge of party games, well there is no reason to spend a fortune to have a great time!

At Party Game Ideas we try to come up with creative fun games that can be enjoyed by all ages. While there is often some expense here are 10 Tips to help you keep your Christmas party game costs under wraps.

1. Use Your Current (or Borrow) Decorations & Holiday Items
Need items for a Holiday Scavenger Hunt or Eye Spy type game well look at your current items first before buying new. Also if you have a need, post what you are looking for on Facebook first and see if any friends can lend you items for your party game.

2. Make You Own Game Cards
Print out Charade or 20 Questions ideas on your computer and attach them to back of old Christmas Cards. It makes each card colorful and guests won't be able to see through the paper.

3. Decorate Empty Gift Boxes
Use the boxes for a Gift Stacking game or a toss game.

4. Use Printable Party Games
When you are in a rush, printable party games solve a lot of problems like researching questions and answers, finding clip art graphics and making it look professional. Plus for a couple bucks, you can have a wonderful game in minutes without leaving your home or office.

5. Create a Story to Go with Your Party Game
Adding a story and purpose behind a game makes it more interesting and fun. When we put together Find Santa's Reindeer, we make a video about how someone left the gate open and all of Santa's reindeer went out to enjoy the forest. We need your help to Find Santa's Reindeer so Santa can deliver presents this year. Since this was a family event, the kids got all excited to search and locate the missing reindeer and our friends still talk out that party game today.

6. Add Music
Whether you want to a Name that Christmas Carol, Complete the Carol or Christmas Corners Game adding music makes it more interesting and entertains guests even if they are no longer playing the game.

7. Add Ping Pong Balls
Ping Pong Balls are cheaper and help make for easy tossing games whether you are aiming for a present, Christmas stocking or landing it in the middle of a wreath! Plus they can be used over and over again.

8. Christmas Carols Titles and Lyrics
Take Christmas Carol titles and scramble up the letters and you have challenging game, start the first two lines of a Christmas song or holiday chorus and see if guests can correctly complete the lyrics or take titles of Christmas Carols and turn them into Christmas Carol Pictionary. The page has Christmas song lyrics.

9. Hide Holiday Items
People love finding things, so consider hiding Ornaments, Reindeer, Santa's Elves or eye spy items around the house or a room and see who find the most Holiday themed items. Use real items or pictures you print from your computer.

10. Add Silly Challenges to A Game
The standard Unwrap the Gift game involves passing the Gift and then unwrapping one layer and then passing it on. But when you add a silly challenge or a free lottery ticket, then the game becomes more interesting as you don't know whether you will do something silly or be rewarded with something fun. basically, you take a simple game to a memorable one with just a few slips of paper.

With a few simple steps you can create games that don't involve very much cost and in some cases cost you nothing!

Happy Holidays
And be sure to check out over 50 Christmas Party Games at Party Game Ideas web site.

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