Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beer Tasting or Wine Exchange Party a Perfect Holiday Idea for Friends

Want to do something with friends but don't want all the pressure of a Gift Exchange or a giant holiday event then consider these two options.

Beer Trivia
Beer Tasting Party
This is a favorite among guys because they know what to do.
Buy Beer.
- We aren't talking Bud Light, Mich Ultra or Miller here, we are talking your own private Beer Festival where guests are asked to bring a 6 pack or two of their favorite or unique micro brew to the party.
- Make sure to have plenty of ice to keep the beer cold, cups for drink and if possible create a beer list of everything brought where guests can note which beers they liked and which they would pass on.
- Set up stations where guests can sample the beer 3 to 4 oz. each (not take a bottle) and note who brought each beer, so guests can ask questions about the beer.
- Last at the end of the night, divide up any remaining beer and have guests take home a bottle or two of their favorites.

Gifts that might interest the Beer Connoisseur
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And if you want some Beer Trivia for your event check these out
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Wine Exchange Party
This party is another easy to put together Holiday party without all the stress. It is a gift exchange but one that you already have a good idea what you'll get in return.

The host needs to purchase wine, cheese and appetizers for the holiday event and instead of gifts everyone brings a bottle of wine. You can run your gift exchange the same way with steal or a left / right game but in the end everyone gets to go home with a bottle of wine.

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Hopefully these Beer and Wine party ideas will help you enjoy the holiday season a little more.

Happy Holidays
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