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10 Pre-K and Kindergarten Holiday Party Games, Kids will Love

Looking for Pre-K, Kindergarten and fun for younger kids holiday parties. Well we've got a list of 10 of our favorite games for those little guys and gals that enjoy Christmas so much.

Most of these party games and activities are do it yourself games and take less than 30 minutes of prep time. Here is our list of this year's list of our 5 Most Popular Christmas party games for kids and 5 of our favorite Holiday party games that include a few new games and activities for kids.

Here are 10 Christmas party games just for toddlers, Pre-K and young children, but the great thing is big kids and adults will have fun playing these games too!

1. Unwrap the Gift / Pass the Parcel - Our most popular game this year. This classic gift wrapping party game comes with two game variations that make unwrapping the gift a challenge and you can make it more interesting by making each layer of paper offer a naughty or nice surprise. Easy to adapt to themed holiday events for kid's and adults.

2. Christmas Corners - Always a hit for young kids as it is simple and fun, plus you get to listen to Christmas music. When the music plays kids move around in a circle or dance, but when the music stops they must select a Christmas corner. Will it be a lucky corner or the end of the game?

3. Holiday Picture Bingo - It's Bingo with Holiday images rather than numbers or letters, so there is no reading skills required and that makes it fun for young kids. We showcase several printable picture Bingo options, including Winter Holiday, Christmas and Christian games. Printable options allow you to create Bingo cards quickly and personalize the games to your event.

4. Gift Stacking Relay - Holding on to presents where big or small can be quite a challenge. Keep these gift game simple by just stacking a 2 gifts for little children and stacking a lot for older kids. Holiday relay game where kids must balance the Christmas gifts and be quick.

5. Left / Right Naughty or Nice Gift Passing Game - This gift passing game keeps kids hoping they are on Santa's nice list because the stay in the game. Receive news that you are naughty and you are out.

6. Find Santa's Reindeer - This game involves having the kids and / or families searching for Santa's reindeer which have gone missing. Hurry, we need to find them before Christmas Eve or Santa might not be able to make his trip! There is another similar game we created that you may also want to check out Find It Christmas Scavenger Hunt Relay

7 . Snowflake Balloon Catch - A Simple and fun game for the pre-k crowd and those in kindergarten. Simply have the kids try to catch a specific numbers of balloons or just as many as the can if they don't know their numbers yet and have fun. A game version is included to for 5, 6 and 7 year olds

8. Christmas Tree Ornament Find - Kids search for the Christmas ornaments they need to find so they can complete their task or count how many of those ornaments are on the tree. (Two variations of this game)

9. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer - Put a Christmas spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey and you get Pin the Nose on the Reindeer or you could use Snowman too!

10. Rudolph's Red Nosed Relay - This is silly and a little messy and it should have them laughing all the way. A fun relay for little tikes.

These games and activities are sure to help keep kids busy during Holiday parties and the days leading up to the Christmas holiday.

Find over 50 additional Holiday and Christmas Party Games for home or office parties and event or play these games for an afternoon of fun. 

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