Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Activities and Games for Mother's Day Celebrations!

This weekend is Mother's Day and a special time to celebrate Mom.

Many families, classrooms, groups and organizations will be honoring Moms with luncheons, teas and for families serving Mom breakfast in bed.

We've got a few games and activities to help make your Mother's Day celebrations fun and unique.

Mother's Day BingoFor women's clubs, churches and groups holding luncheons and teas for Moms, consider Mother's Day Bingo as fun way to remember all the special qualities that make Moms so special. Instead of the Bingo card having numbers in each square, each square contains words that we think of when we think of Mom - Laugh, Kisses, Cake, Caring, Love, Home and more.

We think it is a great way to share and remember all the things that make Moms so important in our lives. Plus this version allows you to create over 200 unique cards and to personalize it to your event.

Mother's Day Bingo is perfect for all ages and can be played several times with each game running 5 - 8 minutes. If however you need an easier Mother's Day activity that takes under 3 minutes and has less prep time, then consider Mother's Are.

Mother's Are is a unscramble the letters game, where players try to unscramble the jumbled letters to determine the Mother's Day themed words.

Mom's the BombIf you run a classroom, Sunday school or are a Dad and are looking for an activity that the kids can work on and then give to Mom on Mother's Day, then Mom's the Bomb!

Mom's the Bomb is not about explosions, but is about expressing all the ways we love mom using the letters Happy Mother's Day to start each word or phrase. For younger children who can't write yet, we suggest an adult ask them their thoughts and then the adult can write it for them. This way children of all ages can participate.

Mother's Day comes once a year, but our love for Mom is eternal and we wish all Moms a very special day this Sunday.

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