Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free Graduation Party Trivia Game - That Grads Will Enjoy!

I receive so many requests for Graduation Party Games that I finally had to create on myself.

So I did the research on various Celebrities and Famous people and created the Graduation Game!, where your guests try to determine when that person Graduated High School.

This group is easy and geared towards teens and adults. Our Graduation Party Game challenges guests to determine when Betty White, George Clooney, Lady Gaga and even President Obama graduated high school.

The Graduation Trivia Game takes less than 5 minutes to play and we supplied the answers on our site.

The printable party game is in a pdf format and can be quickly opened and printed on your computer.

This Graduation Trivia is interesting trivia and can be played be high school students and adults of all ages. It is not and embarrassingly silly game and offer so surprises when you realize how quickly or long it takes for people to become successful. FYI - It rarely happens overnight.

We enjoyed putting this Graduation Game together and hope you have fun playing it at your graduation party.

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