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Top 5 Printable Christmas Party Games

Curious about what the most popular organized printable party games are... well good news we have the Top 5 Printable Christmas Party Games and why I think they are so popular.

Coming in at Number 5
Christmas Charades & PictionaryChristmas Charades and Pictionary
Fun, enjoyable and let's you play without having to come up with all the ideas yourself. Just print, cut and you are ready to play.

Also, we have a third idea for this printable Christmas game and that is "One Clue Guess" where a player gives one clue and the team must guess the answer. Get more details by checking out the Salad Bowl Game - which is perfect if you want to play 3 rounds using the same set of clues from this game.

At Number 4 is
Christmas JeopardyChristmas Jeopardy
Want a little competition for the Holidays? Well Christmas Jeopardy challenges your holiday knowledge in a variety of categories and is a unique way for families and groups of friends to see who is the King or Queen of Christmas Trivia.

Complete as individuals or team and see who can Name that Carol, Answer Questions about Santa or see who knows Reindeer Games. Game includes 6 different game boards so you can have lots of fun.

Dim the Lights as We Announce Number 3
Christmas Movie QuotesChristmas Movie Quotes
While most people watch a movie once or twice, never to see it again. Christmas movies are the stuff of lore and are enjoyed over and over and over again. It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Claus, Christmas Vacation, Elf and others bring back memories, emotions, smiles and laughter. Once you've heard "You'll shoot your eye out" or "I triple dog dare ya" it's hard now to remember them without a smile.

This game includes Christmas trivia from various movies but we also found A Christmas Story Movie Trivia, Christmas Classic Movie Characters too.

The Runner Up Is... At Number 2
Christmas Song ScrambleChristmas Song Scramble
Games don't have to be difficult to be popular, just fun. And holiday music fits right into that theme, you can't avoid hearing Christmas music in stores, on the radio, in your house and basically anywhere you go.

This game has been so popular there is now a second version Christmas Song Scramble 2. Both offer unique challenges with some easy songs to unscramble and others being very difficult! Perfect for choirs and those into the holiday spirit. These are tough for young kids so if they are playing pair they up with older children and adults.

And the Number 1 Printable Christmas Party Game is...
Christmas BingoChristmas Bingo
Bingo is a classic game that can be enjoyed whether you are 5, 50 or 93! The rules are simple, the winner is random and once you get past the 5 call a person can yet BINGO at any time. What we love about Christmas Bingo is that now you can purchase just the right amount for your event choose from 12, 25 and 40 bingo card packs for your holiday event or just an afternoon with friends and family. Plus for young kids there is Christmas Image Bingo! So now they can play Bingo on those snow days!

Being an avid Bingo lover since I was a child, I think it is the perfect Holiday game whether you play with 5 people or 40 people Bingo is still great fun.

There you have it the Top 5 Printable Christmas Party Games this year and if you haven't seen one you want,  don't worry here are 60 more printable Christmas Party Games.

For even more Christmas Party Games and Ideas including Do It Yourself Games and Gift Exchanges visit Party Game Ideas.

Happy Holidays,

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